How to Download Udemy Courses for Offline Viewing?

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Udemy is the most popular learning platform on the Internet earning over 24 million students worldwide. What is beyond people’s wildest dreams is Udemy’s net worth -somewhere near 1 billion, which is a number about to climb higher under the spur of COVID-19.

Download/Record Udemy Course

Udemy offers courses in various fields including business, languages, photography, arts, games, etc. After registering on Udemy, users are allowed to learn anything at any time and anywhere.

Interactions during courses are implemented quite well in that students can take part in the scheduled live discussions to raise their questions, besides, students can also post their questions to a certain area and the instructor will answer them.

Considering that Udemy takes up a larger and larger market share, and its online courses are gaining more and more popularity, questions on downloading have emerged quite frequently.

So far as we know, there are two feasible approaches to downloading Udemy courses, no matter mobile devices like iOS and Android, or devices like laptops and PCs.

Download Udemy Online Courses to Mobile Devices (iOS & Android)

Downloading Udemy full courses to mobile devices is simple. Tasks could just be achieved within the Udemy app. However, downloading Udemy videos to a PC is difficult to realize due to some restrictions. Let’s see how to download free courses and full courses to your mobile devices through some concrete procedures.

Precaution: Users cannot transfer the downloaded videos to any other device. They can only play the videos offline on their own devices.

● How to Download the Entire Courses to Users’ Mobile Devices?

1. Determine which course you want to download from My Courses.
2. On the course curriculum page, tap the down-arrow icon to download Udemy videos.

Download Udemy course on mobile

3. After a click, there jumps out an interface for 3 options “Download Course, Cancel download and remove download”. Hit Download Course. And thus, your chosen lecture/video。

● How to Download a Single Course to Your Mobile Device [IOS/Android]

1. Select the course you want to download from My Courses.
2. Tap the ellipses in the upper-right corner while viewing a lecture.

Udemy ellipses

3. Next, tap Save for Offline.

Save course for offline

Download Udemy Online Courses to PC

The availability to download Udemy courses to PC mainly depends on the authorization of the video instructors, which is inaccessible most of the time. If the video course instructor allows downloading the videos, you can download your inclined videos by hitting the option – Download lecture.

It will appear when you move your cursor to the gear icon at the bottom right of the video interface. Then click Download lecture to download the video courses offline. Until now, as I mentioned, most of the videos are not allowed to download to the computer, which is the Udemy official solution that should be blamed for.

Download Udemy course to PC

It is always more convenient to watch Udemy courses on a PC.

With crisper resolution and better audio performance, viewers could easily gather their attention on the courses. Though given the strong limitations set up on downloading, we can’t save videos for offline watching.

Are there any Udemy downloaders available in the whole industry?

Well, the answer is negative. But there are indeed more convenient tools that serve as optimal alternatives to the so-called “Udemy downloaders”. Change our mentality, we could download the videos by recording them and save the recordings to local files.

Download Udemy Courses to PC by Saving Them as Recordings

Record Udemy course with RecMaster

RecMaster is an excellent third-party screen recorder with completed features. It captures everything that happens on your desktop. And so effortlessly it manages to capture various website contents, streaming videos/audio, games, online meetings, and needless to say, record Udemy courses. Here are specific steps to download Udemy courses by recording.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Steps to record Udemy Classes as Video

1. Open RecMaster and choose Full-Screen Mode.

full screen recording mode

2. Tweak the settings before recording. You just need to select video format > “high quality” > 30 FPS > Turn off webcam > Turn on system sound > Turn off microphone sound.

Recording settings

3. Press REC and RecMaster begin to capture your screen. If you finish recording, press the same button to stop recording. Your footage is automatically saved to your local folder. You can find the exact footage on the Recording List.

The recording list is also the place allowing users to do simple editing on their footage. They can trim their videos and cut unwanted fragments.

These are all the procedures it takes to record Udemy courses.

Following are some other useful features of RecMaster that help to make the videos look better:

annotation toolbar

Annotations tools
RecMaster allows users to add annotations in the process of recording. Tools including brushes, erasers, texts, graphics, and arrows are available.

With the help of an annotation bar, users could effortlessly highlight their Udemy videos.

Availed by this feature, users could see videos as whiteboards and “take notes” on them.


Udemy is a powerful e-learning website. This article tries to deliver two ways to download Udemy courses.

The first approach’s mechanism is taking advantage of Udemy itself. Users could download courses to their mobile devices with no difficulty.  Restrictions exist only between Udemy and PC. RecMaster is the second approach serving to solve this problem.

RecMaster records users’ screens and captures everything including courses from Udemy.

Through recording, Udemy videos are saved locally and they are no longer obstacles for users. In a nutshell, if you could change your thinking pattern, RecMaster is the Udemy downloader you’ve been seeking.


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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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