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People’s desire to save audio is long-lasting dating from the Ancient Age to the modern world. Nowadays with the popularization of computer, we more or less need to leverage an audio recorder to capture sound coming from mic or computer. You may need to record online music from popular mainstream website or you are in desire to save an online conference call or simply capture daily audio activities. With a suitable audio recorder, you can meet these goals without an effort. Now in this post we include three audio recorders for you and you can choose the suitable audio recorder for Windows 7 computer.

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The Built-in Audio Recorder for Windows 7

Sound Recorder is a built-in audio capture tool already embedded in Windows system. As a pure voice recorder for Windows system, it is able to document audio file in WMA for online meeting, personal presentation, lecture, podcast or just for daily life recording. Performed as a basic voice recorder for Windows 7, it provides several post-recording options including playing audio file back, marking up key moments, trimming, renaming, sharing and deleting. According to some user feedback, the maximum recording duration of Sound Recorder is 3 hours. Therefore, if you need an unlimited sound recorder for Windows 7, you’d better look in the other way.

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Workflow: Find out Sound Recorder on your computer (you can do this by virtue of search box or manual operation) >> Start audio recording and you can see a moving green bar which demonstrates the strength of the sound >> Use the Marker to distinguish important moments >> When you want to finish recording, press the Stop Recording button >> Once you end recording, a new window will pop up where you can conduct post-recording actions.
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The Easiest Sound Recorder for Windows 7 [Recommended]

The internal way works well for general voice recording usage but it has fatal weaknesses that it can’t capture internal audio and record without time limit. Therefore, here we recommend another sound recorder RecMaster for you. As an audio recorder, it helps you to record internal or external audio on PC without time limit. In addition, you can save audio files as popular format like MP3, WAV. No matter what content you are going to grab, RecMaster always provides the easiest the solution for you. Under such circumstance it’s no overstatement to say that RecMaster is the optimal choice either for the newbie or pro.

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Workflow: Install and launch RecMaster on your Windows 7. Here you’re given five recording option in the main UI and you need to select Audio Only>> Designate the audio file as MP3 or WAV>> Set what audio source you want RecMaster to record: Microphone, System sound or they both. Here remember to adjust the volume to suitable one >> Get started with REC button or use Alt+1 as an alternative method >> Click the same red button or type Alt+2 to stop and save it.

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RecMaster supports one-click upload function to YouTube and Google Drive. If you have this demand, simply utilize it.
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The Professional Voice Recorder for Windows 7 – Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application, available for Windows operating system. Since it has released on May 28, 2000, it’s the preferred choice for many professionals to record YouTube audio, capture desktop movement and export to multiple formats. As for live audio recording, Audacity can record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digital recordings from other media. If you like a free one without any cost, you can choose this tool.

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Workflow: Open the Start Menu and click Control Panel on your computer >> Click Sound and under Recording, right-click Show Disabled Devices >> Right-click Stereo Mix and choose Enable. After that set Stereo Mix as Default Communication Device >>Download Audacity package and complete installation on your computer >> Open Audacity click View and choose Toolbars> Device Toolbar >> Now switch to the Recording section where you can find options for setting interface, playback and recording >> Click the Recording button to start and you may press the button again to finish recording >> Click File> Export to save the recorded audio file to your computer.
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This post includes three audio recorders for Windows 7 to capture voice either from computer, microphone or both. For better utility and performance, you’re suggested to use RecMaster to finish audio recording task. If you have other good choice, please contact us.

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