How to Record Microsoft Teams Meetings on Computer?

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Remote work now is accepted extensively and it is not a penny worse than the traditional way. Work-in-remote enjoys a high degree of efficiency, convenience, and it was seen as an escalation of comfort with all the workflow taking place at a cozy home.

Under such circumstances, Microsoft Teams, as one of the most extensively used office software for holding remote meetings and calls, is frequently asked about the way to record online meetings and calls. This article will show Teams users two feasible ways to record Microsoft Teams meetings.

Table content:
Can I record Microsoft Teams meeting without an external tool?
Are There Any Limitations on Microsoft Teams Meeting’s Intern Recorder?
How to Record Teams Meeting/Call with Recording Software?

Can I Record Microsoft Teams Meeting Without External Tool?

Microsoft Teams allows its users (hosts of a meeting or users met certain conditions) to record meetings and further download and edit the recordings. Compared with other professional screen recorders, Microsoft Teams app succeeds in sufficing its users with fundamental features of a screen recorder. Let’s get straight to the point and see the procedures to record Microsoft Teams meetings.

● Record Microsoft Teams Meeting Internally
Precautions: Users met with the terms listed below are allowed to record Microsoft Teams meeting:
– Those who have an Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, or E5 license.
– Those who have a recording license from an IT admin.
– Those from the same organization.

  1. As the host of a meeting, now you could start a meeting, Name the meeting, Turn on the camera, and Click Meet Now. Next, invite guests to your meeting. Find the options button and then click start recording.
  2. Where are the stored recordings? Theoretically, the footage was stored in Microsoft Stream. After you finish your recording of meeting, Teams will take a little time to process in the background before you could watch what you’ve been recorded.
  1. After processing, there are four options for you. You can view this video on top of the channel by clicking “Make this a tab”. Also, you can share it with all of the members in your organization by clicking “Share”. By hitting “Get link”, you are enabled to share the link to your members.

● Edit Meeting Recordings
The feature of editing is not that evident to see. You need to hit “Open it in Microsoft Stream”, and edit your video inline.

Microsoft Teams Edit Videos

● Download Meeting Recordings of Teams
Download meeting recordings is simple. The operations are carrying out at the same interface as Editing video. You go to Microsoft Stream and Choose “more options” and select “Download video” and then meeting recordings are successfully downloaded.

Are There Any Limitations on Microsoft Teams Meeting’s Built-in Recorder?

Unlike Zoom or Web EX that can record meeting at normal 1080P, Teams could only deliver a resolution of 720 at most, which causes its recordings’ blurry performance. According to the statement of Microsoft, this is the consequence of surging inflow of users lately they have to scale up infrastructure at the cost of decrease the quality of video quality.

And as mentioned above, not everyone in Microsoft Teams can record a meeting. The guests, the anonymous have no access to record meetings.

Besides, in the first place, users who aren’t equipped with valid licenses cannot record Teams meeting.

So for better performance of your meeting videos and, to make possible the impossibility – I mean, to avert the restraints from license and identify, it is high time for you to consider leverage a third-party screen recorder.

How to Record Teams Meeting/Call with Recording Software Without Limitations?

Record Microsoft Meeting with RecMaster

Third-party screen recorders are always helpful. RecMaster is screen recorder software that delivers the strong capacity to record desktop. RecMaster could record the full screen, customized screen, and only audio. If all the settings are tweaked properly, users can attain to record with no lag and at good quality. It is newly born software bearing uncluttered interfaces and easy mode of operation. With its powerful features, users of Microsoft Teams will have no difficulty recording meetings and calls. So let’s check out how RecMaster could record Microsoft Teams meeting and call.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

● Record Microsoft Teams Meeting with RecMaster
1. Open RecMaster and choose Full-Screen Mode.

Full Screen Recording

2. Drag and Draw to make customized area for recording.
3. Tweak the settings before recording. Procedures are simple, you just need to select video format > “high quality” > 30 FPS > Turn off webcam > Turn on system sound > Turn off microphone sound.

Full Screen Recording Settings

4. Press REC and RecMaster begin to capture your screen. Press the button again to stop recording. Your footage is automatically saved to your local folder. You could find it on the Recording List.

5. Annotations
During the recording process, RecMaster allows users to add annotations. Tools including brushes, erasers, texts, graphics, and arrows are all available.

With the help of an annotation bar, users could effortlessly highlight their meeting recordings.

Compared with the internal recorder, RecMaster manages to deliver a crisper resolution of videos when recording Microsoft Teams meeting. Endowed with a great capacity to record at up to 60 FPS, RecMaster prevents lags or blurs in the first place.

A lot of restrictions hinder users in unilateral demands from recording meetings and calls – e.g. users who are students attending teacher’s class have no access to a record. This obstacle exists also in guests and anonymous users.

Fortunately, users choosing RecMaster as their right-hand assistant will not have such concerns above.

How to Record Microsoft Teams Meeting Calls with RecMaster?
1. Open RecMaster as normal and choose Audio-Only Mode
2. And also, we need to set up specific settings for better performance of our videos.
Procedures are not so similar to those when we record in Custom Area but much simpler.
3. Choose audio format (mp3) > turn on system sound > turn off microphone.

Record Teams Call with RecMaster

Audio Only Mode is extremely friendly for recording Microsoft Teams calls. RecMaster used to deliver excellent performance on recording online radio, capturing online music, ripping soundtracks from music videos. Let alone some simple effort on Voice recording.

FAQ: Microsoft Teams Built-in Recorder vs. Third-Party Recorder, What’s the Difference between them?

The built-in recorder of Microsoft Teams possesses basic features powerful enough to suit users’ demands. But it delivers blurry sights when record meeting in Microsoft teams, sometimes lag off, all the imperfect factors illuminate RecMaster’s merits. RecMaster relieves Teams users from the annoying restrictions Teams have set up. RecMaster records meeting in Microsoft Teams for anyone in any identities. Besides, it manages to record business calls, users could find the audio file at their local folders.

Now follow the instructions and let RecMaster serve your business by recording meetings and voice in Microsoft teams.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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