How to Use Whiteboard Function during Screen Recording

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Summary: Stuck by finding ways to record video with whiteboard? Come and get ways to use whiteboard function during screen recording.

use whiteboard during screen recording

The new trend, online learning and teaching, has gradually revolutionized and integrated into classroom around the globe. When you teach online courses or make explanation of key points, whiteboard has been the go-to methods for many tutors and teachers. Most tutors view it not only as a useful teaching aid but also an essential one to make their videos more interesting and engage their students.

There is no denying the merits of whiteboard as an operative means of laying out plans, ideas, and explanations in large visible format. In the past, you need to prepare a drawing tool and a screen recorder to produce screen recording with whiteboard but now with RecMaster you can easily use whiteboard function when you do screen recording.


1. How to Use the built-in whiteboard function of RecMaster during screen recording [Mac Only]

RecMaster is a professional screen recorder available for both Windows and Mac users. As the V.1.4.12 of RecMaster for Mac is released, there is a newly-added feature to record computer screen with whiteboard. This feature is extremely helpful for those who need to make explanation or give step-by-step tutorials, which is highly important for collaborative works. Here read on to learn more about how to use this feature.

Step 1: Download and install RecMaster
Please download RecMaster from our website in order to have the latest version of the program available. Install and launch the program as soon as the setup process is complete.

free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2:Choose a recording mode for screen recording
RecMaster provides four recording solutions for Mac users: Full screen, Custom area, Webcam, Audio only. Full screen mode is the perfect choice if you want to display your whole screen during recording. If you only want to record in particular area or function, choose according to your actual demand.

Step 3: Make configuration and use Whiteboard
Your final video can be recorded in HD, SD or Original quality whether includes webcam and audio. To make whiteboard appear on your computer screen, firstly check Annotation function in the left corner. There are functionalities like pen, text, arrow, eraser and whiteboard. Secondly, you need to manually choose whiteboard. Remember to combine parameter in correlation to produce high quality videos.

settings interface of RecMaster Mac

Step 4: Start recording
Press REC button to start. You can use whiteboard to add lines, put arrows or input text into the whiteboard. No matter what action you operate, all your activities on your whiteboard will be captured.

Whiteboard interface of RecMaster Mac

Step 5: End and edit video with the built-in editor
As soon as the video is recorded, the main window of RecMaster will turn into the Recording List panel. To open the video editor and cut a selected video, press the editing icon to enter the editing function interface. When everything is done, you can upload video to social platforms including YouTube, Google Drive.

How to record whiteboard video with RecMaster

RecMaster is also competent for whiteboard video recording which needs you to connect your drawing program to your computer with USB or other applications. Your real-time drawing on other tablets will instantly appear on your computer screen. Under this circumstance, both Mac and Windows users can make whiteboard video recording realizable.

Step 1: Launch RecMaster on your computer and make sure the drawing table and computer under the connected status.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Determine the recording mode and resolution
You may happen to find that your table screen is smaller than the computer screen. In this way, you can change the recording resolution in custom area so that the viewer will only concentrate on your move tracks.

Step 3: Do settings and start
Turn on the microphone to cover your voiceover for better illustration. If you’d like to show your facial expression, choose webcam icon as well to create picture-in-picture effect. When everything is done, start your drawing.

settings interface of RecMaster Windows

Step 4: Edit your video
When you finish the video, open your Recording List to make the recorded video more perfect. Cut out unnecessary clips or place where you make mistakes. Now you can save your videos or upload in one-click operation.

Tips related to whiteboard function:
1. Can I employ the whiteboard function as a Windows user?

If you’re a Windows user of RecMaster, you can’t enjoy this benefit temporarily. However, if your computer runs Windows 10 system version, you can download Microsoft Whiteboard for free and record the whole process with RecMaster for Windows. Compared with RecMaster, Microsoft Whiteboard supports real-time drawing and feedback.

2. What if I previously installed RecMaster for Mac on my computer?
If you’ve already run RecMaster for Mac on your computer, please upgrade to the new general availability version. Complete the whole process then you can find the whiteboard tool on annotation interface.

3. Do I need related experience to use whiteboard function of RecMaster?
The operations are easy to use and understand. Even if you’re a green hand in screen recording field, you can start recording with RecMaster in a few seconds. Additionally, there is a full guidance for user who initiates RecMaster for the first time.

4. Can I use this function for free?
It’s sorry to say No for this question. You are required to purchase the full version to use this function. ($19.95 for one-year license, $29.95 for life-time license) Besides, you can freely apply additional functions including task schedule, screenshots tool, mouse effect to make your video seem more professional and productive. In general, the recording tool is high-performance-ratio.


The new feature-Whiteboard of RecMaster does bring convenience for screen recording activities. Come and use whiteboard function to produce creative videos.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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