5 Effective Screen Recorders for Teacher: Simplify Your Work

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Summary: This post talks about 5 effective screen recorders for teacher to create productive video lesson.

In recent years, online courses increase rapidly. Lately because of the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for online course learning grows sharply due to the coronavirus lockdown. Amid epidemic impact, a majority of students rely on video lessons to keep on study. To catch up the new trend, many teachers begin to record lesson videos and then upload to social media.

Screen Recorder for Teacher

Compared with traditional learning pattern, online video courses have more advantages. On one hand, video lessons save the teacher’s time and energy. Instead of repeating the same content to every class, teachers only need to record a lesson video and upload the video to YouTube or other platforms. On the other hand, students also benefit from online video lessons. With a recorded video lesson, students can optionally listen to the lecture whenever they wish. More importantly, students can search the video lesson that they’re interested in and enjoy the lecture from other elite schools without geographical limits.

When it comes to online course producing, the most important tool is the screencast application. So this post lists 5 effective screen recorders for teacher and you can choose the best screen recorder for your school.


1. RecMaster: The Easiest Screen Recorder for Teacher

RecMaster is a feature-rich and easy-to-use screen recorder for teacher to create online course. RecMaster enables teachers to record a video lesson for capturing any part of the computer screen. With the function to record PowerPoint with audio and other intricate recording settings, it helps you produce high-quality videos whether in full screen or any desired area without other additional software. Moreover, it offers the necessary real-time drawing and mouse cursor functions to highlight any marks. As the tech online course tool, it promotes the teaching efficiency.

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Key Features:

Screen Recorder for Teacher - RecMaster


2.    Bandicam: A Useful Screen Recorder for Teacher

Bandicam is a lightweight utility that supports screenshots as well as screen recording. Whether you’re an old pro or a green hand, Bandicam makes it easy to set up and start recording on your screen. You are allowed to choose to share your whole screen or only a particular portion in AVI or MP4 format. Compared with similar product, the main difference is that it enables you to record external devices. For tutorial videos, it supports you to add webcam overlay and mix the video with your own sound. More importantly, you can use the annotation and mouse effect to emphasize and mark up important things.

Screen Recorder for Teacher - Bandicam

Key Features:


3. Snagit: An Effective Screen Recorder for Teacher

Snagit is a power screen recorder for taking image or video capture. It provides Templates to edit screenshot and create video from images. For how-to videos, you can choose whether directly record the screen or use step-by-step pictures to make a video. All it takes are a few clicks and then it aids teachers to record and upload lesson videos in simple ways. During the recording, you can switch between screen capture and webcam recording with ease if you don’t want to show your face all the time. Moreover, it enables you to share videos in many platforms like twitter, YouTube, Slack…

Screen Recorder for Teacher - Snagit

Key Features:


4.    OBS Studio: The Best Open Source Screen Recorder for Teacher

OBS Studio is undoubtedly the best open source screen recorder. There is no limit on duration and scenes and you can record a lesson video as long as you wish. This screen recorder is more suitable for people who have experience in screencast because it offers many advanced settings like switching with transition. Recording a lesson video with camera is also allowed and you can insert your voice along the video. Furthermore, after the recording you can freely share these videos to your social media or platform.

Screen Recorde for Teacher - OBS Studio

Key Features:


5.    Screenrec: A Free and Convenient Screen Recorder for Teacher

Screen Recorder for Teacher - Screenrec

If you want to find out a screen record with basic function as well as no payment, Screenrec must be the best choice for you. You can choose whether to record a video or just take a picture of some key points for educational lesson. For video capture, it’s practical to record your whole screen or a portion of your screen with high quality. Without complicated operation, you just need to release the mouse and it will automatically start recording. If you want to get a lesson video with microphone, simply turn the microphone button on.

Key Features:


Final Words

Each of the five best screen recorders for teacher has its own key features and limitations. If you need one that can work on more devices at the same time provide more recording functions, we would like to recommend RecMaster to simplify your work!

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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