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Screen Recorder’s Usage

Screen recorder is a kind of tool that records activities on users’ screens. Normally, fundamental features of a screen recorder include game recording, full-screen recording, custom-area recording, and webcam recording. However, to further satisfy users, screen recorders gradually are developed with more useful features like editor, annotation tools, Task Schedule, etc.

Screen recorder’s usage has been explored comprehensively by far. Users are allowed to record various things with them, such as recording streaming videos, gameplays, online meetings, etc.

But for fresh hands, it is difficult to find a great screen recorder. What’s more, the operations could be requiring a learning curve such as OBS. So this article will inform viewers of what good screen recorder is and how to operate on it.


Usage of Screen Recorders

1. Record games
RecMaster Records OverWatch

Broadcast of killing was announced in gameplay, Strong enough to lead a whole game, it will always be pretty great to let your friends know what’s happening. One of the screen recorder’s usages is to record game clips. Gamers can record the highlight clips of their gameplay and share them with their friends remotely.

Tips: For game anchors, screen recorder is useful to make wonderful collections and upload to their channels – the process will involve extra workflow of annotation tools and editors.

RecMaster has strong power to record any game in high quality and subtle latency such as Overwatch, LOL, etc. As a lightweight screen recorder, RecMaster causes a low-performance penalty to user’s games. What’s more, it also has standard annotation tools and common editor that powerful enough for anchors to make ideal gameplay clips.

2. Record streaming videos and audios
RecMaster Records Streaming Video on YouTube

Streaming videos and audios from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Dailymotion enrich our everyday lives. The turbine flows on media, however, enjoy contemporary life expectations so we have to save them with the help of screen recorders. One of the screen recorder’s usage is to capture everything on the Internet.

Tips: RecMaster manages to capture streaming videos fluently with no latency and high quality. However, users should remember that the action of recording streaming videos or audios should happen on the very premise that users observe the regulations of relative policies.

3. Record online meetings
RecMaster Records Online Meetings

Many people choose to work at home during the special period now. And it is office software like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams that promise the efficiency of employers when they work remotely. However, these apps have limitations on recording the online meeting. Participators will not be able to record meetings unless they get the permission of the meeting host.

Tips: RecMaster frees employers from the dilemma in that everyone could record a meeting without anybody’s permission or announcing anyone that a recording has been carrying out.

But users should bear in mind that the recordings shouldn’t be used in commercial use or they could violate the laws and get sued. (Click to see if it is illegal to record on a computer)

4. Make tutorial videos
The tutorial video is a kind of video that seen most frequently in business and work. People who commit themselves to careers like teachers, students, (YouTube) vloggers, and general public celebrities also need the help of tutorial videos. If you happen to be one of them and want to record a video tutorial to showcase product demo, impart knowledge, instruct a how-to, or share something new, you can consider leveraging screen recorder.

Tips: Webcam is an important component in tutorial videos. With the assistance of a talking head in the tutorial videos, video content will be demonstrated much clearer. RecMaster allows users to record with their internal webcam and configure the options for better performance.

5. Make presentation videos
Statistics show that 46% of people can’t sit through presentations without losing focus. What if the presentation you are attending is just too important to omit a bit? And it is high time you should consider making presentation videos.

Tips: PPT is a crucial component of presentations. With the participation of the PPT draft and the embellishment of annotation tools, presentation videos could be made more intuitive and explicit.

RecMaster has a series of standard annotation tools for users to leverage. The mission of recording presentation videos is easy to achieve too.

What Are the Common Features of Good Screen Recorders?

A good screen recorder means that screen recorder’s usage is enforced to the utmost degree.And Good screen recorder should provide users with strong parameters and features to its users.
The phenomenon is that each magnate product in the industry has its characteristics. Let’s look at some important factors of good screen recorders and some examples of premium screen recorders.

● Necessary Parameters

  1. Basic parameters like FPS (60 and higher), MBPS, and Bitrates.
  2. The video formats the recorder provides, AVI, FLV, MP4, etc.
  3. The resolution can support – crisp HD or 4K.
  4. Video quality – standard quality, high quality, or even original quality.

● Strong Features

  1. Webcam – Making different types of videos like tutorial videos, presentation videos.
  2. Annotation Tools – Embellish your videos by adding graphics and texts.
  3. Editing Feature – Cut unwanted beginning or ending.
  4. Watermark – Users should be allowed to add customized watermark to protect their videos from misuse.
  5. Cursor Effect – Highlight your cursor to better attract your audience’s attention.
  6. Hotkeys – Customized your hotkeys to record with efficiency.
  7. Task Scheduler – Auto record your screen at the appointed time point.
  8. Segmented Recording – Auto split the long footage for conveniently editing and storing.
  9. White Board – Virtual blackboard that allows you to better illustrate the contents of your video.

● Famous screen recorders
AS one of the magnates in the industry, OBS is renowned for its complicated interface and advanced functions, in another word, it is a big challenge for green hands. Here are some recommendations of best screen recorders on Windows.

Bandicam is a professional game recorder that allows users to record at 480 FPS, a parameter strong enough to carry out any mission of gameplay recording. However, it is expensive and it takes a large computer memory.

Camtasia and Snagit are outstanding thanks to their extraordinary built-in editor, the flaw of them is also the factor of price – they are expensive.

Windows and Mac come with two default screen recorder – Xbox Game Bar and QuickTime, both free and handy. However, Freeware always has many evident deficiencies compared with paid software.

Among the most well-known screen recorders, RecMaster is a newly born one yet comprising all the virtues of the common recorders on the market. Let’s look at some occasions for implementing a screen recorder’s usage and see RecMaster’s performance on them.

How to Record Your Screen with RecMaster?


1. Download RecMaster.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Open RecMaster and choose a recording mode.
Main Interface of RecMaster

3. Enter the setting panel (here Game Mode is exemplified)
Game Mode’s Setting Panel

If users want to record games, there is one important parameter that they should tweak right – FPS. RecMaster provides its users with up-to 60 FPS (in the near the number will be 120. However, for ordinary demands of recording, 30 FPS will suffice.

Firstly, decide the video formats (MP4, FLV, AVI) > choose the quality of the video (standard, high, original) > FPS (20-60) > Webcam (turn on if you are going to record tutorial videos, presentation videos, and reaction videos) > System sound > Microphone sound.

4. Click ‘Settings’ to set up some other options
RecMaster’s Setting Interface

There are options needed to be customized – storage path, cursor effect, countdown, and hotkeys, etc.
As for watermark, in the first place, RecMaster won’t add watermark to your footages and on the contrary, you can add customized watermark to your video thus protecting your ideas and works.

5. Once you finish all the preparation works, it is time to record the screen. Hit the Red button on the setting panel of Game Mode.
6. During the recording, you can feel free to add text, graphics to your video using annotation tools on the floating bar.
7. Click the red button again to end recording, your footage will be saved at the storage path you’ve configured just now.


Screen recorder’s usage ranges from recording games, tutorial videos, online meetings to streaming videos. RecMaster, as a newborn screen recorder among the industry, delivers great performance in various recording tasks. It possesses the most fundamental recording modes and the most complete features. It is not a penny worse than the magnate recorders on the market now.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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