How to Record Slide Show in PPT, Google Slides, Keynote etc.

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No matter your (video/photo) slide show is produced and played in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Mac Keynote, system photo app or other slideshow makers, you can record slide show video with your narration audio and facecam overlay effortlessly once you have an easy slideshow recorder.

Visually-oriented content is a craze, and many customers tend to do live or (pre-record) online video presentation by taking advantage of ready-made slideshow to spread their ideas and make connection with their audiences. Consequently, there is a plethora of handy slideshow makers that we can utilize to build pro-looking and engaging demonstration. Among those popular slideshow makers, free PowerPoint from Microsoft, Slides from Google, Spark from Adobe, and Keynote from Apple are particularly enjoyed by a large number of people.

Record Slide show on Computer

However, when it comes record slide show on computer, according to actual user feedbacks around or on the web, it’s easy to find out that many slideshow creators’ integrated recorder doesn’t service well for various capture requirements, for instance the recorder doesn’t support putting front camera window on to slide, it fails to capture voice narration properly, there’s no mouse pointer during slideshow recording, video recording is too large/incompatible with end player and the slideshow producer is not equipped with recorder at all. Therefore, record slideshow with third-party screen video recorder is a more reliable way to go.

In view of the different types of screencasting tool, I will pick 3 representatives with their detailed instructions. Hope you can find the one that suites you most for a pleasant slide show video capture.


How to Record Slideshow with Desktop App [The Most Recommended]

Application Name: RecMaster
Available System: Windows 10/8 (.1)/7/XP, macOS 10.11 or above
Ads or Malware: N
Download Link: free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

RecMaster is simple yet all-in-one desktop screen recording software that every beginner users shouldn’t miss. On one side, its multiple preloaded recording modes can handle any possible screen recording demand including full screen capture, customized section recording, webcam video making and pure audio recording. On the other side, the various settings and advanced tools can also bring users a more flexible screen video capture experience. Specifically, you are free to record any certain slide(s) or the whole presentation, decide file format & quality, put your face movements onto video at any position & add real-time voice-over/dubbing when recording, and apply personal watermark & mouse cursor effect.

Speaking of recording slideshow, RecMaster works well with all mainstream or niche slide show creation services for both Windows and Mac computer. Now get it downloaded and installed on your machine and then enjoy a hassle-free slideshow to video transform by following the steps below:

Step 1. Open the slideshow (lecture/presentation) with target app, say PowerPoint, Slides, or Keynote, and make sure the content is perfect prepared.

Step 2. Open RecMaster and choose Full Screen on the main UI to go on. If you’d like to crop the slideshow to record, select Custom Area to self-define the section with your mouse.

Main UI of RecMaster

Step 3. Confirm the file format, quality level (the higher quality, the larger file size), fps, webcam inset, audio source and volume. For more options like mouse cursor, watermark and shortcuts, you should navigate to Settings panel to adjust. Task Schedule (for Windows)/Duration (for Mac) and Recording List can also enable you to initiate auto-start/-stop video capture.

Do settings and record slideshow with RecMaster

Step 4. When preparation work is done, play the slideshow in full screen and start recording on RecMaster. You can also change the operation order if you are afraid of missing any beginning content. Also, you are suggested to leverage the hotkeys from both slideshow maker and RecMaster because mouse-click is a little bit time-consuming.

Step 5. During the capture process, you can pause & resume at any time and do eye-catching annotation with the drawing tool. When the show is over, simply give the recording to an end on RecMaster. The recorded video will loaded and listed into a list for you to preview, rename, edit and share unto YouTube/Google Drive.

How to Record Slide show with Browser Plug-in [Internet Required]

Application Name: Loom
Available PC Browser: Chrome
Download Link: (Sign-in is a must-do)
Ads or Malware: N

Loom is one of the most popular screen recording extension for Chrome. By supporting recording entire screen, a single app and a standalone Chrome tab as well as further online editing & sharing, it’ regarded as a product solution for quick slideshow capture (with webcam/voice) and sharing by many people involved in business, education and so on. As long as you open the Chrome and log-in your Loom account, you can enjoy it at no cost to record images or record PowerPoint slides into video as MP4. Now you can walk through the step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Step 1. Download and enable Loom add-on on your Chrome with an account sign-in.

Step 2. Open up your slideshow. Like desktop app, it’s also friendly with either online or local slides, so you don’t have to be worried about the compatibility issue.

Step 3. Click Loom icon on browser’s toolbar and preset for the recording. Pick “Screen Only” or “Screen and Camera“, select “Full Desktop” or “Current Tab”, and enable or disable the microphone sound according to your real situation.

Record Slideshow Presentation with Loom

Step 4. Click “Start Recording” to confirm the screen area to share, be it your whole desktop, application window or any Chrome tab. You can play slides in advance and then start the recording or vice versa as you prefer. Do always make sure your Internet connection is available and stable.

Step 5. Press “Stop sharing” in the bottom to stop the recording. Then an MP4-formated video will stored in the free cloud space automatically. You can play it in normal or fastened speed, trim it, share it to friends, colleagues, students or so with only a link, and still download it from your Personal Library.

The last thing you should know is that Loom does offer everyone a free limited cloud space for 25 video clips at most. And for relatively longer slides presentation like that exceeds 2 hours, you must manually confirm it on the screen. If not, Loom would finish the file sharing.

How to Record Slideshow with Online Tool [No Download or Install]

Application Name: Screen Recorder
Available Browser/System: Theoretically any browser running on Windows or Mac PC
Download Link: No need to download
Ads or Malware: N

A small portion of customers don’t need to record picture or formal slideshow often, hence they are more likely to seek for such an easy-peasy way to do it fastly. Among dozens of free online screen recorders in the market,’s freemium screen recorder is a reliable tool for PowerPoint screen recording and similar demands. Without software or plug-in download or installation, you can straightforwardly record screen activity, slideshow playback included, with different layout style at will. The layout may be a plain screen, webcam inset, background swap, split screen, background blur etc., which distinguishes it from other basic online screen video recorder greatly. Now, let’s get together to have a look at how it works for slides video creation.

Step 1. Open the slide show locally or online. If you only need to document photo slideshow, open the image folder to stand by.

Step 2. Visit [] and you will see the “Pick a layout” pop-up in the left part. Choose “Screen” (meaning the whole screen) and give the permission to access it. If you need to show your face for the explanation, just select one of the webcam insert layouts, one of which put facecam in the left corder while the other one in the right corner.

How records slideshow with webcam

Step 3. If you wish to alter settings of target screen area, camera and mic, please click sawtooth-shaped settings icon to do so.

Step 4. Start recording by tapping the big red button and then have slideshow played during the 3-second countdown.

Step 5. When it’s over, stop sharing screen. After that, you are empowered to edit it with’s creative toolbox. If it’s always perfect video capture, download the .webm (with VP9/Opus codec) immediately to your hard drive for further usage.


There are more and more chances to make video presentation for business promotion or training purpose. Regardless of users’ tech computing level, the three approaches can be mastered easily to record slide show. Of course since the precondition of usage, software performance and flexibility vary from one to another, you’d better get the one that suites you most to guarantee the productivity.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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