Record PowerPoint with Audio: A Novel Way to Make Presentation

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PowerPoint is an indispensable application to demonstrate your thoughts, methods, and content when you’re speaking to the audience. But sometimes the audience can’t be in the same room as you due to the geographical limits. For overseas businessmen, you usually make online presentations with detailed narration to introduce your program. As an online course teacher, you need to record lessons with PPT to narrate key points to students. That’s where recording PowerPoint presentations with audio comes in. If you simply send a presentation to the viewer, the audience may quickly flip through the page without concentration which causes the possibility to miss the key point. But if you add narration to your presentation, the audience can be synced with your statement and the key points can be reinforced.

How to Record PowerPoint with Audio

In this article, you’ll get to know how to record PowerPoint presentations with audio in two different ways. One uses the built-in function of Microsoft Office and the other relies on a third-party screen recorder.

Method 1: Use the Built-in Function of Microsoft

Microsoft Office has added the audio recording feature in its PowerPoint. Without launching any software, you can begin the PowerPoint recording activity. Here are the explicit operation steps.

Step 1: Firstly, make sure that your computer is embedded with the software.

As you can’t change the volume levels and select which device to record from inside PowerPoint, you need to check that your built-in microphone works well. After these preparations, open this application.

Step 2: Entering the interface, the first thing is to find the Audio button which is on the PowerPoint ribbon.

In the main window, choose the Insert button at the top of the interface and then you will see the Audio icon.

Step 3: Click the arrow and choose Record Audio.

Make sure that you start on the first slide in PowerPoint to record audio and timing for the entire presentation.

How PowerPoint Records Presentantion with Audio 1

Step 4: Type a name for the file in case you will find it more easily in the future.

Then click Record to start the recording and speak to your audience. You’d better write an outline or draft before recording for fear that you may feel nervous and forget what to say.

How PowerPoint Records Presentantion with Audio 2

Step 5: During the Recording

During the recording, you can click the Stop icon and select Play to review your recording.

Step 6: Stop the Recording

With everything recorded, choose OK to save the file or you can click Record again to re-record your clip.

Step 7: Select and drag the audio icon to where you want it on the slide.

If you’re using more than one slide, it would be better to put the icon in the same place.

How PowerPoint Records Presentantion with Audio 3

This method is a little complicated to record PPT video presentation with audio. If the audio files are different, you have to repeat the above steps on every slide. Moreover, you are not allowed to change the audio format and it’s a little time-consuming.

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Method 2: Use the Third-Party Software: RecMaster

To simplify the operations, you can turn to an easy-to-use method. RecMaster is such an easy but professional screen recorder, and it allows you to record PowerPoint slideshow with audio/webcam in the simplest ways. More importantly, you can optionally change the video format, quality, and frame rate to complete the perfect recording. More detailed information will be given in the following part.

Step 1: Download and install RecMaster

Freely download and install RecMaster on your computer. Keep this software running on your computer to produce PowerPoint videos with audio.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Select the recording mode

Full-screen mode is suggested because you need to capture the whole screen in a PowerPoint presentation. In this way, the viewer will see the presentation more clearly. You can also choose the Custom Area and then adjust the recording area.

RecMaster Recording Modes

Step 3: Turn on the Microphone

More related operations are designed in the Full Screen window, where you can change the video format, quality, and frame rate. For recording PowerPoint presentations, you’d better choose the MP4 format considering its popularity and comprehensiveness of size and quality. Turn on the webcam if you want to make the audience feel closer. Don’t forget to click the Microphone on and turn off the system sound if you want a noiseless video.

Step 4: Mouse effects and file destination

Click the Settings icon and here edit the mouse effects. Change the Destination Folder so that the saved video can be found more easily in the future.

RecMaster Settings

Step 5: Start recording

With everything done, click the REC button to start. During the recording, you can use the annotation function to add some narrows to explain or emphasize important points.

Step 6: End recording

Click Stop to end the recording. Recording lists will automatically pop up to review the video and here you can also rename the file.


With all the steps, you must be familiar with the way to record PowerPoint with audio. If you need to record audio PowerPoint next time, try these two ways to make an excellent video.

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