Three Best Ways to Record Pandora Music for Offline Listening

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Summary: This post talks about the three best ways to record Pandora music for optional listening.

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Pandora is a popular and free radio service provider that gives you access to music you love. It allows you to search for music based on information about artists, songs, podcasts, and more. Additionally, it uses music experts to analyze the taste of each music listener and recommends other similar artists to you.
With a free account, you are only permitted to listen online. If you want to download music from Pandora for offline listening, you can upgrade to a Pandora Plus subscription ($4.99 per month) or a Pandora Premium subscription ($9.99 per month), which gives you the right to download Pandora for offline listening. However, the downloaded songs can only be played within the Pandora app which means that you can’t transfer them to your other music devices or play them with other music players.

Therefore, you may ask is there any way to meet that goal? Surely, there is no better way than capturing music from Pandora. Considering your different Pandora recorders’ demands, we list the three best solutions to accomplish the Pandora recording task.

RecMaster – The Most Reliable Standalone Solution to Record Music from Pandora

RecMaster is the easiest and most lightweight online music recorder for Windows and Mac desktop users. Unlike other audio recorders which just work with a few sites, RecMaster makes it easy to record online audio sources from versatile platforms like Vevo, YouTube, Soundcloud, and more. With the help of this tool, you can capture Pandora music as original quality without any audio losses. Another great feature of this tool is the task schedule function that enables you to set a date and time to record audio automatically. Now let’s see how to use this tool.

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The Workflow of RecMaster:

Step 1: Download and install RecMaster.

Choose your computer’s operating system above and click the corresponding “Download” button to get its installer. Then run the driver and follow the wizard to install the Pandora music recorder to your computer completely.

Step 2: Choose recording mode and do settings.

After the installation, launch the software and move to Other Modes>> Audio Only mode to record the sound from the Pandora platform. Next, you can customize the settings before recording including audio format, audio source, task schedule, and more.

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Step 3: Start recording music.

Once set up the configuration, go to Pandora and play the music that you want to record. Then from the audio recorder, click the REC button at the rightmost part of the toolbar or use Alt + 1 to begin recording.

Step 4: Stop the recording process.

Once the music is finished playing, you need to manually press the Stop icon to end the recording project. A Recording list window will pop up where you can play, rename, and find the recorded file on your computer.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – The Quick Solution for Pandora Recording

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a web-based audio recorder. With this tool, you can start recording Pandora music with a single click, which helps you save time and energy. As a sound recorder, it’s competent for audio source capture from system sound to an external microphone or both. Furthermore, this tool assists you in organizing its file library by adding ID3 tags consisting of title, album name, year, and more.

The Workflow of Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder:

Step 1: Visit the website. Enter the official software website and you need to install a launcher for audio recording.
Step 2: Set up and begin to capture Pandora music. This easy-to-navigate music recorder only involves a few buttons. In the left section of the whole interface, you can choose the audio source choices among System Sound, Microphone, and Both System Sound and Microphone. Then click the red button to start recording.

settings interface of apowersoft free online audio recorder

Step 3: End the recording project. When you’re done, you can tap the Stop menu to terminate the recording. For further post-recording operations, you can shift to the Recording List icon to do that.

Audacity – The Excellent and Professional Pandora Music Recorder

As a professional audio recorder with an editing function, Audacity is the best bet for many pros to record audio from YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, and other online media platforms. Different from what we wrote above, this tool has an in-built audio editor that allows copying, pasting, cutting, and deleting of an audio track. You can also redo and undo the soundtrack anytime you want to go back to previous steps when editing. The main interface looks a little complex so follow the steps below to record Pandora music.

The Workflow of Audacity:

Step 1: Search the Audacity official website on your browser and find out the Download Audacity button to make this application run on your device.
Step 2: Initiate the recording software and find the red button to perform the Pandora recording. Then all you need to do is play the desired song on Pandora and wait for the process to end.

interface of audacity

Step 3: Click the Stop located in the toolbar to end recording. Then go to File menu>> Select Save as to save the audio file in any desired location.

Final Words

There are three ways to record Pandora music for offline listening. RecMaster is a reliable solution to capture music from Pandora while Apowersoft’s free online audio recorder is the convenient method for a quick recording. If you’re a master who needs a professional audio recorder, then Audacity is the right one for you.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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