[3 Ways] to Extract Audio from YouTube into MP3, MAV, M4A etc.

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See how such YouTube downloaders, YouTube converters, and YouTube recorder tools can be used as audio extractors to rip audio tracks from YouTube clips. 

Many YouTube viewers want to extract audio from YouTube videos so that they can enjoy the pure music (playlist) or listen to their favorite channel at will. Some video producers are also willing to save certain BGM sources for their own video creation after getting the permission of the video owner. If the video maker happens to be a live broadcaster, it’s also possible for him/her to separate the soundtrack from the achieved video or simply keep the audio file of live streaming alone for further usage. Then, how to extract sound from YouTube videos on Windows, macOS, or even mobiles running Android/iOS? Definitely, there’s more than one way out here.

Methods for YouTube Audio Ripping in 2023

Known or not, YouTube only accepts video uploading and has restrictions on file formats. Therefore, for those who want to share YouTube-unfriendly file formats, MP3, WAV, and M4A audio types included, they can only transform them into YouTube-supported video formats first to accomplish the web sharing.

YouTube doesn’t support audio, plus no download option for common audiences to get content freely from YouTubers’ channels or live events. People have to seek help from third-party tools to rip YouTube audio without hassle.

How to Extract Audio from YouTube

Tool 1. YouTube Downloader

For most users in need, the YouTube downloading program is the go-to pick. Every YouTube video piece may have multiple available streaming formats, including video, audio, and subtitles or closed captions. This kind of service is actually a file porter to access YouTube’s video library/server and 1:1 move the target movie/song/audio onto the local hard disk.

Tool 2. YouTube Converter

YouTube converter, especially YouTube to MP3, is still a widely used app that many customers get accustomed to saving the audio track of video-on-demand at a preferred format or even a certain kbps. Depending on the real situations, these converters may truly extract audio from YouTube at the original quality and also may conduct audio transcoding with more or less quality sacrifice.

Tool 3. YouTube Recorder

If the former two utilities are starting line-ups, YouTube recorder – the one that comes next – is undoubtedly a strong substitute. It can not only make up the feature-vacancy of many YouTube downloaders and converters, e.g. unable to get subtitles/closed caption attached to video or download the music playlist/(hidden archived) live video, but also give a more secure, stable, and flexible way to grab the media in your way. For example, jumping over specific segments, combining more clips into a single one from the very start, and so forth.

How to Extract Audio from YouTube with the 3 Typical Tools?

After having a brief understanding of these programs, you can move up to the next part to find out their workflows one by one. Believe that you will surely obtain a couple of skills to achieve your audio ripping goal easily in the future.

1. How to download YouTube audio into MP3 etc.

All YouTube downloaders share the same working process. You copy the target video’s full link from YouTube, then paste it into the (online or desktop) downloader to analyze and display the available download choices. After that, select the audio option and make the download happen immediately. Usually, MP3 is embraced by all videos, and as for some other audio formats like M4A, WAV or so, it depends.

Below is a screenshot of how the x2convert downloader works. There are many other top-ranked downloaders like youtube-dl, YTD Video Downloader, 4K Video Downloader, Keepvid, and WinX YouTube Downloader.

X2 convert download YouTube audio

If you prefer a more convenient one-click download solution, you are suggested to utilize YouTube downloader plugins like Easy YouTube Video Downloader and Video Downloader Professional.

easy youtube downloader for firefox

2. How to convert YouTube videos into FLAC, OGG, etc.

Many YouTube video downloaders and audio extractors still provide related video-to-audio conversion features to meet various requirements. And similar to downloading things, you still need to do the “copy & paste” operation. Normally, once you select the output profile like W4A/MP3/FLAC/OGG, with a click on “Convert”, the service will process the source video and convert it with the aid of a conversion mechanism, say ffmpeg.

Take media player VLC that’s able to download YouTube for example, its internal “Convert / Save” capability allows you to convert downloaded YouTube (MP4) into MP3, Vorbis (OGG), FLAC, and CD formats at original high or customized quality effortlessly.

VLC convert youtube video to audio

Even when copy-protected media are excluded, both YouTube downloader and converter have their limitations on streaming media support. On the one hand, different tools may have varying kernels to embrace differing ranges of videos. On the other hand, mainstream streaming ripping services are not so stable because they may suddenly be shut down due to legal disputes with the big companies, especially the music ones. YouTube-MP3.org is a typical example. Speaking of this, standalone apps have an advantage over online services.

3. How to record YouTube audio on a computer

When your downloader or converter has an “analyzing failed” problem, or you’d like to select partial audio of clip(s) to keep in hand, a YouTube audio recorder is the only way out. There are really plenty of online, browser-based, and desktop screen audio recorders that can act as audio extractors to grab and document the background song, music, interview, informal message, and podcast as a standalone file.

Here we illustrate how this kind of package works by showing a how-to guide of RecMaster. You can free download its 100% safe and stable installer right away to locate it on your machine.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Generally speaking, you should open and play the YouTube video first, and then open the recorder to select a mode suitable for YouTube capture. RecMaster does have multiple recording modes too. To extract audio from a YouTube video, please choose “Audio Only” to go on.

Main UI of RecMaster

Currently, RecMaster offers MP3 & WAV formats to standby for Windows PC, and M4A & CAR for macOS. You can choose the format you like by going to Menu>> Settings.

Other than that, since YouTube audio comes from the computer’s sound card, you should turn on “System sound” with the proper volume adjusted. Turning off the “Microphone”, you can avoid environmental noise from the mic being taken in.

Full Screen Mode

At last, it’s time to initiate the audio recording. Hitting buttons or pressing shortcuts, you decide your favorite one. If you plan to leave the computer and automate a future recording, create a scheduled mission with the Task schedule function.

Software Recommendation:
Screen Audio Recorder for Windows and Mac
Free online screen recorder
YouTube Screen Recorder for Chrome

Ending Marks

In short, you can take advantage of either of the tools mentioned above to extract audio from YouTube.

If you are willing to obtain the 100% original audio file without transcoding, you’d better check its available streams beforehand with youtube-dl. Then, use youtube-dl or a similar downloader to finish the extraction. Since its performance and internet connection influence the download or conversion speed and stability, you’d better test multiple ones by yourself before getting accustomed to any of them.

If your ideal audio format is not among the available list, you will have to leverage a YouTube converter or recorder to pull the job off.

The last word is, that on the copyright front, you should ensure all of your downloading, converting, and recording actions are taken for your own personal, non-profit, and offline use. If not, you will probably get in trouble.

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