How to Record WebEx Meetings on Computer as a Participant

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Summary: No worries about the WebEx meeting recording. Read this article and you will have a clear idea of how to record WebEx meetings on your computer as a host or an attendee.

How to Record WebEx Meetings

WebEx provides reliable seamless communication services and many useful functions like file sharing. Users can employ this tool to present online meetings, video conferencing, screen sharing, and webinars. Amid the COVID-19 impact, many enterprises are requested to implement remote-working policies so they have to rely on WebEx to communicate with each other. With this tool, anyone from all over the world can join the meeting over their computer or smartphone.

WebEx creates virtual meetings through file sharing, whiteboarding, and multi-point calling. However, it’s necessary to record WebEx meetings for people who can’t attend or want to refer back to what was discussed. So this article will briefly give you two ways how to record WebEx meetings: one is using the internal recorder and the other is applying the best Webex screen recorder. Now read carefully to pick the proper one for you.

Is it possible to record on WebEx? If yes how to do it?

Surely! WebEx offers a variety of recorders and players that you can use to record, play and edit meetings. It has an internal recorder through which you can record everything that happens in a WebEx meeting: audio, video, chat, and note. If you’re a host, you can simply choose Support >> Downloads>> Recorder and Player and then click Install>> File>> WebEx Meeting. With these steps, you can record the meetings with a marker or annotation. After recording, you can publish the recording on the WebEx website so that others can play or download it to their computers.

However, it only supports recording from the desktop app which means if you start a meeting from a device using the web app like the Chromebook, it’s unavailable to record by using the internal recorder. Moreover, it will take time between 30 minutes and up to 24 hours to make the recording available for viewing and distribution. Now because of the heavy workload of coronavirus duration, you may need to wait for a longer time.

What can I do to record WebEx meetings as a participant?

To record the WebEx meeting as an attendee, first, you need to get permission from the host. The presenter in a WebEx meeting has the right to activate your recording controls by adding you as an alternate host. Then it’s accessible for you to record the session and save it on your own computer by using the WebEx recorder.

Note: In a free account, the host can’t add an alternate host. So you need to pay $17.95 per month to get the right. Moreover, since recording meetings is currently only available from a desktop app, you still need to follow the prerequisite to preinstall the WebEx program on your computer.

The functional differences between WebEx Recorder and Third-party software

WebEx Recorder Third-party software
Recording permission The host can use this tool to record meetings or add a member as an alternate host to record. Anyone who can join the meeting has the right to save the meeting content.
Recording format It’s the fixed WebEx Recording Format (WRT) and it allows you to convert WRT to WMV and MP4. However, it does not support converting recordings to MP4 format on the Mac system. More available formats which differ from software.
Recording distribution You can upload the recording to the WebEx website and others can play or download it. You may need to wait between 30 minutes and up to 24 hours before it’s available for viewing and distribution. Once you complete the recording, you can instantly share the file with your workmates.
Recording quality All the files are produced with a fixed quality level. More options to choose from.
Others You can add marks and annotations during the recording. But if you want to edit the video, you need to use another tool. Only available for desktop app recording. Most of third-party software has a bundled editor to cut, merge and trim your video. Moreover, it allows you to record WebEx meetings on the website as well as desktop.

How to record WebEx meetings with third-party software

A simple yet feature-rich screen recorder is the best choice to record WebEx meetings. And here we would like to recommend RecMaster which is applicable for capturing any online meeting or voice/video call. It enables you to capture any onscreen activity with audio and system sound with multiple settings. Moreover, you can use the task schedule function to complete scheduled meeting recordings. Now, you can follow the tutorial to finish recording with RecMaster.

Step 1 Download and install this screen recorder.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2 Open the WebEx meeting interface and here Full-Screen mode is suggested to capture the meeting. Remember to toggle the system sound and your microphone button on so that all the discussion can be recorded. If you only want to get a voice file, you can select the Audio Only mode.

How to Record WebEx Meetings with RecMaster 1

Step 3 Click the REC button to start. During the meeting, you are permitted to put real-time marks and annotations by using this annotation function. To end this task, you can press the Stop button or use the HotKeys Alt+2.

How to Record WebEx Meetings with RecMaster 2

Step 4 When the recording is over, you can use the built-in editor to cut unnecessary clips and then share the video to YouTube.

Final Words

Now you’ve known how to record WebEx meetings. May this article helps increase your work efficiency and works for your remote work. As a decent online meeting recorder, RecMaster is also able to record Zoom meetings, record GoToMeeting conferences, etc.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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