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Summary: Recording Telegram calls is necessary for you to save valuable, fun, and important calls. This post is going to give you the ability to record Telegram calls by offering measurable ways. The current global lockdown highlights the dire need for a trusted communication tool via the Internet.

Record Telegram Calls

There are tons of instant messengers based on user’s requirements like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and countless others, supporting at least voice calling or video calling service to users. Among these applications, Telegram is robust and has succeeded in reaching 400 million monthly active users in 6 years.

With the announcement of no ads and no subscription fees service, a majority of users are switching from other messenger applications to Telegram at an accelerating pace. What really maintains users is the secure and fast service provided by Telegram, especially the call function.

There’s no doubt that there are some valuable, interesting, or hilarious moments on your Telegram calls. As a Telegram user, you may search for ways to record Telegram calls on your desktop. Here in this article, we will talk about Telegram calls along with two ways to save Telegram calls.

Basic information about the Telegram calls

Before we directly move to the key point, there is preliminary information needed to know. Different from WhatsApp calling service, there is no option for video calling in Telegram and only an audio calling facility is available.

Additionally, Telegram comes with a mobile and web version so that you can manage your conversation across multiple devices available for constantly switching between phones and desktop screens. For voice calls, Telegram supports end-to-end encrypted service and generates a one-time encryption key for this voice call.

Moreover, when two people are making a call over Telegram, they will be able to compare four emojis as a key exchange to ensure that their call is encrypted. As for voice call quality, it uses artificial intelligence to increase crystal-clear quality. It’s obvious that Telegram is an instant messenger in terms of quality, speed, and security.

Can you record Telegram calls with the built-in function?

It’s a pity that Telegram isn’t competent for voice call recording. So if you want to capture Telegram calls with relatives or friends, you must rely on a third-party Telegram call recorder to accomplish that. Here we will recommend two Telegram call recorders according to your different demands.

Necessary preparations for Telegram calls

● Stable and connected internet for fluid Telegram audio calling.

● Inform the person whom you want to contact and check whether it’s ready to accept the call. In addition, you need to negotiate the protocols, learn the IP address, and generate a one-time encryption key for this voice call with the person.

● Check the device status of your computer including the microphone, the running speed of your computer (CPU), and storage space.

How to record Telegram calls on your desktop with RecMaster [Easy Steps]

Recmaster is an excellent Telegram call recorder for Windows/ Mac users with a simple interface and rich features.

As an audio recorder, it has the ability to capture Facebook Messenger calls, Skype calls, and Google Hangouts calls.

So we will introduce the process of recording Telegram call by utilizing RecMaster, which can capture Telegram call on web or desktop version.

Step 1 Launch and install Telegram calls recorder RecMaster

Supposing that you are a newcomer to this application, you’re suggested to download and complete the installation with the wizard.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2 Choose recording mode and get started

RecMaster offers multiple recording modes for Telegram desktop users all of which are available to capture audio.

Full screen is competent to capture the whole Telegram interface with audio while the Custom area is for a particular region of the screen like the conversation window of a Telegram call.

Webcam allows you to capture your performance along with the dialogue.

Here the most suitable one is Audio Only for mere voice calling record rather than other video modes.

RecMaster UI - Use RecMaster to Record Telegram Calls

Step 3 Make configurations

In the settings window, you can configure the related parameter of Telegram call recording according to your needs.

If you want to save Telegram calls in video mode like Full screen, there are three video formats for you to choose as a Windows user –MP4, AVI, and FLV.

In addition, you can make settings on frame rate, and quality. While for audio mode, it comes with two options: MP3 and WAV. Useful functions like task schedule and mouse cursor are permitted to assist your recording in all these modes.

Settings - Use RecMaster to Record Telegram Calls

Step 4 Start recording

Start capturing by clicking REC or use the keyboard combination Alt+1 to launch the recording.

Step 5 End recording

Press the Stop button and the recording will come to an end.

How to record Telegram calls on your desktop with Nimbus [Suitable for Web version]

Note that you may use the web version of Telegram and prefer a recorder without installation. Here we pick out a plug-in recorder of Chrome– Nimbus to assist your recording.

Nimbus is powered to capture a tab window with webcam and audio. Now continuously follow the guidance to get more details.

Step 1 Add Nimbus to your Chrome

Search Nimbus in the Chrome store and then add this extension to your Chrome menu.

Step 2 Configure a mode

Although it offers three choices for video recording, only the Tab mode has the ability to capture internal audio as well as the microphone.

If you do capture Telegram calls with Nimbus, you need to choose Tab mode.

Nimbus record telegram calls

Step 3 Optionally change settings

HD, Full HD, 4K, and Auto are four accessible options for audio quality.

A unique watermark for audio copyright can be realized with Nimbus.

Record Telegram Calls with Nimbus

Step 4 Start recording

Simply select the Start Record to launch the Telegram web call. There is a drawing feature in case you need to take notes during the recording.

Step 5 End and share

Click the Nimbus icon to stop.

After that, you can share the Telegram audio to Google Drive.


This article described how you can record a Telegram audio call with two audio recorders.

You can select based on our recommendation or choose with ease.

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