How to Record YouTube Video on Mac? [All-Around Guidance]

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YouTube, as the biggest video portal website in the world, commits itself in providing viewers all kinds of splendid contents ranging from gameplay videos, music videos, products’ tutorials, how-tos, etc. The problem is that streaming videos disappear once you close its window, so you have to save them with proper means. This article focuses on delivering users with two practical ways to record YouTube video on Mac as an effective way to store viewers’ favorite content on YouTube.

how to record YouTube on Mac

Incapable screen recorders usually fail to provide a satisfying experience when recording. They could get blocked by YouTube’s copyright infringements, or they cause latencies during the process of recording. Today’s two methods have nothing to do with the conditions above, let’s get straight to them.

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How to Use QuickTime Player to Record YouTube Video on Mac


Speak of Mac screen recorders, QuickTime is inevitably the first thought that comes up in users’ minds. It is the built-in recorder in the Mac operative system, which charges none and delivers with reliable functions.

With its assistance, Mac users can transform images formats, download videos from webs, edit videos and let alone to record YouTube video on Mac – just several clicks away.

This software is a double-blade sword though, for it can’t record internal sounds (need the supplement of Soundflower to fix this problem), it also lacks relative features for advanced users.

So here are the steps to use QuickTime to record screen

1. Open up QuickTime, navigate to the Filemenu on the top toolbar and click “New Screen Recording”.
2. The related screen-recording prompt will pop up. QuickTime has a different outlook in a different version of Mac. For Mac users who are using an earlier system, the recording interfaces are QuickTime-style. But for macOS Mojave or Catalina users, the recorder is called Screencast and it has a totally different overlay with QuickTime.

Built-In Screen Recorder for Mac

3. Define the target recording area through ready-made options (shown below) and mouse.
4. Then set the Audio sources, Save-to path, Timer, and other options like whether to Show Mouse Clicks or not during recording, etc.
5. Start and end screen recording. Notice: the stop button is located in the menu bar.
6. Utilize the thumbnail to trim, save, or share.

Use Thumbnail to Edit Videos

This app is easy to get by, you don’t even need to download and install it. QuickTime is always there ready to be leveraged. Somehow there is a complaint about its occasional updates and the disc memory it’s about to occupy, but more inconveniently is that QuickTime fails to capture the internal sounds of your PC.

To solve this problem, you may need another app’s help – Soundflower. But if you feel tired sorting it out, you can turn to another out-of-box solution for assistance, which is the third-party screen recorder.

Professional Recorder that Records YouTube Videos with Sounds

You can regard screen recorder – RecMaster as the integrity of QuickTime and Soundflower. This very YouTube recorder is trusted and gives stable performance when it is used to record YouTube video on Mac. It is green and secluded from ads or malware. RecMaster supports Mac OS X 10.11 and later. You can refer to this article to see specific differences between QuickTime and RecMaster.

1. Download and Install RecMaster.

free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Choose Recording Mode.
Mac Version RecMaster’s Recording Modes

3. Entering the Setting Panel and do some changes for better deliverance of your videos.

Setting Panel of RecMaster’s Full-Screen Mode

4. Start Recording and add annotation tools to your videos to make them full of changes. This feature is super useful if you want to record tutorial videos from YouTube. You are offered a whiteboard to take notes and add annotation tools.
5. Stop recording and find the footages at Recording List.

How to Record YouTube Gaming Videos, Music Videos?

Recording YouTube Gaming Videos is never a simple task since gaming videos have strict requirements on FPS condition (to record at 60 FPS is necessary for capturing gaming videos). If a recorder is weak at delivering high PFS, it can cause latency of videos. A good screen recorder, by the way, consumes very few CPU and hardly causes FPS drop. Of course, if you are recording gameplay videos on YouTube, you just need to pay attention to your recorder’s FPS. The Quality of screen recorders that I am talking about just now, is for those who want to capture their gameplay and later upload to YouTube for sharing.

Recording other kinds of videos is simple. RecMaster’s full-screen mode captures any content on YouTube without making you worry about the copyright infringements.

If you want to record YouTube videos as an audio file, RecMaster will enable you to ‘convert’ videos into audio files using Audio-Only Mode. Don’t get me wrong, RecMaster is not really a YouTube converter though, it happens to have a similar function as a YouTube MP3 converter.

Final words

To record YouTube video on Mac, users are offered 2 ways in this article. The first method hassle-free and charges users no money, which is the leverage of QuickTime.

QuickTime is convenient but lacks important features. So for those who seek better performance of YouTube video recordings, it is crucial to take advantage of professional screen recorders. RecMaster has stable performance on recording any content on YouTube, you won’t be disappointing trying it.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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