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Since watermark is an important measure to protect video creators’ creativity and originality, so many customers use it for preventing their videos from being stolen. On viewers’ standpoint, a good watermark should be simple and easy to ignore. But in video creators’ perspectives, watermark should be impressive and noticeable. That’s because watermark provides a platform to exhibit a product – viewers could easily trace back to your product if they are attracted by the watermark.

As to create watermarked screen recording, there are generally two ways to go. One is using screen recorder to finish the recording first and then using third-party editing software to add watermark into the recoding. The other one is using the quality screen recorder to record screen with watermark directly. Generally speaking, the second way is more convenient and effective. Therefore, this article will step by step introduce you the basic knowledge about watermark and then the concrete procedures to add watermark to videos.

To Record Screen with Watermark, What Do We Need?

Choosing a right screen recorder is hard because firstly there are large number screen recorders in the market, and secondly, since different programs must have different characteristics, users could be bewildered by the functions of them.

However, taking factors into consideration when choosing a screen recorder like price, performance, and easy-of-use into consideration, RecMaster is great software that matches with all the requirements. This recorder, in the first place, adds no commercial watermark to Pro user’s recordings. And secondly, it also allows users to add customized watermark to recording. Video makers are availed to add text watermark or image watermark to gameplay video, tutorial video, and online course video, etc.

Configure the Settings Before Adding Watermark to Your Videos.

There are several parameters that have to be configured before recording.

If you want to record with text watermark, then you have to settle the options below:

  1. Color of your text.
  2. The specific words of content.
  3. The position to place you watermark in the video.
  4. Transparency degree.

If you want to record with image watermark, here are the settings that have to be tweaked:

  1. The definition of your image. It has to be crisp clear and not too big in size.
  2. The degree of transparency.
  3. The image’s position in your video.

How to Use RecMaster to Record Screen with Watermark?

RecMaster enables you to add text watermark or image watermark into recordings whose transparency and position in video are adjustable. If you don’t need it, just check “No watermark”.

Before you start to design your own watermark, the basic rules below will give you some instructions. First, your watermark should be unique and recognizable in case people mistake your brand for others. Second, logo image is necessary and it’s better to have simple text on it so that people will know where to find you. Now clear instruction is let out below to guide you record screen with watermark.

● Add Text Watermark to the video
Text water mark is less noticeable but more explicit and won’t obstacle too much of the screen in viewers’ standpoint.


  1. Download RecMaster. When the procedures are finished, open RecMaster, and choose a recording mode.
  2. free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

  3. Click Settings and select ‘Watermark’ which is the place where we set up watermark-related configurations.

    Add Text Watermark Using RecMaster

  4. Choose the type of watermark, here we should check ‘Text Watermark’.
  5. Decide text color and Transparency(0-100, the larger the number, the more invisible the text will be)
  6. Put the watermark at your preferred position on the screen. There are 9 positions are provided: Middle of the screen, top of the screen, left of the screen, right of the screen, bottom of the screen, top-left corner, top-right corner, bottom-right corner, bottom-left corner.
  7. Back to the setting panel of Full-Screen mode (or other 4 modes), and click start recording.
  8. Click the red button again to end recording, and the footage is automatically stored to users’ local folders.

● Add Image Watermark to the video
Image watermark is not only a logo, it serves as an area to capture viewers’ attention. It is eminent, hard to ignore, and efficient enough to carry any information that the video creator wanted to embed.

Add Image Watermark Using RecMaster

  1. Open RecMaster.
  2. Choose a recording mode and enter the setting interface, select the option of ‘watermark’.
  3. Check ‘Image watermark’.
  4. Add your prepared image here by clicking the button ‘Add Image’.
  5. Choose the degree of transparency (0-100).
  6. The nine-dot image imitates the real-time position of watermark in a video, locate your watermark by clicking either dot.
  7. Close the setting window and back to the setting panel of Full-Screen Mode (or other 4 modes).
  8. Click ‘REC’ to start recording and you could see the watermark is successfully added to the video. During the process of recording, you could also add annotation to your video.
  9. Click the red button again to stop recording, and the file is stored in users’ local folder.

RecMaster’s feature of watermark is just a corner of iceberg. RecMaster is also efficient in recording games, streaming videos, on-screen activities, etc.


Watermark is powerful to protect video owner’s knowledge property. A novel and special watermark usually punch above its weight in impressing your video viewers. Good video and clear watermark means unexpected inflow of customers, use RecMaster to record screen with watermark easily and effectively.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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