3 Best Music Recorders to Record Online Music on PC or Mac

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Summary: Read this article and you will know how to record online music with music recorder.

One World Concert that contains the world’s famous singers like Lady Gaga, must be the big festival for the music lover, which is a special online concert during coronavirus period. As a fan, you may want to download this streaming-video for offline listening from YouTube. However, you may be impeded by the sites rules because YouTube doesn’t let you download music video from its site legally. Other music platforms like SoundCloud, Bandcamp also has limits for downloading music. For example, SoundCloud only allows user to get 100 downloads per track. As for your favorite art’s music on Bandcamp, you have to purchase the album before downloading.

How to recod online music

You may wonder that can I only listen online? The answer is certainly NO. Instead of directly downloading, the best way is to record online music from YouTube, SoundCloud and other sites so that you can listen to these songs offline. Note that recording these works for commercial purposes will violate copyright while recording and then time-shifted listening of copyright works for you own and non-commercial use is possible. So we hope all of you obey the copyright policy to record online music. Here we will recommend 3 best music recorders to you one by one:

#1 – RecMaster
#2 – Free Online Audio Recorder
#3 – Screencastify

1. Using RecMaster to Record Online Music from YouTube and Other Platforms

RecMaster is an audio recorder as well as a screen recorder that enables users to record all types of audio with original quality including song, video and audio book etc. Different from the third-party online downloader, it has no limits on the music site and is more stable. No matter the target music files are from such as YouTube, SoundCloud, you can record all those sounds with this audio recorder.

You can adjust the option to record the system sound from YouTube. Even if it’s the first time for you to record online music with this application, you can quickly get used to the simple design. For audio recording, RecMaster comes with versatile flexible settings including audio format, frame rate, quality. If you want to get voice from video, RecMaster can also assist you.`

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

How to record online music with RecMaster

1. Download and install the recorder.
2. Open your player to check whether the song is your desired one.
3. Double-click your mouse to open the application. If you only want to record online music, you can use the Audio Only. But if you want to capture music video, you can select the Full Screen mode with system sound turned on. Here you can also adjust the file format, quality and storage path.
4. Press REC button to capture the audio and then play the song. Finally click Stop to end.
5. In the Recording list, you can use the editor to cut the unwanted clips of music video at the beginning and the ending part.

Record online music with RecMaster


  • ● Support audio and video music recording.
  • ● Concise interface and easy operation.
  • ● Editor to cut and merge music videos.
  • ● Task schedule function to automatically record online music.
  • Record online music to MP3/WAV in high quality


  • ● Windows version doesn’t have the request to edit audio.

2. Using Free Online Audio Recorder to Record Online Music from YouTube and Other Platforms

If you don’t want to any software eat up limited space, simply go to online audio recorder. Free Online Audio Recorder, launched by Apowersoft company, is convenient for online music recording with one-click operation. For the first-time user, you need to download a launcher to utilize this app. This tool allows you to record audio on Windows or Mac straightly with audio from streaming music sites, radio stations or the online websites in various inputs including system sound, microphone or both of them. This application offers a unique feature: the ID3 tag which helps you to manage the recorded files more easily by adding artwork cover, title, artist, year and genre.

How to record online music with Free Online Audio Recorder
1. Install a launcher. After the installation, you are accessible to record online music with this tool.
2. Choose start recording and a new panel will pop up where you can observe the file size and time.
3. Shift to the target window or website. Play the wanted song to capture. If you want to record the whole song, you need to wait for a few minutes. For some clips of the music, you can manually end the recording process.
4. Click Stop button and the file will be automatically saved in the Recording list as MP3 format. If you want to rename or use the ID3 tag function, simply enter the Recording list interface.

Free online audio recorder to capture online music


  • ● Convenient ID3 tag function to organize file.
  • ● Diverse output formats including MP3, WMA, AAC…
  • ● Accessible for audio recording with system sound and microphone.


  • ● Unable to record online music with video.
  • ● Unavailable to do fixed-time recording.
  • ● Lack of editor to cut or merge.

3. Using Screencastify to Record Online Music from YouTube and Other Platform

Screencastify, a screen recording extension, is handy for online music capture. Once you can use Chrome browser, you can run this application as well. This tool supports browser tap or desktop audio recording. After you’ve added this extension to your Chrome, it will appear on every page of your browser. So it advantages in browser audio recording. For the YouTube website audio recording, you just need to turn on the page and click the extension to record. However, the disadvantage is that all the files can only be saved as video, which meas you can’t save music form YouTube or other sites into audio format. This following part will begin with how to use screencastify.

Record online music with Screencastify

How to record online music with Screencastify
1. Add the extension to your Chrome.
2. Search to the recorded website and then click the Screencastify icon.
3. Select the Tap browser and then turn off the microphone button and Turn on the Tap audio button.
4. Press Start button and then play the music. After a few minutes, you will get a video file.


  • ● Convenient for browser audio recording.
  • ● Available for audio recording with system sound and microphone.
  • ● Editor to trim audio videos.


  • ● Unable to record audio as MP3 format.
  • ● Lack of task schedule function.
  • ● Editor function only provides a three-day trial.

These are 3 best music recorders to record online music for PC or Mac. Screencastify helps you record browser music video while Free Online Audio Recorder enables you to capture audio in MP3 format. Well if you want a tool to capture online music not only in MP3 format but also in MP4 and other formats, we would like to recommend RecMaster to record audio. Come and use these methods to record your favorite songs!

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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