How do You Record Gameplay and Facecam Together or Separately?

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Game vlogging is a smash hit! That makes more and more gamers, regardless of the skill, want to record gameplay videos on PC for sharing on social sites like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, TikTok, IGTV, and similar. Then to create a more eye-catching Let’s Play or Walkthrough gaming footage, many tend to add the face overlay into it, with real-time narration in facecam syncing simultaneously, which gives rise to the question of “how to record gameplay and facecam together or separately”.

Record Gameplay and Facecam

To help those produce picture-in-picture gameplay clips on Windows or Mac easily, this post will show 2 ways in detail, one of which focuses on capturing games and face as a single file and the other one on recording and saving them separately.

How to Record Gameplay and Facecam at the Same Time?

There are many programs that are able to record gameplay and also the front camera in the meantime, among which easy RecMaster is quite recommended for its simplicity and rich toolbox. Considering more gamers enjoy video games on Windows-based computers or laptops, RecMaster’s Windows version especially comes with a Game Mode to cooperate with DirectX games.

Now please free download it and follow the guide below to do game plus front camera video shooting on desktop.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 1. Launch RecMaster and choose the recording mode

You can choose Game Mode (for Windows only), Full-Screen mode, or Custom Area mode to do pre-setting. The main difference is that the Game Mode has better compatibility for many popular DirectX games like CS: GO, FIFA, and so on while Full Screen and Custom Area are suitable for whatever PC games that use DirectX, OpenGL, and some other tech. The Full-Screen and Custom Area modes also support recording with a webcam overlay on the screen. With the Custom Area mode, you can drag to record multiple screens.

Main UI of RecMaster

Step 2. Turn on the webcam

On the secondary main UI after choosing Full Screen, you can enable the Webcam and place it at any position you like, such as the left or right bottom corner. You can also adjust the square-shaped or circular facecam overlay to any size you prefer. If you have two or more front cameras with the computer, you are free to pick anyone to display from the webcam list by clicking the down icon near the Webcam option. On this screen, you can choose whether to record the system sound or your own voice as well. You can choose Advanced on the dropdown menu of System Sound or Microphone to do advanced sound settings. For example, select and test sound devices, reduce noises, sound gain, etc. If you don’t need to record your own voice, you can disable the Microphone to avoid environmental noises.

Recording Game with Webcam with RecMaster

There are many other options offered for a more customized screen video capture under Menu>> Settings. For instance, video format (MP4 and some other mainstream ones), quality standard (from standard to original), frame rate type (VBR/CBR) & value (60fps included), system sound & microphone. To add a personal watermark, show the mouse cursor effect, and personalize the hotkeys for quick recording, press Settings to access the panel to do so.

Step 3. Run the PC game and start the recording with the webcam.

You can click the REC button or Alt+1 to start recording the gameplay and webcam at the same time. With the floating bar available on the right top area, you can take advantage of its drawing pen tool to mark gaming moments for the audience.

Step 4. Pause/resume/stop/edit with RecMaster

In case there’s a half-time or you don’t want to save certain gaming segments, you can pause & resume the recording mission. When your narrated fighting is over, simply stop the recording. RecMaster will automatically load it into a Recording list where you can rename, edit, and upload to a YouTube channel or Google Drive.

How to Record Gameplay and Facecam Separately?

Some game video creators don’t want to record games with webcams attached in a single file but record them separately for more possibility in the post-production period afterward. Here you will know about how the general public does this kind of thing.

● On Mac

It’s easy to do it on Mac since you can directly record the game and the webcam in separate files with RecMater for Mac.

On Windows

You can follow the two ways below to record and save the gameplay video and webcam video in separate files simultaneously.

● Method 1: Use two pieces of software to record the video game and webcam singly at the same time, and then combine them together.

To some degree, it’s still to record gameplay and facecam at the same time. However, the two videos are produced by two screencasting programs respectively. You can pick either two tools to accomplish this work as long as they are your game and webcam, be it a dedicated screen recorder like RecMaster and OBS Studio, video editor with screen capture functionality like VSDC, in-system game recorder Game Bar (only available for Windows 10), free webcam capture software provided by the purchased external standalone camera from Logitech or so.

Here we record a game video with the Game bar and the webcam video with RecMaster on a Windows 10 laptop as a demonstration.

1. Download and launch RecMaster to have its Webcam capture mode grasp activity from your front camera.
You can choose a suitable resolution and set MP4 as the output format. For voice-over capture, do remember to turn the Microphone on with the proper volume. Since the game recorder will document game movements and audio, here you’d better turn the System sound off to avoid any capture conflict.

webcam recording of RecMaster

2. Run your game app and click the “Windows logo key + G” icon to pop up the Game Bar’s overlay control. You should confirm all related settings here and still under system Settings -> Gaming.

Game bar

3. When everything is done, you can start both the game and webcam capture with buttons or shortcuts in your own turn.
Default start recording shortcuts of RecMaster: Alt + 1
Default end recording shortcuts of RecMaster: Alt + 2
The default start/stop recording shortcut of game bar: Windows logo key + Alt + R

4. Stop the recording one by one. After that, you will obtain two movies locally so that you can utilize either or both of them at your disposal.

Method 2: Record the gameplay video first, then the narrated webcam video and sync them up.

Although it seems a little bit time-consuming, for those whose computers are not configured in a good way or are too outdated, it’s really a wise choice to make lag-free screen video in this way because screen capture is a so source-intensive process that even some middle- or high-end PCs may encounter annoying fps drop or lagging problem.

Set feature-rich yet lightweight RecMaster for example, you can leverage it to record game video on PC in the first round. Next, play the recorded game video and record the talking face coming from the webcam. After that, if necessary, combine them into a single video with an advanced video editor to be a picture-in-picture and pro-looking gaming film.


Therefore, to sum up, there are three different directions to record gameplay and facecam at the same time or individually. You’d better consider carefully to decide which one is more suitable for you according to your time, computer performance, and further editing requirements.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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