How to Record a Specific Tab in Chrome Using RecMaster: Focused Content Creation Made Easy

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In the digital age, capturing specific content from browser tabs in Chrome has become increasingly important. Whether it’s recording tutorials, webinars, streaming media, or gameplay, the ability to focus on a single tab enhances content creation. This article will walk you through the process to record a specific tab in Chrome using RecMaster, a versatile screen recording software.

How to Record a Specific Tab in Chrome Using RecMaster: Focused Content Creation Made Easy

Why Record Specific Tabs in Chrome?

Recording a specific tab offers targeted content capture without unnecessary distractions. This is especially valuable when creating tutorials or capturing streaming media, where background activity can dilute the focus. Not having a reliable tool for this purpose could mean missing out on creating engaging and high-quality content.

Why Use RecMaster to Record a Specific Tab in Chrome?

RecMaster is a powerful screen recording software designed to meet creators’ needs. With customizable recording settings, high-quality output, and an intuitive interface, RecMaster is the ideal solution for recording specific tabs in Chrome.

It has 7 recording modes that provide exactly what you want. You can record the specific Chrome tab using full screen, custom area, program window, or follow cursor modes. With the full screen, custom area, and follow cursor modes, you can record not only the Chrome tab and audio but also your own face with the webcam. And with program window mode, you can record the selected Chrome tab without disturbing even if the tab is covered by other windows.

Step-Step Guide to Record a Specific Tab in Chrome Using RecMaster

1. Download and Install RecMaster

Begin by downloading and installing RecMaster from the official website onto your system.

Free Download RecMaster Windows Trial       Free Download RecMaster Mac Trial

2. Open Chrome and Navigate to the Desired Tab

Launch Google Chrome and navigate to the specific tab you want to record.

3. Configure Recording Settings

Launch RecMaster and configure the recording settings, making sure to select the right recording mode you need.

RecMaster Main Interface - How to Record a Specific Tab in Chrome

Full Screen: It records the whole computer screen. You can maximize the Chrome tab and choose this mode to record. And you can choose to record the computer sound, your own voice, as well as your face on the webcam.

Custom Area: This mode provides you the option to drag and choose the specific area on the desired Chrome tab to record. And you can also choose whether to record the system sound, your own voice, and webcam. If you choose to record your webcam, please make sure that the webcam window is placed in the recording area.

Program Window (or Application Window in the Mac version): In this mode, you can record the specific tab in Chrome without disturbing even when it’s covered by other windows. And please don’t minimize, maximize, or resize the selected Chrome tab, or the recording will be stopped.

Program Window - How to Record a Specific Tab in Chrome

4. Start Recording

After choosing the recording mode, you can press “REC” or Alt + 1 to start recording.

6. Stop Recording

Once you’ve captured the required content, you can press the stop recording button in RecMaster or use Alt + 2.

Recording list - How to Record a Specific Tab in Chrome

7. Save the Recorded File

After the recording, the recorded files will be shown in the recording list where you can locate, rename, delete, edit, merge, or upload.


Recording a specific tab in Chrome using RecMaster has revolutionized content creation. The ability to capture focused content without distractions empowers creators to produce engaging tutorials, captivating webinars, and captivating gameplay videos. With RecMaster’s user-friendly interface and robust features, recording specific tabs has never been easier. Download RecMaster today, follow the steps outlined in this article, and unlock the potential for creating high-quality, targeted content. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your content creation game – start recording specific tabs with RecMaster now.

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