How to Record Online Meetings?

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Online meetings are conducted through a web browser application or software downloaded to a computer or mobile device. Online meeting software enables users to communicate with one another through virtual meetings. There are many online meeting software on the market, such as Zoom meeting, Google Meet, Webex, and so on. Online meetings are very convenient. But it also has some drawbacks. If you have an emergency, you will miss the real-time meeting. If the speaker speaks quickly,  you may not have time to take notes and ignore some important points. It is a great idea to record the online meetings and review them later. This guide will show you how to record online meetings on PC step by step.

In this article, we will use Zoom as an example. Zoom meeting is popular when it comes to online video conferences with colleagues, K12 online education classes, and webinars.

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How to record online meetings without permission?

If meeting participants want to record the meeting in Zoom, they need the permission of the meeting host. This is the biggest difficulty for many people. As a powerful and user-friendly third-party screen recorder, RecMaster can help you record online meetings without permission. Just follow this guide to record a Zoom meeting now.

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Step 1: Choose a recording mode

RecMaster offers seven different recording modes. The three most commonly used modes are Full-screen mode, Custom-area mode, and Game mode. Here we choose the Full-screen mode as an example to show you how to record online meetings on Windows 11. You can use Full-screen mode to capture everything on your desktop.

If you only need to record the audio of the online meetings, you can choose the Audio-only mode. Check more details about how to record audio on Windows 11.

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Tip: If you want to record the online meeting at a specific time, you can schedule a recording in advance. You can choose the start time, end time, and recording mode. (Menu>> Task Schedule)

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Step 2: Confirm recording settings

Before you start recording, remember to confirm the recording settings. If you only need to record the system sound, you can turn off the microphone sound and your webcam.

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Tip: For insurance, you can test the system sound and microphone sound before the recording. (hit the little triangle icon>> Advanced>> Test) If you have any problem with recording audio of Zoom Meetings, you can read this guide to check.

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Step 3: Start the online meeting recording

The next step is to join the Zoom meeting. You can hit the big red REC button or press the Alt key + 1 to start capturing. Because you are using a third-party screen recording software, other participants do not know that you are recording the screen.

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Step 4: Pause & stop the recording

When the recording starts, the main interface of RecMaster will be minimized. You can find the mini toolbar at the top middle of the desktop. If you want to pause, you can click the Pause icon or press the Alt key + 1 to pause the recording. When the meeting is over, you can click the Stop icon on the toolbar or press the Alt key + 2 to end the recording.

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Tip: During the capturing, RecMaster enables you to add annotations to the video. You can add a text, number, line, arrow, etc. It’s useful to highlight the important points for later review. (Click the pencil icon or press the Alt key + h to pop up the annotation tool)

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Step 5: Edit and share the recorded videos

Where do recorded Zoom meetings go? The recorded videos will be saved in the recording list automatically. You can play, rename, edit and delete them as you like. You can also share the video of the online meeting with your teammates or those who are absent from the meeting for some reason.

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How to record online meetings with the permission of the host?

In Zoom, the participants can record the online meeting only when the host allows them to do that. So if you want to record Zoom meetings, you can apply for recording permission from the meeting host.

Zoom offers two options for recording: Local recording saves the file on your local storage drive. Cloud recording is only available to paid subscribers. You can find the official guides about how to start local recording and cloud recording in Zoom. The official guide is a bit complicated. Simply put, when you get permission, click the Record button at the bottom of the page or press the Alt key + R. When the online meeting is ended, the local recording files will be saved in the default folder.

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Using the built-in recording tool, you cannot add annotations and edit videos. And for most people, it will be a little difficult to apply for recording permission from the meeting host. So we recommend you use a third-party screen recorder.


In this article, we have shown you how to record online meetings without permission or with the permission of the host. Recording online meetings can be a great way to save meeting content to take notes later, pay more attention to details, and even share them with teammates who couldn’t attend the meeting. By using RecMaster, you can record online meetings with just a few clicks. Click the button to download and try to record your next online meeting.

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