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Offline screen recorder works well on any Internet condition. Also, it won’t share your screen or store your captured video on the web so that you won’t worry about any leak of your privacy.

Offline Screen Recorder

When googling the keywords “screen recorder”, you must find that the top search results are occupied by many (free) online screen recorders, and screencasting extensions for Chrome and mobile apps. That makes the one who seeks a good offline screen recorder feel quite fussy.
The reason that people want to or need to record screen offline varies from situation. Some users have tried web- or browser-based services and are unwilling to share their screens online for data security reasons. A part of customers takes online services as incompetent bets for source-intensive or complicated tasks due to the lack of related settings and features. Still, many video makers only require such offline programs because there’s no Internet access at all when initiating screencasting on a PC. No matter what’s your cause, this post will give you a hand on it.


How to Judge Whether A Screen Recorder Is An Offline One?

As described above, there are many online screen recorders in the market. To sum up, an online screen recorder usually has one or more traits listed below:

– It runs totally on a web page or browser, with no download or simply an extension download & installs.
– It’s only available after account registration and login on the web.
– It asks you to allow the real-time screen share for further recording.
– It automatically keeps the captured video on its own cloud space so that you should manually download it to the local hard drive.

Online services do offer more convenient screen video capture while for those who don’t always work under Internet-connected circumstances, especially with portable laptops, offline screencasting app is more superior to online ones.

How to Record Screen with Offline Screen Recorder on Windows/Mac?

There are a number of powerful and handy offline screen recorders, among which RecMaster is recommended here for its simplicity and multi-functional performance. Specifically, it’s not only able to record screen movement at any size and quality (without the Internet) but also can handle and process gaming capture and similar resource-intensive tasks efficiently. Now you can get it to download and have a try at no cost.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

1. It’s equipped with several key recording modes.

To help users start up the recording fastly, RecMaster sorts diversified screen video capture needs into and lists four recording modes – Full Screen, Custom Area, Webcam, and Audio Only – on its main interface. Since many Windows users still take their computers as video gaming devices, RecMaster for Windows has another Game Mode, especially for DirectX game capture.

Main UI of RecMaster

2. You’re free to adjust video format & quality and add a webcam & narration to the video.

When you select Full Screen or Custom Area and go ahead to the secondary main UI of RecMaster, you will face the adjustment on video format, video quality, and frame rate type & value. Webcam overlay is available to be added if there’s such a front camera integrated or plugged into your computer. To record audio at the same time, you should turn the system sound or microphone or both on with a proper volume.

RecMaster for Windows RecMaster for Mac
Video formats MP4, AVI, FLV MP4, MOV, M4V
Video quality Original, High, and Standard Original, High, and Standard
Audio formats MP3, WAV M4A, CAF
Frame rate 20 – 60fps | VBR/CBR 20 – 60fps | VBR/CBR

3. It’s friendly with two or more monitors.

Considering some may work with multiple monitors, RecMaster gives an option for you to pick the target one to capture. If you plan to record multiple monitors simultaneously, you must rely on Custom Area to manually select the whole section with your mouse. But only in the premise of the monitors are aligned in a line, a square or rectangle “shape” with the same resolution can you select and work out a normal video without trouble. If not, you are probably not able to select them all or create a weird video.

Two monitor

4. Internal annotating and editing tool.

RecMaster delivers advanced features to make real-time annotations during recording and do simple content edits when the recording is finished. Mac version provides extra whiteboard tool for educators to write down possible key information here.

5. You are empowered to get an auto-start or -stop, and do one-click sharing.

When acting as an auto screen recorder, RecMaster for Windows has a Task schedule for you to create and enable future recording tasks at will and Auto-start to initiate the capture when software loads, or even at system startup. Meanwhile, RecMaster for Mac has a Duration to end the undergoing recording after a certain period of time and an Auto-split function to save the recording file automatically at every fixed size or minute.

How to record screen (offline or online) with RecMaster?

Offline screen recorder is able to capture whatever on-screen actions locally. But if there’s no Internet connection, you cannot save online pages or streaming unless it’s loaded to local space beforehand. Now steps of using RecMaster to record the screen are shared.

Step 1. Download and get it installed on your desktop or laptop.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2. Choose a recording mode as you need.
Step 3. Tweak video format, quality, and so forth. For more settings like a mouse cursor, saving folder, and watermark, go to the Settings panel.
Step 4. Start and end recording. If you’ve enabled a scheduled recording, you can leave to have it to work by itself.

Record offline

Online vs. Offline Screen Recorder, What’s the Main Difference?

Except for the demand for Internet access or maybe login, many other main differences can be found between an offline and an online screen recorder. Let’s get together to see them one by one below. Note that they are only general comparison conclusions drawn from mainstream services and software, and not all apps service their users in the same way. Therefore, when measuring and selecting the most proper screen recorder, you’d better check out its functionality carefully.

– Online screen recorder usually has lower flexibility than the offline one.
Flexibility is decided by features and settings. Setting online tools for example, due to the natural working mode, tend to fix the recording format, encoder, and bit rate in their own ways so that users cannot define them according to actual requirements. Still, Chrome screencast extensions or web-based recorders (online launcher excluded) generally won’t feature recording screen at customized area but only support recording the whole desktop, an app, or a browser tab…

In contrast, not aimed to bring about a quick screencasting solution, offline desktop screen recorders give higher flexibility with really more parameter setting options and advanced tools such as an in-app editor and the capability of automatic recording. If you are so familiar with video audio parameters and want to take everything under control, top-tier open source screen recorder OBS Studio is surely the one to rely on thanks to its diversified recording settings. (>> Check out best OBS settings for recording)

– Offline screen recorder often has better video processing ability than online one.
Since offline and standalone screen video recorders are likely to have all-sided features to cover the needs of most people, and have more powerful internal mechanisms to process the recording and recorded data, for complicated and long recording, people are suggested to leverage offline recorders like RecMaster, Bandicam and similar.

– Online screen recorder will ask you to allow screen sharing and in all probability, it stores video on their cloud space by default.
All online recorders running on the web page and browser are workable only when you permit real-time screen sharing. And because of the unique workflow, screen videos are surely captured, encoded, and kept totally online. To save them locally, you need to do further file download action. Is an online solution suitable for your work? Whether the content is safe to grab and store online? What if there comes an unexpected file leak? All these questions should be taken into consideration if your target recording content is something crucial for business.

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Both online and offline screen recording software has pros and cons. The final choice you make will undoubtedly revolve around convenience, software performance, and also cost. My word here is: online screen recorders save many times on video production while offline screen recorders are usually more powerful, stable, and secure.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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