How to Record Screen and Audio on Windows 11?

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Nowadays more and more people begin to use screen recording software to record screen and audio. You can record tutorial videos, attractive gameplay videos, online meetings, live streams on YouTube, etc. Recording your screen and audio can be very efficient in so many ways as it makes things easier. We have got a guide for how to screen record on Windows 10, but now that Windows 11 is here, you might want to know the way to do the same thing in the latest Microsoft operating system. This tutorial will show you how to record your screen and audio on Windows 11.

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How to record screen and audio on Windows 11?

Record a video is not complicated as long as you have a powerful and reliable screen recorder. RecMaster is one of the most easy-to-use screen recording applications. You can use it to record your desktop, gameplay, tutorial videos, and so on. Even if you are recording a video for the first time, you can do well. Let’s follow the detailed guide to record screen and audio on Windows 11.

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Step 1: Choose a recording mode

After you download and install RecMaster, launch the video recorder. You can choose a recording mode. RecMaster offers seven different modes. Here we choose the Full-screen mode to show you how to record screen and audio on Windows 11. You can click here to know more about other useful recording modes in RecMaster.

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Step 2: Confirm the recording settings

Then, confirm the recording settings. RecMaster enables you to record system sound, microphone sound, or both of them. You can also record your webcam at the same time.

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Tip: For insurance, you can test the system sound and microphone sound before you start recording. Just click the little triangle icon>> Advanced>> Test. If you want the microphone sound to be clearer, you can enable the microphone noise reduction.

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Step 3: Get started with recording

After that, hit the big REC button to start the screen recording. You can also press the Alt key+1 to start capturing.

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Step 4: Pause/ stop the recording

Once started the recording, the main interface will be minimized and you can find the toolbar at the top of the middle of the computer screen. To pause the screen recording, you can hit the Pause icon. To stop the recording, you can click the Stop icon to end it.

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Tip: During the screen recording, adding some annotations can make your video more attractive. Click the pencil icon to pop up the annotation tool. You can use brushes to draw and circle, use texts as means to add detailed information, use graphics to highlight a certain area, or use the eraser to make the screen clean again.

Step 5: Play and edit the recorded videos

The recorded video will be saved in the recording list automatically and you can find it easily. In the recording list. You can play, rename, and delete the recordings. RecMaster has a built-in editing tool, so you can do some basic editing on the videos.

If you want to share your recording videos to YouTube and Google Drive with your friends, just click the Upload button.

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Tip: Adding some subtitles to the video can make it easier to understand and more attractive. To do some editing on your videos, you can hit the scissors icon to pop up the editing window. You are allowed to cut, trim, remove the logo, add captions and delete the unwanted clip.

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How to record audio-only on Windows 11?

Now you have known how to record screen and audio on Windows 11. With the help of screen recording software, isn’t it very easy? RecMaster is a great video recorder, and you can also use it to record audio-only. For your convenience, we will show you how to record audio-only step by step.

Step 1: Choose the recording mode

First, choose the Audio-only mode. (Other modes>> Audio Only)

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Step 2: Confirm the settings

You can record the system sound, microphone sound, or both of them. Before you get started with audio recording, you can test the sound. Jump to how to test system sound and microphone sound.

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Step 3: Start audio recording

When you are ready to start recording, hit the red REC button. After the three-second countdown, the recording will start automatically.

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Step 4: Pause & stop recording

After that, you can open the main interface and see the recording time, the size of the recording file, and the computer storage. If you need to pause, you can click the Pause icon. If you want to stop, just hit the Stop icon to end the audio recording. Then, you will find the recorded audio in the recording list.

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Tip: RecMaster enables you to edit video but it does not support editing audio temporarily. We recommend you a reliable free audio editing software: Audacity.



Screen recorder is a very valuable tool. Screen recording makes your work and life easier. In this post, we have shown you how to record your screen and audio on Windows 11. RecMaster is popular because it is feature-rich and user-friendly. This screen recording software enables you to record the whole desktop of your computer, custom area, gameplay, etc. Moreover, you can set the video/audio format, resolution, frame rate, sample rate, and so on. More functions are waiting for you to explore.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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