ScreenApp.IO Online Screen Recorder: Is It Safe? How to Use It?

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Many customers prefer free online screen recorder without download and they find target tool ScreenApp.IO. But the question is whether it’s safe to use on the web since it will ask you to permit the screen sharing? is picked into our list of best screen recorder for Windows and it’s really worthy of the rank thanks to its ad-free website, user-oriented capture workflow, unlimited recording time and large user base. To help more starters know better about this freeware, this post will display a comprehensive review on, a simple user guide and still what’s most users care about – the security.

ScreenApp.IO Review

ScreenApp.IO is a piece of cost-free online screen recorder, with which you can record computer screen without registration, nor downloading or installing any launcher, extension, software etc. Officially available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, this web tool can help you easily and fast record, edit and share your screen without a penny once you visit its full site address [] on your Windows/Mac/Linux based computer with either of these browsers. According to its statement, up to 60,000 average recordings are successfully created each month, which means 2-thousand screencasting clips are made on a daily basis.

ScreenApp.IO Review/Safety etc.

Key Features Overview of ScreenApp.IO Recorder:

– One-click get screen capture started.
– Record screen with microphone/browser audio or without audio.
– Record the entire screen, a certain application window and any opened browser tab.
– Trim video segments to avoid mistakes when previewing it before file download (didn’t find the trim tool now though).
– Instant download with a button.
– Share it immediately with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

That’s all about ScreenApp.IO’s core functions and they do offer the quickest way to keep a recording of computer activity for further usage. And drawing from the feature list, you should know that you are endowed with ability to record the whole desktop actions, record tutorial with one or multiple apps, record gameplay window, record YouTube tab video with ease.

As to video recording parameters, ScreenApp.IO doesn’t offer any at all besides three audio options listed above. Through testing and file information checking, it produces randomly-named and WebM-formated video clip with VP8 video codec, Opus audio codec and uncertain resolution, bit rate and so on according to the real situation.

* Note: Since ScreenApp.IO is experiencing high online screencasting demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, its service is  currently undergoing a 15-minute recording limit. Also it’s still possible to lose recordings due to the special time.


Best ScreenApp.IO Alternative to Record Screen Without Limit

Considering ScreenApp.IO’s limited screen recording ability such as the undergoing duration restriction, the removal of previous trim feature, the lack of function to record partial of screen, define video details and also add facecam overlay into video, here another more powerful desktop screen recording software called RecMaster is highly recommended.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

It’s a totally secure and clean screen recorder available for both Windows and Mac. With multiple capture modes, a series of advanced settings (incl. format/fps/webcam/audio/mouse cursor/capture time) and also an internal simple video editor, you are free to make pro-level screen video at will and also save online video locally at high quality.

Main UI of RecMaster

How to Use ScreenApp.IO Screen Recorder?

There are several super detailed guides on’s blog category to show how to screen record on Windows/Mac/Ubuntu, how to record video stream, how to record the entire screen/an app/a browser tab, and also how to record with or without audio. And here a simpler and more comprehensive guide is given to meet all kinds of supportable recording requirement.

Step 1: Get what you want to grab (e.g a video game/an app/a YouTube video) ready and then navigate to’s homepage with Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. At present, you can only use it on computer but not on mobile because it doesn’t support mobile browser.

Step 2: Click the red “Get Started” button to access to its recorder page, where you should decide audio capture mode – (record with) Microphone Audio, Browser Audio or No Audio. (The available audio options may vary from situations.)

Get started

Step 3. After confirming the audio setting, click “Share your Screen” button to go ahead. For the first time screen sharing, you will be asked by the browser to allow the behavior with a pop-up saying like “Will you allow to see your screen…” and the content you allow to share. Only when you permit the capture can you successfully create screencast movie. And it you have question on such authorization, you can check browser’s related support article on potential risk.

Set audio and share screen

Step 4. Seletct the screen, app or browser tap to record and then tap “Start Recording” to initiate the task. When it goes to an end, simply press “Stop Recording”.

Start recording

Step 5. Preview, edit (seems unavailable now), download or share it straightforwardly to social platforms.

Is ScreenApp.IO Safe and Legit?

If people judge an app that involves money by examining its simplicity and functionality, then when weighing a free service, safety is surely the top concern. That’s because many free tools only come for presenting various ads or even malware to harm personal computer, steal your private information etc. How about free ScreenApp.IO? Is safe or unsafe? Is it legit or deceptive? Let’s firstly take a look at some verified basic site information:

– No unknown ads or re-directions pop up during recording operation.
– Only after you confirm the screen sharing can the recorder works.
– has relatively high global alexa rank of 73.9k (in October, 2020).
– Its domain is firstly archived in February 2020, in other words, this is a quit new site.
– Browser displays the connection to this site is secure, with valid certificate.
– Google’s Safe Browsing checks this site status as “No unsafe content found” in October, 2020.
– It leaves a contact email – – to keep touch with any site user.
– It’s one of the services from who provides product other solutions regarding teach, business meet and remote desktop control. You can find available phone numbers to contact.
– Through googling, Meetrix.IO is a tech company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and focused on real-time collaboration systems.

From these details, it seems ScreenApp.IO is only a promotion branch of Meetrix.IO that has clear company & contact information, but not a typical shady organization or website to scam people or monitor. That’s to say, it’s currently safe to use.

But since site safety may change over time, and we can’t always keep an eye on its every updates, you are suggested to always be cautious when take advantage of this online tool, especially when there’s any unexpected movement such as a sudden redirect page and an annoying ad-banner. For crucial business content documentation, you’d better rely on safer desktop product like RecMaster tp avoid any secret discloser.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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