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Nowadays, the demand of screencast increases sharply with the popularity of livestreaming and online course. More and more people try to record screen with audio. No matter what you want to capture on your screen including an excellent moment of the popular game, a tutorial of newly released software even some fragments of a funny movie, while without audio, the recording will lose vividness and become incomplete. There are a plethora of screen recorders you can choose but only a few has the function to capture the computer screen and audio at the same time. Considering your demands, we have picked out 5 wonderful screen recorders with audio based on the comprehensiveness of both its strength and weakness.

We will fully elaborate the details in the following part.

1.  RecMaster

The first and the most recommended screen recorder with audio is RecMaster. Consisted of rich features, it can be run to record any area of your computer either with system sound or microphone even both of them. With this tool, you can freely capture Netflix live streaming, Facebook live and other platforms. You can not only capture videos but also use this program to produce videos with audio like video tutorial. Moreover, RecMaster is quite friendly to the new beginner, with the one-click operation and detailed wizard you can have a pleasing experience in screen recording with audio even if you are the green hand.

RecMaster is quite friendly to the new beginner, with the one-click operation and detailed tutorials you can have a pleasing experience in screen recording with audio even if you are the green hand.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Key Features:
● Record your computer screen as well as audio simultaneously or separately.
● Multiple modes for you to choose. You can select to capture the whole screen or a portion of your computer screen with audio with diverse choices of video formats, quality and frame rate.
● The tool allows you to choose the video formats within AVI/MP4/FLV.
● External voice can be mixed with the system sound.
● Mouse effects are designed to highlight important points.

Screen Recorder with Audio - RecMaster

The Good:
● Capture video and audio separately.
● Support high quality game recording.
● Compatible well with Windows system.
● Suitable for multipurpose uses like recording Netflix movies, gameplay on Xbox and Skype calls.

The Bad:
● It only provides simple editing functions.

2. Filmora Scrn

The second and suitable screen recorder with audio is Filmora Scrn. Developed by Wondershare it embraces plenty of high quality features.

With its simple interface, you can choose a Quick Capture or start a new project in the main window. It provides Full screen, custom area and window capture function and each of them can be recorded with the mix of audio. The strength of Filmora Scrn is the power editor you can do the video editing after recording.

Key Features:
● With the annotation and tutorial function, the users can add texts, narrows and other elements to create sophisticated videos.
● The file can be recorded up to 120fps.
● Support screen capture with audio in full screen or a target area.
● The tool has a built-in editor and you can do more adjustments after recording.
● Users can record audio only with both system sound and microphone.

Screen and Audio Recorder - Fimora Scrn

The Good:
● Users are allowed to choose which installed game on computer to record.
● PIP mode makes your game recording more engaging.
● A plain interface helps record the screen more easily.

The Bad:
● Users can’t use the annotation function during the recording process.
● The file can’t be output in AVI or FLV formats.

3. ApowerRec

ApowerRec is a multifunctional screen recorder with audio and it can be applied to diverse fields like business, studying, and general use.

Equipped with system sound and microphone selections, you can optionally choose which one to use during screencast activities. Although it has many function limits in the free version it can’t be denied that it’s popular to many users because of its practical features.

Key Features:
● You can choose to record a video or take screenshot.
● More output formats choices for video, image and audio.
● Users can also select whether they want to record a full screen or a particular area with system sound or voice from microphone.

Screen Recorder with Audio - ApowerRec

The Good:
● Real time voice can be recorded during the process.
● Exhaustive tutorial guides help the users to record well.
● It supports the function to stop recording automatically.

 The Bad:
● Editing functions can’t be used in free version.
● Users have to purchase the full version if you want to remove the watermark.

4. Bandicam

Bandicam is also an easy-to-use screen recorder built in the function to record audio at the same time and it works well on Windows.

You can record games, TV shows, lecture, and Skype calls with Bandicam in an option to add annotation or mouse effects. More importantly, narration can also be added during the recording to mix with the system sound.

Key Features:
● It supports adding webcam overlay.
● Draw and outline on your videos or screenshot in real time.
● Bandicam allows users to choose the area of screen and then record videos.
● You can add your logos to the video.

Best Screen Recorder with Audio - RecMaster

The Good:
● Webcam to be inserted into the videos during recording.
● Users can save audio tracks when recording.
● Bandicam permits users to capture 4K Ultra videos.
● Record over 24 hours without stopping.

The Bad:
● Fewer file formats: only with AVI and MP4.
● In free version, recording duration is limited with watermark.

5. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a totally free screen recorder with audio and it adapts to Windows, Mac and Linux. At the same time, users can instantly share their videos to friends via private secure links.

Moreover, ScreenRec comes with 2 GB free cloud storage and it can automatically save the video recordings to your private cloud account.

Key Features:
● Record videos in HD.
● Always provide up-to-date services.
● It permits users to create the free cloud account.
● Files can be shared by secure links.

Best Screen Recorder with Audio - ScreenRec

The Good:
● Screen recording and screenshot are both available.
● Users can set passwords when they are sharing sensitive information.
● Automatically save your videos to the cloud account.

The Bad:
● Annotation function can only be used in screenshot.
● Lack of mouse effects.
● Users can’t use webcam when recording audio.


The post has covered 5 best screen recorders with audio. We hope you can choose the most suitable one according to your preference and get the desired videos. After reading the post, if you still can’t decide which one to choose, we recommend RecMaster to you because of its concise interface, simple operation and high quality.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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