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Are you dreaming to become a YouTuber that seems professional? What equipment do you really need to begin your YouTuber journey? In general, you don’t have to buy expensive cameras or professional tools to get started. Here you’ll surprisingly to know several basic YouTube equipments for beginner to create professional-looking videos even with tools at their hands. Before we directly move on to the key point, there is many crucial aspects that needs your consideration:

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● What form of YouTube video are you going to produce?
● Do only desire to be an instructor offering software demo or tutorial course?
● Maybe you want to be the Beauty Influencer or Vlogger to record your daily life with camera?
● Are you planning to be a Gameplay YouTuber by recording game movements on your computer screen to attract viewers?

Knowing what you want to do is the important factor that determines essential tools for YouTube. In the following part we will include typical equipment for YouTuber.

Screen Recording Software

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Screen recording must be the easiest way to produce YouTube video and it’s also highly compatible with multi-types of video forms. A good YouTube screen recorder can meet all your requirements for YouTube video including recording, editing and uploading. There are tons of available computer screen recorders at your disposal on the market and here we would like to recommend the simple screen recorder RecMaster for you (free download with links below). You can make use of this software to produce high quality onscreen videos like capturing 4k@60fps gameplay video, recording instructional course or computer trouble-shooting video to make it sensible for YouTube viewer.

free download RecMaster for Windowsfree download RecMaster for Mac


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When it comes to record YouTube video, the first thing that comes into mind is probably: the camera. A lot of people hold the view that you need a big expensive camera to get started on YouTube. You don’t need extra cameras like DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras to make YouTube videos by capturing wanted contents or your facial emotions. Instead simply use your cell phone camera to shoot videos since nowadays many cell phone cameras have the ability to record HD videos either applying the main camera or selfie camera. However, if you have higher demand on video’s quality like beauty videos, you can start from some cheap camera items like Nikon Coolpix A900.

Lighting tools

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The best thing you can do for your video in terms of image quality is proper lights. If you try to make use of the lights you have at home, you may find that your footage is too dark, grainy and orange-tinted which can reduce your YouTube video quality. Besides, oversaturated natural light may cause your video to be exposed making it unclear to view. You can go for the cheap option and buy directional lights. Therefore, you can purchase a LED Ring Light to highlight the light in front of the camera and it’s portable yet economical when you want to record webcam on computer or directly create video via your cell phone.


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A professional microphone is necessary to improve audio quality especially when you’re shooting YouTube videos outdoors. Many computers or video making devices do offer built-in microphones but they are not competent enough to capture crystal clear audio in a noisy environment like a busy street. You can choose a lavalier mic that is wireless and can be discreetly clipped onto your clothes or belt to grab your voiceover. If you’re recording YouTube videos with professional camera, you can choose Shotgun microphones to work in coordination. However, if you’re recording screen video with audio or creating YouTube videos in quiet bedroom, microphone is not a necessity for you as a YouTube beginner.

Editing Software

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Even as a YouTube beginner, you still need to edit the video to cut out unwanted clips or produce something professional in appearance. If you use a screen recorder with editor, you can directly utilize the inborn editing tool to make adjustments. However, for other situations you may need to look for editing software. There are numerous free programs you can choose like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie since they are great tools to start with for beginners. If you prefer more advanced video editing software packages, you can try Adobe Premiere, Premiere and Photoshop.

This post includes five basic YouTube equipments for beginner to start YouTube channel effortlessly. Hope you have a happy experience with YouTube after using the tools we mentioned in this article!

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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