How to Capture Streaming Video with Screen Recorders?

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Conception of streaming indicates the process of compressing a series of multimedia data, then sending data in segments through the Internet to transmit video and audio in real time for online viewing. This technology streamlines data packets. Lacking the support of this technology, users of Internet would have to pre-download entire data files, which will definitely paralyze the whole video streaming industry.

Streaming Video/Audio Recorder

We are now embraced by a dazzled amount of live videos from Video Portals like Facebook, and YouTube. The turbine flows on media, however, enjoy contemporary life expectations and we have to save them utilizing real-time recording. With the aid of streaming video recorders, cybercitizens’ footprint could be expanded on streaming video portal websites like Betube, Videoly as well as streaming audios on major Music Website Spotify.

Let’s see the instructions of how to record your inclined streaming videos/audios with the recommended streaming recorders.

One of the Most Professional Streaming Video Recorders

● How to Record Streaming Videos?

RecMaster is a 100% green screen recorder bundled with no spam or virus. It won’t sell your private information for benefits as well. RecMaster is born with strong features to cater for any needs involving, including live streaming capture. It supports full screen recording at high FPS and produce original quality videos. Unlike its other competitors, RecMaster developed Audio Only Mode to act itself as a streaming audio recorder and microphone sound recorder.

RecMaster Streaming Video Recorder

If you want to record a Music Reaction Video, you can adopt Webcam Mode which allows you to record the streaming video you want to react on your computer screen and videos of your profile. RecMaster also prepares bountiful features that help users to improve their recordings. Such as adding customized watermark or annotations to their footages, edit the finished samples, etc.

RecMaster’s free trail version has limits on recording time at two minutes at most, which is hard to accept for some of the users since it seems like an action to force for payment. In terms of price, RecMaster rank among the least cost recorders on the market for about 25 dollars life time. So it’s totally worthy the money you spend on it.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

a. Open RecMaster and select Custom Area Mode.

Custom Area recording mode

b. Finish all the settings including Video Format (mp4, avi, flv), Video Quality (high, standard, original), Frame Rate (recording at 60 FPS is recommended), and settings for audio options (turn off webcam and turn on system sound for better recording in full screen). You can playback your footages in the Recording List pointed by a red arrow below.

Custom Area Recording Mode Settings

c. Arrange your process by operations on floating bar. You can add annotations by dint of clicking the brush circled in the picture blow. (FYI, RecMaster’s Mac version is not able to add any annotations)

RecMaster Streaming Recorder - floating bar

d. Stop recording and jump to editing interface which RecMaster allows you to do simple clipping.
e. After all the workflow, click Merge and Export button to save your footages to local folder.

● Use Streaming Video Recorder – RecMaster to Record Streaming Audio

As mentioned above, RecMaster has a recording mode super compatible with streaming audio called Audio Only Mode. In this mode, you could record your favorite songs or podcasts to your local folders with high quality.

a. First and foremost, activate RecMaster and choose Audio Only Mode to record streaming audio.

Audio Only recording mode for streaming capture

b. As usual, you should set up all the options before recording officially. Audio Format supports mp3 and wav. You should turn on system sound and turn off microphone sound with regard that you want to record for streaming audio.
Click the red button and start recording.

RecMaster streaming audio recording

c. Manage your recording process through a floating bar that resembles to the one mentioned above.

Floating bar of audio recording

d. Click Stop and the interface of Recording List will prompt out showing you the audio file.

One of the Most Handy Streaming Video Recorders – Apowersoft

● Video Streaming Recorder

Apowersoft is an all-in-one screen recorder that avails users to effectively record streaming videos and audios. Apowersoft consists of three powerful modes that are Full Screen Mode, Audio Recording and Camera Recording. Apowersoft has advance setting options suit for both old hands and green hands.

Apowersoft entitles users to bountiful editing tools. Also, it needs to be paid for further unlock. The cost is about 70 dollars for lifetime license, almost two times more expensive than RecMaster. It supports recording audio streaming independently too.

● Use Streaming Video Recorder – Apowersoft to Record Streaming Video

a. Change recording mode to record audio sounds. Choose Audio Recording.

Apowersoft recording mode 2

b. Select audio options. If you wish to record music from Spotify, Apple Music, and Shazam, suggestion is to turn on system sound and turn off microphone sound (to eliminate redundant noise in the first place)

Apowersoft Select Audio Options

c. Start recording your streaming audio.

Apowersoft recording audio sounds

d. Complete recording and find your audio file at the Video List. Features of audio editing are insufficient. Users need to pay for upgrade and take advantage of the Advance editor.


Video streaming and audio streaming are of vital importance to cybercitizens. Streaming video recorders RecMaster and Apowersoft show great performance in recording streaming videos and streaming audios. There are obvious similarities between them. They both succeed in recording audio independently, recording at 60 FPS, editing with powerful tools. The discrepancies between them manifest basically on prices they are charging.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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