How to Record Google Hangouts Video or Voice Calls

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There are piles of good-to-use communication softare in the market, and Google Hangouts is just one of those good bets. Aimed at both enterprise and personal communication, Google Hangouts, currently a part of G Suit line, is great for us to talk with our remote customers, clients, family and also friends on work or daily affairs.

Generally, we can attend any hangout meeting or conversation via a direct link. We can also create a new video or voice call and invite other participants to join in with their phones or email addresses. For paid G Suit Enterprise (Education) users, it’s easy to record Google Hangouts with the preloaded “Recording Meeting” feature. However, for other users who want to record Google Hangouts Meet and Google Hangouts Chat calls, the only way to realize it is to turn to a third-party Google Hangouts recorder.

how to record Google Hangouts calls on computer

Compared to keeping vital content in mind or making text notes on paper, taking a video/audio capture of Google Hanggouts meeting or chatting is an easier method to save its valuable information for further usage. For instance, sending to the ones who didn’t attend the online conference, documenting the crucial details that were said and decided for official proof, or just preserving the happy moments for aftertaste…

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How to Record Google Hangouts on Computer (Windows & Mac Included)?

Assuming you are a common non-subscriber user, you can refer to the instruction below to record Google Hangouts calls or sessions as MP4, MP3 media file. Now do follow the simple process please:

Step 1. Free download a decent Hangouts recorder on your machine that will hold the Hangouts call.
Among the diversified screen recorders including online services, browser-based extensions and detached screen recording software, here we recommend desktop recorder – RecMaster as the top choice thanks to its easy-to-operate user interface, flexible settings on video size & quality, as well as the well compatibility with Windows and Mac computers.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2. Start a new video or phone call on the webpage or by ultilizing the Google Hangouts plugin. If you are invited to a talk by others, just click the shared link to join in.

Step 3. Open RecMaster and choose one recording mode as you need.
RecMaster provides multiple recording modes to meet any possible demand. Specifically, you can pick Full Screen to record your full-screen Google Hangouts chat, choose Custom Area to select the Google Hangouts call at windowed mode manually to capture, and also make use of the last Audio Only feature to record voice.

Features of Google Hangouts Recorder

Step 4. Set for the Recording
Once you decide on the mode, it’s time to do some presettings for upcoming recording. RecMaster gives you freedom to define the video/audio format (e.g MP4, FLV, AVI and MP3), video quality, whether or not to record system sound, microphone voice or webcam face at the same time during screen recording. In addition, you can customize the mouse cursor effects and watermark under Settings panel. Note that you can keep the frame rate value by default, because it matters more when doing gameplay recording.

Features of Google Hangouts Recorder

Step 5. Start and End the Recording
When your preperation work is done, click REC button to start the recording. You can do annotation during the process. Also, you can simply leave it alone and put your focus on the Hangouts meeting or small talking. When your video or voice call is over, tap stop button or use hotkeys “Alt + 2” to end the recording.
For those who take manual recording operation a little bit hurry-scurry, Schedule Task feature is quite recommended. It enables you to create one or more Google Hangouts recordings at a fixed start and end time, so that you won’t take time to handle with the settings and buttons.

Final Words

When you grab Google Hangouts video or audio call with RecMaster, the whole process won’t be visible to other participants. Therefore, you’d better inform them or ensure your recording behavior is allowed by them and related laws of your state before you starting the capture.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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