YouTube to Dropbox: Save YouTube to MP3/MP4 etc. on the Cloud

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How can you save YouTube clips into Dropbox cloud storage as MP4, MP3, MOV, WAV etc.?

People are getting used to moving and processing content from local system to online space for more flexible data management and better protection. From office series to multimedia types, nearly all commonly used files can be uploaded and kept in Dropbox at your will, surely including YouTube videos.

YouTube to Dropbox

The reason to put YouTube video to Dropbox may vary from persons. Below are some typical ones:

– I simply want to upload my home-made YouTube clip to Dropbox so that the viewers can watch it in a more secure way and are unable to share it any further.

– Any way to save MP4-formated YouTube to Dropbox with only a video or channel link?

– I come across a YouTube movie with elegant background music, then how to extract audio from YouTube video as MP3 and preserve it to Dropbox?


Is It Possible to Straight Upload Video to Dropbox from YouTube?

Many YouTubers and general video audiences wonder does YouTube or Dropbox give a video-share option to allow one-click uploading YouTube content to Dropbox’s files list, or if there’s a such functionality to connect Dropbox and YouTube for easier video syncing. Unfortunately, they share the same answer – NO, which means users have to seek help from third-party tool to accomplish this mission.

You Have to Download/Convert YouTube to the Right Format, Then Conduct the Upload.

Since Dropbox doesn’t feature downloading video directly from video-sharing sites including YouTube, you are only left to get target video downloaded to local hard disk, and then add it into your Dropbox library as usual. Therefore, YouTube downloader, converter, recorder or similar copier program is a must-have.

Among plenty of functional YouTube to MP4/MP3 and alike services in the market, apart from software types, supported media formats, security, stability and performance, the internal Dropbox-sharing function is also recommended to take into consideration. Thus, uploading things will become faster a lot more. Here we will represent 2 handy tools that can be applied in different situations.

RecMaster – Record Any YouTube to Video/Audio Locally and Sycn It to Dropbox

RecMaster is a typical simple screen recorder that’s welcomed by thousands of beginner and senior video makers. Although easy, it covers what a quality YouTube recorder should have, such as ability for both video and audio recording, task scheduler feature to auto-start or -stop YouTube capture capability. Now you can free download it and complete the setup in clicks.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

1. Decide the YouTube video to share to Dropbox and configure its playback settings such as resolution and subtitle.
2. Launch RecMaster, then choose Full Screen if you will play YouTube video in full screen. If you will watch the video in windowed mode, Custom Area is able to grab the content at 1:1 size. For audio ripping, you should pick the rightmost Audio Only.

Recording Modes of RecMaster for Windows

  RecMaster for Windows RecMaster for Mac
Video format MP4, FLV, AVI MP4, M4V, MOV
Audio format MP3, WAV M4A, CAF

3. Confirm the video or audio format and audio source. For video recording, you are also allowed to self-define quality, frame rate and webcam overlay.

Full screen settings

Note: For Windows users, you can go to Settings panel and change the file’s destination folder to Dropbox’s local folder under General section. In this way, the recorded YouTube media file will be added and synced in your account automatically. Mac users currently are not enabled to change file folder, so you will need manually

Save video to local Dropbox folder

Alternatively, if there’s local Dropbox folder locally, RecMaster gives a one-click solution for uploading any recorded video onto Dropbox account on the web.

Upload recording to Dropbox from RecMaster

4. Play the target video and initiate the recording or vice versa. For simpler and quicker capture, you are suggested to do all of those operations with shortcuts. Below are some default hotkeys for your reference.

YouTube RecMaster for Windows RecMaster for Mac
Play/Pause: K Start/ Pause: Alt+1 Start/Stop Recording: Command+1
Mute/Unmute: M End recording: Alt+2 Pause/Resume Recording: Command+2
Access/Exit Full Screen: F Show main window: Alt+3 Show Main Window: Command+3
Theatre Mode: T Hide/ Show webcam: Alt+4 how/ Hide Annotation: Command+H

5. End the YouTube recording. Copy and paste the file into Dropbox local folder for syncing if you didn’t do that in step 3. Alternatively, you can straightforwardly upload it to the web through browser page.

GRABFROM – Download/Convert and Save YouTube to Dropbox Online at one Go

For those who prefer more convenient online solution, many reliable YouTube downloader or converter programs deliver secure download & conversion environment and are capable of saving the media to Dropbox with only one click. Since many users recommend videodropper in communities, however it’s unavailable now, I choose another top-ranked online YouTube converter called grambfrom to demontrate how it works on YouTube to Dropbox.

1. Copy the full video link from YouTube site.

Copy video link from YouTube

2. Navigate to, paste link into address box and then pick a video or audio file type for the upcoming conversion. There are 10 available options in total: MP4, MKV, WEBM, F4V, 3GP, M4A, AAC, MP3 128KB/192KB/320KB.

3. Click “Convert” to download the remote file and transform it to your ideal file type. You can watch the entire process with a progress bar.

Paste and download YouTube video

4. When the conversion is successfully completed, you are offered multiple further operations, and “Save To Dropbox” is just one of them located in the middle area. Do click it to upload and store it in Dropbox immediately.

Save downloaded/converted YouTube to Dropbox


Let’s make a conclusion here. Firstly, there’s no way to save YouTube to Dropbox from either of the two platforms. Then, you are free to download, convert and make a copy of YouTube into Dropbox with online services or desktop apps, both of which are workable and the only thing you should take a note is the safety of them. At last, it can’t be better if the tool you are using to rip YouTube content has access to Dropbox uploading, saving and sycning.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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