5 Best Screen Recorders for Chrome to Record with No Install

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Nowadays we prefer to record screen videos rather than send pictures or audios to expound. The reason is simple: watching a video is easier and clearer. There are a plethora of screen recorders in our daily life. However, you may prefer a screen recorder extension to the third-party software for the instant share links, cloud storage as well as efficiency it provided. Moreover, there is another situation to use the extensions: As a Chromebook user, you have no choice but to use the Chrome extensions to capture.

Best Screen Recorder for Chrome

No matter what you’re doing, screen recording can be easily done by using extensions even if the internet is not connected. Google Chrome is the most popular and widely deployed platform, with its powerful functions, you can simply use the Chrome screen recorder extensions to record without taking up your space. Here this article will recommend 5 best screen recorder for Chrome to you.

About screen recorder add-on for Chrome, you may not know:
Although extensions can record videos or take screenshots, sometimes you may still need to download a professional recorder. Some advanced functions like task schedule, mouse effects, and editing are not accessible in extensions, in this way the third-party software comes in. More importantly, with a stand-alone screen recorder, the recording process will be smoother and safer without the disturbing of some advertisements or illegal websites. Considering these conditions, here we would like to recommend the professional yet easy-to-use screen recorder: RecMaster to you.

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1. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a an add-on for Chrome applicable for recording a screen video or capturing from camera. Built with three screen recording modes including desktop, specific application window or Chrome tab, you can optionally select the suitable one to record. System sound or microphone can be captured separately. All the things you need to do before recording is to decide whether record a screen or camera. With everything done, click the “start recording” button, then you can capture the screen.

Best Screen Recorder for Chrome - Screen Recorder

1. Simple operation and concise interface.
2. Three screen recording modes for you to choose.
3. You can use camera to record narration video or something like that.

1. System sound and microphone can’t be captured simultaneously.
2. Camera Only mode is not allowed in this extension.
3. Lack of editing and annotation functions.
4. Format and frame rate are fixed.

2. Screencastify

Similar with Screen Recorder, Screencastify is also a one-click solution to all of your recordings, providing Desktop and Browser Tap modes for screen recording. Compared with Screen Recorder, Screencastify is embedded with Camera Only and Editor functions. You can insert the webcam during the screen capturing. After recording, the Chrome screen recorder extension will automatically replay the video. Here you can open the built-in editor to cut, crop as well as add text. More importantly, this extension allows you to copy sharable links and provides more choices for downloading as well as uploading.

Best Screen Recorder for Chrome - Screencastify

1. Built-in editor for you to edit your video.
2. Instant shareable links are convenient for sharing.
3. Webcam can be applied in all the recording modes.
4. Diverse exporting formats: MP4, audio only in MP3 or animated GIF.

1. The video time is limited within 5 minutes.
2. Editor function only provides a three-day trial.
3. Fewer choices of Settings.

Detailed Guide: How to Use Screencastify on Your Computer

3.  Nimbus

Nimbus is another versatile screen recorder for Chrome to record window tap of Chrome or desktop. Recording with camera or not depends on your own choice. You can use this extension to capture screenshots as well as video capturing. Unlike similar products, Nimbus offers more choices for screenshots including visible part of page, selected area, selected & scroll. The unique feature is that you can freely add watermark to prevent invasion of privacy. However, tab sound and microphone can be recorded at the same time only in Tab recording mode. In other situations, you can only capture the input voice which means you can record your own voice but you can’t capture the background music or the voice of the website.


1. More selections of video quality. You can choose among HD, 4K, Full HD.
2. Personalized watermark can be added in all recording modes.
3. Freely share videos to social media like YouTube.
4. You can write comments and these can be shared with your videos.

1. Selected area of video recording is not permitted.
2. Desktop recording mode can’t insert webcam.
3. You are only allowed to capture tab sound with microphone in tab mode. In other situations, only microphone is allowed.
4. Lack of editor and advanced task schedule function.

4. Loom

Loom is a wonderful but free screen recorder for Chrome. Just like the other plug-ins, you are allowed to choose between desktop or tab mode and decide whether you want to use the webcam or not. At the same time, Loom supports social media apps like Google, Slack and Outlook. Different from Screencastify, there is no limit on the number and length of videos. You can use the password to share video to protect security and trim the video in the Loom. One useful feature is that you can use the Flip Camera toggle to reverse your view in Webcam mode in order to remove the mirror effect.

Best Screen Recorder for Chrome - Loom

1. No limit on the number and length of videos.
2. Support links for instant sharing.
3. Add password to invite people.
3. Flip Camera toggle to reverse your view in Webcam mode in order to remove the mirror effect.

1. There is no way to highlight or follow the mouse movements.
2. No pen function can be used to draw audience’s attention.
3. System sound and microphone can’t record at the same time.

5. Outklip

Last but not the least, we introduce Outklip to you. Basic functions are just the same as common Chrome screen recorder extensions, the distinctive features are the choices of filter change and cloud storage. In free version, you are allowed to record a watermarked video within 10 minutes. By using this extension, you can get the desired video.

Best Screen Recorder for Chrome - Outklip

1. Cloud storage is convenient for saving.
2. Choices of filter change.
3. Instant sharing link to Facebook and Twitter.
4. Automatically download to YouTube
1. The length of video is limited and watermark can’t be removed.
2. No way to highlight important contents or the mouse movements.
3. Lack of editing function.


After reading the post, you must master the features and differences of the 5 best screen recorders for Chrome. It can’t be denied that extensions are easy- to-use and popular but it only has basic features and lower compatibility. One the one hand, most of them don’t support capture computer screen as well as webcam with both system sound and microphone. On the other hand, browser extensions lack some professional functions like Game recording, editing and particular recording. To make up weaknesses of Chrome screen recorder extensions, the third-party software: RecMaster is a good choice. If you are interested in this tool, you can read the RecMaster review to get more detailed information. Now let’s start recording and enjoy the wonderful net life.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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