How to Download YouTube Video with Subtitle/CC Embed in Any Language?

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Although many YouTube downloaders don’t feature saving YouTube video with subtitle, you can realize it in some other ways mentioned in this post.

Subtitles and captions were originally created to help those who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand the target movies, TV programs or other contents. But until now, more and more video viewers gain benefit from this text type, some of which are even get used to watching video with the transcript embedded for checking at will.

Download YouTube video with subtitles

When it comes to YouTube video, regardless of the category and style, subtitles or captions are also commonly applied to boost their views efficiently. All video uploaders are free to add external ready-made subtitle file into video, transcribe the text and auto-sync, and also automatic captioning the speech in any popular language with YouTube’s cost-free YouTube Studio, specifically the Subtitle function.

Showing how YouTubers put subtitle into video here is not to teach you how to do so, but help you understand the downloading thing better in the next part. Without further ado, now let’s walk through 2 ways on how to download YouTube video with subtitles/closed caption as an audience. Before that, you’d better gain the download permission of video publisher or check out related terms of use of this site.

Way 1 – Download YouTube Video with Subtitle Hardcoded by Default [Recommend]

Using a handy YouTube recorder is the easiest and also most flexible way to move YouTube video with subtitle/cc appearing on the image automatically. A little bit different than downloading thing, it gives you the freedom to select what segments to keep (which means you can jump over the unwanted parts), what videos to merge (customized videos combination) and also what quality and size to obtain (to perfect suits your playback demand).

The best part of this method is: besides those encrypted videos, nearly all YouTube videos, live broadcast ones included, are supported by YouTube recorder for saving locally. While YouTube downloading or converting tools have their own support limits like they can’t parse live streaming video and usually fail to analyze some (new) clips.

Now please free download the easiest desktop screen recorder – RecMaster and follow the steps below to “download” YouTube video with subtitles/closed captions in any language you want.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 1. Navigate to the video you’d like to transform to PC. Play it, choose a high possible resolution according to your internet connection status, and turn the subtitle or caption on at your preferred language and style.

Step 2. Launch RecMaster on your Windows or Mac computer. Select a recording mode from the main interface to pop up the secondary setting’s window. Windows RecMaster has five options here – Game Mode, Full Screen, Custom Area, Webcam and Audio Only, and Mac version keeps the same four except Game Mode.

To capture YouTube content, either Full Screen or Custom Area is OK and it’s totally depends on yourself.

RecMaster's Main UI

Step 3. Configure the video format, quality, frame rate (you can keep it by default if you’re not familiar with this parameter), do turn on the system sound with a proper volume and turn off the webcam and microphone.

Full Screen Settings of RecMaster

Step 4. When everything is prepared well, do click the REC button or use hotkeys (which you can check out under Settings) to initiate the recording. By default, there’s a countdown of 3 seconds, which is enough for you to go back to browser and play the film from the very beginning.

During the process, you are enabled to pause and resume to skip what you don’t want to keep if there’s. An extra drawing tool is standby if you have annotating requirement. When the target YouTube video(s) goes to an end, stop the recording with button or shortcuts still. As a versatile program, RecMaster is capable of renaming, editing, uploading recorded file onto Google Drive/YouTube without installing any other app.

Way 2 – Download YouTube Video and Subtitle Separately, Then Combine Them Together

Online service or desktop app, there are many YouTube downloaders you can use to get the original video and subtitle files from YouTube’s server via a link. Here we’ve picked a known free video downloader for Windows – WinX YouTube Downloader – as the demonstration and see how it downloads YouTube video & subtitles at the same time. You can get the newest and safe installing package from winxdvd’s official site and then do as follows.

Step 1. Confirm the YouTube video or playlist video you plan to download, and then copy its full link that includes “https://”.

Copy video link

Step 2. Open up WinX YouTube Downloader and click “Add Url” button located on the top left corner to pop up a smaller window overlay.

Step 3. You can simply click “Paste URL & Analyze” or manually paste video link into the address bar -> click “Analyze” to parse and display all of the available media formats. Since this operation only list media options, to display subtitles, you should hit “Search” icon near Subtitles to search and load.

Download YouTube Video with Subtitle with WinX Downloader

Step 4. Tick the right video and subtitles and then hit “Download Selected Videos” -> “Download Now” to make the download happen immediately.

Note that batch selecting subtitles in different languages seems available. But I didn’t succeed in downloading them along with video. You can try in multiple times if you come across the same problem. If you are unlucky to, you are suggested to copy and save the transcript in text format on YouTube by yourself, or seek help from YouTube subtitle downloader like SAVESUBS to abstract its SRT- or TXT-formated subs.

Step 5 (Optional). For those who have downloaded YouTube video and subtitles in separate files, it’s time to add the subtitles into video. VLC media player is a great choice. When playing the video, click “Subtitle” -> “Add Subtitle File” to browse and open the one on your computer. Once it’s done, the track will appear in “Subtitle” -> “Sub Track” list, which you are endowed to enable or disable at any time.

Add subtitles into video with vlc

1. What’s the main difference between the two methods?
The main difference lies in subtitle types. The former one fixes subtitles into video so that you can’t remove it afterwards, and this kind of subtitle is called “hardsubs (also known as open subtitles)”. While the latter one keeps video and subtitle in two different tracks so that you are enabled to show or hide subtitles at your disposal, which is actualy “softsubs” or say “closed subtitles”.

2. Which method is superior to the other one when you download YouTube video with subtitles?
It’s up to your requirement, like whether you want to hide the subtitle in the future, if you are going to do content cutting or merging, and also the performance of other YouTube downloader…

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