How to Make a Video Presentation Based on PPT? [3 Basic Ways]

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Statistics show that 46% people can’t sit through presentations without losing focus. What if the presentation you are attending is just too important to omit a bit? And it is high time you should consider making presentation videos.

PPT is crucial component of presentations. Now we see surging demands of videos made from all types of presentations, which phenomenon I consider is the manifest of remote communication and a result rendered by the COVID. This article attempts to deliver 3 practical approaches for making presentation videos based on PPT. Let’s see what are the mechanisms of the 3 measures and how do they differ from each other.

how to make video presentation

Table of Contents:
Make Presentation Videos with Professional Cameras
Make Presentation Videos by Converting PPT into Video
Make Presentation Videos with Screen Recorders [The Easiest Way]

Make Presentation Videos with Professional Cameras

Cameras provide crisper resolution than software recorder especially in recording occasions. In practical cases cameras always perform better in all respects. However they have their own deficiencies, let’s have a clearer look of 3 typical cameras.

1. Genius WideCam F100

genius camera

The camcorder sells at $40 and it comprises:

  • ● A 120-degree ultra-wide angle webcam
  • ● 1080p Full HD recording (up to 30 frames per second)
  • ● In-built stereo mike
  • ● 12MP interpolation photo
  • ● 3ft extension cable
  • ● 360 degree rotation

Upside: Long USB cable, Wide angles, Easy to position
Downside: Pixelated image, Echoing microphone, Awkward manual focus.

There is one thing users should be aware of that no exceptional results will be produced due to the low-light recording of Genius WideCam F100. However, the cam does its job well and hosts a high price-value ratio. Genius WideCam F100 has been designed with wide-angle lens. Different from the Normal Lens which reproduces “natural vision” that human’s eyeballs could capture, wide-angle lens has shorter focus which means the items it captures will look smaller. Cameras with wide-angle lens are able to capture relatively more scenes in a situation. Users could make good use of this feature to record presentations held in large halls and with extended whiteboard. Genius Webcam F100 is not likely to omit any events during the presentations.

2. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

lifecam cinema

This cam sells at $108 and it comprises:

  • ● High precision lens for sharp quality
  • ● Accurate face tracking
  • ● TrueColor Technology™ for bright and colorful video
  • ● 720p HD video chat
  • ● Smooth sound recording
  • ● 360 degree rotation

Upside: Great choice for small room webcasts. TrueColor features make your video the utmost clear. It runs smoothly on PC and Mac. A good mic for capturing sounds.
Downside: Re-focusing when the slightest movement occurs.

One of the best parts of this device is the feature – TrueColor. TrueColor means the capability of a camera to produce images or videos reflecting the original colors of an object that human could observe. With this feature, Microsoft Lifecam Cinema suits for presentations that are in need of high quality recording. The circumstances include whiteboard-based presentations, presentations using high-quality PPT slides, lecture presentations with small fonts etc.

3. Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder

canon camcorder

This camcorder sells at $1189 and it comprises:

  • ● Lens Hood (with Lens Barrier) – Battery Pack BP-820 – Compact Power Adapter CA-570 – Handle Unit HDU-1 – Wireless Controller WL-D89 – High Speed HDMI Cable HTC-100/S
  • ● 5-inch OLED Viewscreen with 10,000:1 Contrast Ratio and EVF
  • ● Dual SD Card Slots, Using Readily Available, Consumable Media
  • ● Wide DR Gamma (600%)

Upside: The dual card here is a real tradeoff since you can always split 1080p and, say, 480p, and avoid further transcoding for web publishing. That’s what makes this cam a multi-scenario device. Besides, the camera passes with flying colors even at extreme dark locations or under dim bunkers of lecture rooms.
Downside: Literally no flaws worth mentioning.

Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder is, as its name suggests, professional device on real-time shooting. It impresses users with stable performance even at terrible recording conditions, for instance, places with insufficient light. This device is optimum for recording of official interviews, launch events, and some grand presentations.

In a nutshell, recording devices – cameras indeed deliver users with high quality videos and meanwhile they manage to produce crisp videos for presentations that viewers have no trouble noticing the gestures of the hosts as well as the tiniest items in PPT.

Cameras are portable and they are certainly not there yet to be regarded as burdens. But chances are that some people may feel not cheerful carrying things that are not daily-used. And cameras are such kind of devices that only needed when there are special occasions. What’s more, compared with software on laptops or desktop, cameras start to fall short in that they are restricted by battery problems and they require strict recording conditions (for professional device like Canon XA30, this problem no longer exists).

Let’s turn to other two alternatives and see their performance on make presentation video out of PPT.

Convert Your Presentation PPT into Video

PPT is indispensable in presentations for its powerful capacity in no matter delivering information or demonstrating points. One of the most efficient ways to make a presentation video is to convert PPT slides into videos. Let’s see the specific steps of this conversion.

● Make presentation videos PowerPoint 2007 ;

Not long before the major approach to convert PPT2007 into videos is through Windows Movie Maker. However in the year 2017, the software is officially not available anymore (users should be careful of the existing links of WMM on the Internet, most of them are bundled with spam and virus otherwise they consists latent consumption).

Windows 10 sees iterations of products and as a result, it brings users with another novel and useful software called Photos (the editor within it specifically) which utterly replaces the position of WMM. This built-in software is originally used as tool for exhibiting pictures. Later its profound features have been discovered including making videos out of pictures and adding subtitles, filters, motions, and animation effects to videos. All the features prove to be solid premises for converting presentation PPT.

Steps: We need to transform all the PPT slides into pictures. Here’s the instruction.

Save PPT to other format

Open your PPT > Click the button on the left-top corner to call up the operation interface > Choose “save as” > “other formats” > “save as type – PNG or JPEG” and at the same time you need to build up a new folder to store the subsequent pictures > Click “transform all the slides in this PPT” and you will get a picture gallery made up with PPT slides.

make video out of ppt slides

Then activate Photos (Windows 10). If you have no access to Photos for the time being, click here to obtain it.

Find the Import button on the right-top corner, click it and hit “From a folder” > Choose the folder of PPT and Hit “Add this folder to Photos” > Now check the pictures appearing on the main interface one by one > Hit “New video” on the top of the interface > name your video

add bgm and edit

Next comes some procedures for Embellishment.

The circled area exhibits editing tools for further embroidery.

Users are enabled to change video durations, add texts (they could be approximately regarded as subtitles) and motions to users’ footage. 3D effect and filters are also awesome.

Besides, there are some interesting features waiting users to select, such as rotate the videos, add background music to the videos etc.

● Make presentation videos out of PowerPoint 2010

You must feel bewildered by the instructions above. Fortunately PowerPoint 2010 is endowed with built-in feature for recording. The process is extremely simple since all the workflow is freed from interference from third-party software.

  • 1. Create your PowerPoint presentation and save it.
  • 2. If you’re using narration for your presentation, record the narration and add timings to the slideshow.
  • 3. Select the File menu and click on Save & Send
  • 4. Under the Save & Send menu, find and click on Create a Video
  • PPT

  • 5. Click on the Computer & HD Displays option to customise the video size and quality (small, medium and large size & quality).
  • 6. Click the Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations to select if you’re using timings and narrations.
  • 7. Click Create Video and another dialogue box opens.
  • PPT 2010 create video

  • 8. Enter appropriate filename and saving location to save your newly created video.

This way, I mean, to convert PowerPoint slides into videos, is evidently efficient. Tons of time could be saved thanks to this simple approach. If you are the one to host a presentation, you could spare chunky time to arrange other tasks.

Nevertheless, conversion of PPT could inevitably fall victim to some drawbacks of the software – Photos. For one thing, Photos eliminates motion effect of PPT while processing. And also, without sounds and talking head’s instructing, sheer videos of PPT slides are too monotonic. Solution to this problem is to add narration audio and subtitles to videos so as to make presentation intuitive.

How to Record a Presentation Based on PPT with Screen Recorders?

Screen recorders on PC take up great market shares now. The phenomenon is reasonable since screen recorders are well developed to meet with the most complicated demand of users over screencast making.

Using screen recorders to record slideshow presentation videos has a major advantage over other approaches – users are allowed to add webcam to demonstrate their PPT slides. Also, the feature of annotations built in every screen recorders’ editors is of helpful, by dint of which, users are able to make remote presentation video with highlighted content.

Here I am going to show you how to record PPT with screen recorder on PC.

Record PPT with RecMaster screen recorder

1. Run your target PowerPoint files in advance and prepared for subsequent recording.
2. Activate one screen recorder (here I exemplify RecMaster)

RecMaster settings on recording video presentation

3. Select a recording mode and jump to the setting interface where you can tweak details of setting options. From the picture below you could see all the options ranging from video format to audio resource. Here I will show you how to make best conditions for you presentation video. Choose Original Quality > 60 fps > turn on Webcam (very important) > turn off System Sound > Turn on Microphone.

You could notice that there are barely complicated steps here, ok let’s move to next step.

4. Hit the red button “REC” to record. This Button is also used to stop record later. Once you start to record you PPT, a control bar will automatically show up offering annotation tools. You can now use something like brushes and pencils to highlight the content of your PPT for presentation. Also, you webcam shot will show up at the down-right corner of your screen, you are now able to instruct the audience with narrations and gestures.

Recording List is the place where all your footages are saved at. You can have access to editors here by click the “little scissor”.
PC recorders never bother its users with excessive procedures, and right on the contrary, they are handy and versatile at the same time. Third-party screen recorder like RecMaster provides brilliant conditions to record PPT videos with webcam. Yet some inconvenience comes along with screen recorder may be that users have to fumble out the preferred one among the recorders’ sea, which to be frank, will consume a lot of time. RecMaster distinguishes itself for its uncluttered interface and powerful features, we suggest you to start the career of recording with RecMaster.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac


Given what written above, 3 feasible approaches are provided for you to make videos out of presentations with PPT. Camera-made videos are superior in quality and legibility, but cameras kind of require recording conditions. Making videos by conversion of PowerPoint slides is simple but lacking means to persuade audiences, the video made this way is just collection of pictures playing automatically. PC screen recorders, however, manage to avoid producing such embarrassing results. They allow users to make presentation videos with webcam which is the main way for tutorials and online lessons recently.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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