How to Record/Upload Gameplay Videos for YouTube?

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Making a gaming video is never an easy task. This article is going to shed light on our fresh-hand gamers and teach them how to record gaming videos for YouTube all by themselves. Basically, this article begins with some desirable solutions to game recording, then there are some after-recording instructions for video makers. Last and so important are some skills for capturing potential subscribers.

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How to Produce Your Gameplay Videos

I could come up with 3 practical methods for you guys to produce awesome gameplay clips.

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Firstly, you can find some out-of-box clips from your games (LOL, Fortnite, etc) with its ‘replay feature’. Then the second and also the most extensively leveraged method come to leveraging screen recorders. Thirdly, for avid gamers or game anchors, a game capture card is, however, always the first choice.

But one thing you have to bear in mind is that whatever method you choose, please remember to produce gaming videos with the right video format.

Here is the list of all acceptable formats that YouTube support:
.3GPP .WebM .DNxHR .ProRes .CineForm .HEVC (h265)

  • ● Use Screen Recorder Software to record gaming videos for YouTube

Game recorder software’s advantages over other methods in this passage are that it brings gamers more convenience in editing and annotating. With the aids of a proper screen recorder, you can easily create and record gaming videos for YouTube.

RecMaster is a screen recorder that serves as a competent tool to record games. It’s low-weight, easy to use, consuming negligible CPU, and delivering strong capability in capturing high-quality games. Besides, it allows users to set up their videos in no matter AVI, FLV and MP4, all suit YouTube’s condition.


1. Download and install RecMaster
free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Open RecMaster and Choose Game Mode (Full-Screen Mode is also qualified)


3. Then it is time for setting-ups.

On this interface, you should decide your gameplay videos’ format and quality. Here is an out-of-box settings strategy for you: you shall set the FPS at 60 (this parameter will be 120 soon). The webcam option is basically designed for game anchors so it is okay to ignore it. As for the audio resources, make sure you turn on the ‘system sound’ or your video will have no sounds.

4. Hit ‘REC’ to start recording, and during the recording period, you can add annotations to your footage. This action is for highlighting your proud game moments.

5. Stop Recording and now your footages are stored. You should go to Recording List to replay or edit your footage. BTW, Editing is necessary if you want to cut unnecessary scenes of your gameplay clips.

6. Upload your gaming videos to YouTube in one click.

  • ● Get Your Clips from Games’ Replays – LOL as An Example

For those who plan to record gaming videos for YouTube, there is also a recorder-irrelevant way to get some gameplay clips – to obtain gaming videos from your games’ replay files.

Here is the mechanism: Games like LOL, Dota2 capture players’ recent matches. Fortnite even stores the last 100 matches for players to replay and download.

The question though comes to the format of the replay files. For example, League of Legend’s set its replay videos’ format as WEBM which can’t be directly played but can be directly uploaded to YouTube. However, Not all replay clips of the games on the market bear suitable formats for YouTube, like Dota 2 choose ‘.dem’ files as its clips’ format, which YouTube doesn’t support.

To solve this problem, I used to write a tricky way to convert clips of gaming replay in the article of ‘how to record League of Legends’, you can figure it out yourself. But if you have no time scanning that passage, here is the extract version of it:

1. Open your Client Window > go to your Profile > find the clip you want to save > click the ‘Folder-like’ button.
2. Now the clip is saved to your computer successfully. The clip folder then will appear. But here you may notice a strange thing – the Highlights clips of your gameplay are in WBEM format, which means you can’t watch directly. Don’t worry, to cope with this problem, I have two ways for you. That’s to convert this unwatchable format – through VLC or Convertio (a 3rd-party converter).

  • ● Use a capture card to record gaming videos for YouTube

A game capture card is, to be frank, the most premium way for gamers to create any gameplay videos. This product is stronger and more expensive. If you are a professional game anchor or YouTuber, a capture card is definitely the best choice.

Their outstanding merits prove themselves’ capability – they manage to provide the crispest definition for the gamers. While they consume the least CPU, they cause no latency. The disadvantages of the tool are also evident though – they are expensive and require some professional knowledge of computer installation to set them up (you’ll need to actually open up your computer and place the internal card on your motherboard). You can go to another passage of me for some ideas, where I recommended some best game capture card for gamers.

After Recording – Upload Your Gaming Videos to YouTube

Screen recorder RecMaster and most of the game capture card supports direct upload to YouTube.

This link is simple so let’s get straight to it.
1. Logged in.
2. Click the ‘Create a video’ button at the top of the screen. And click “Upload Video” in the drop-down menu.
3. Under “Select files to upload,” click “Public” and choose what level of visibility you desire for your videos.
4. While the video waits for complete uploading, you can enter the overlays to rectify information like the title and description of the video.
5. Click “Publish” to complete the process. You can publish the video while it’s still uploading, or wait till the upload is complete.

Seems to Finish All the Procedures? NO – Getting Your Videos Traffic and Subscribes Now

For YouTubers (here game anchors for sure), if they want to earn traffic and subscribers to their channels, the act of simply to record gaming videos for YouTube is definitely not enough. There are some useful skills they must leverage. And they are listed below.

1. Consistently upload new YouTube videos.
2. Complete the information of Your Profile and Make a Channel Trailer.
3. Make Eye-Catching Thumbnails – Really important.
4. Create Searchable Video Titles.
5. Create Video Playlists.
6. Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe every time you begin your video.
7. Host a Giveaway every now and then.
8. Track Your YouTube Analytics with professional tools.


This article briefly tells users how to record gaming videos for YouTube in 3 practical ways. In the 3 recommended methods, finding replay clips from games is tricky, using a capture card is premium yet expensive, leveraging recording software is the most cost-effective way to produce gaming videos.

And several extra works after recording – to upload the videos to YouTube and to gain traffic to your videos and make your video rank top.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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