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Today, it’s inevitable for you to use the screen recorders. You may need to record Skype calls for future reference or you don’t want to miss any vital meetings. Also, you may want to capture live streaming, online movies or TV series. All these screen activities or contents can be easily captured with the help of a screen recorder. Although there are a lot of online screen recorders, you may still prefer the free online screen recorders due to your budget or the infrequency of usage. No matter what is your real circumstance, here we pick out three comprehensive free online screen recorders in the market to help you record screen more easily without cost.

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Before reading on the free tools, we want to figure out something you must know on using online screen recorders. First, you can use the tool only when the internet is connected. Second, you may face some potential risks when you enable the online tool to access your computer, such as information leakage. Third, most of the free online screen recorders only provide the most basic recording functions and have function limits. So if you happen to need some advanced features like task schedule, abundant mouse effects, please turn to quality desktop screen recorder like RecMaster.

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To make a clear balance between the third-party software and free online screen recorders, here you can choose to free download RecMaster or go ahead for free online tools.

Tool #1. ScreenApp.IO

The first recommended free online screen recorder is ScreeApp.IO and this tool can be used with no registration. There are more choices to select before recording: Entire Screen/an Application Window/a Brower Tab and it can save the videos with only a few seconds. What’s more, this tool can be used to capture the whole computer screen. Before downloading the file, the tool offers the function to edit in case you want to delete some unwanted sections in the video rather than recording again for some small mistakes you made.

How to use ScreenApp.IO
1. Open the ScreenApp.IO website
2. Click Microphone audio or Brower audio if you want to capture the video with sound. If not, select No audio.
3. Select the suitable recording mode. If you want to record your entire screen with multiple applications, you can choose Entire Screen mode. If you want to record a single window like the gameplay process, it may be better for you to choose an Application Window. In other situations, select the Brower Tab.
4. Click the Start recording button to get started. During the process, you can still choose Mute Microphone if you choose to capture sound mistakenly.
5. Click Stop recording then the tool will play the video automatically.
6. Download the video or you can also share it to the YouTube or Facebook.

Free Online Screen Recorder - ScreenApp.IO

Although it has power recording functions, there are still some weaknesses.
1. Each of the three screen recording modes can’t insert the webcam.
2. Functions like annotation, task schedule are unavailable.
3. Optional recording area is not allowed.

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Tool #2. Apowersoft

Apowersoft offers free online screen recorder service which is a little different from ScreeNapp.IO and FotoFriend. Instead of recording screen straightforward on the webpage, you need to download an online recorder launcher to operate the recording process. The tool supports recording screen and webcam simultaneously or separately and you can make pre-settings like video format, mouse effects as well as file destination. Full screen, Custom area, webcam as well as sound can operate separately or in combination. Similar with other products from Apowersoft, it also supports cloud storage function. After the recording, you can upload the file into your own cloud account so that you will never lose any vital videos.

Free Online Screen Recorder - Apowersoft

How to use Apowersoft
1. Open the Apowersoft website and freely download the online launcher.
2. Click Start recording and then open the online launcher.
3. Choose the desired mode to record and turn on the sound as well as webcam if needed.
4. Click REC to start recording. During the process, you can use the annotation function to make some explanations and add important notes.
5. Choose Stop button to end and the tool will replay the video automatically. Here you can save the videos or upload to the social media.

1. You need to download an online recorder launcher and it takes a little time.
2. Personal watermark can’t be added into the video.
3. Task schedule function is still unavailable.

Tool #3. FotoFriend Video Booth

FotoFriend Video Booth is a totally free online screen recorder without downloading any necessary software or extension. You can capture your favorite videos or images with webcam. This tool is designed with 56 special effects like Burn, Dream and Underwater for videos and images. What’s more, it also has an inbuilt editor that allows you to edit the captured images and videos. Considering the user’s demand, the tool also supports sharing the file to some social media like YouTube and Facebook. With FotoFriend, you can record some unexceptionable and fantastic works to attract more eyeballs.

Free Online Recorder - FotoFriend Video Booth

How to use FotoFriend Video Booth
1. Open the FotoFriend Video Booth website.
2. Click Photo Booth or Video Recorder at the top of the window.
3. Select an effect to record and webcam settings button is in the right bottom.
4. Choose the recording duration: 10 seconds/20seconds/3minutes and here you can also select the video quality. If you need to capture your voice, click the sound on.
5. Click the red button and there will be a countdown in three seconds.
6. With everything captured, click the green button to stop.You can download the video by saving or upload it to the YouTube.

Although it has power recording functions, there are still some weaknesses.
1. Users can only capture with webcam and computer screen recording is not allowed.
2. The functions are limited: only special effects.
3. The recording time is limited.


After reading the post, you can choose any of those free online screen recorders as your free screen capture tool for Windows or Mac. To make up the functions of free online screen recorders, here we recommend third-party software – RecMaster to you again. It covers all the functions of online recorders but also additional services like task schedule function, more mouse effects functions and personal watermark adding. It can also be applied in video call recording, live broadcasting as well as PC gamplay. If you’re interested in it, you can have an overall comprehension of this tool by clicking into the official website. Note that these online tools are only workable with an Internet connection. So if you don’t prefer such workflow or have offline requirement, you should rely on offline screen recorder.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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