How to Screen Record Star Stable Online?

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How to Screen Record Star Stable Online?Star Stable is a horse game online filled with adventures. You can ride and take care of your own horses and explore the exciting island of Jorvik. This game is very delicate and the colors are very bright. Many players hope to record or save screenshots of their gameplay. Do you know how to screen record Star Stable Online on Windows 11? This tutorial will help you solve your problem with screen recording.

How to screen record Star Stable Online with RecMaster?

In Star Stable, there is a button to take a screenshot. So it’s easy to take a screenshot during the game, but to record the video of the gameplay, you need an excellent screen recorder. RecMaster is a screen recording software that can record high-quality video and is easy to operate. For your convenience, we have listed several simple steps to record Star Stable Online.

Step 1: Choose the recording mode

RecMaster offers seven different modes: Full-screen mode, Custom mode, Follow-cursor mode, etc. Here we choose the Full-screen mode as an example.

If you want to know how to use other screen recording modes, please click here.

star stable step1

Step 2: Start screen recording

After selecting the Full-screen mode, you can open Star Stable Online. When you are ready to start recording, press the Alt key + 1 to start. After the three-second countdown, the screen recording will start automatically.

The use of shortcut keys can help us avoid the time to find and click buttons. If you want to learn more about the hotkeys in RecMaster, please click here to jump.

star stable step2

Step 3: Pause or stop the recording

During the screen capturing, you can press the Alt key + 1 to pause. When you are satisfied with the recording, you can press the Alt key + 2 to end the recording. You don’t need to wait or click other buttons, the recorded video will be automatically saved in the recording list.

Step 4: Edit and share the recorded video

In the recording list, you can play the video and rename it. Adding a special name to the video will allow you to find the target video faster in the future. You can also edit or delete the recorded video. Click the Upload icon, you can share it to YouTube or Google Drive. This could be helpful if you want to share your game videos with friends or followers quickly.

star stable step4

Tip: When you click the Edit icon, a new window will appear. You can cut the unwanted part of the video, add subtitles to the video, remove the logo, etc. Is it very nice?

star stable step4 tip

More features about screen record in RecMaster

We have just introduced the simple steps on how to screen record Star Stable Online on Windows 11. In addition to this, RecMaster also provides many other useful features, such as adding a personal watermark, recording picture-in-picture, etc. Let’s try this!


Shortcut keys are a combination of keys. When pressed at the same time, you can use the keyboard to quickly open windows or enable certain features. Here are the hotkeys that can be used in RecMaster. These are the default settings, you can reset the hotkeys combination according to your habits.

record screen hotkeys

  • Start/ Pause: Alt + 1
  • End recording: Alt + 2
  • Show main window: Alt + 3
  • Boss key (Enable it to record in hidden): Alt + d
  • Hide/ Show webcam: Alt + 4
  • Open/Close webcam: Alt + 5
  • Enable/Disable Annotation: Alt + h
  • Capture: Alt + f1


screen record star stable annotationAnnotation tool

When you are recording, you can enable the annotation tool by pressing the Alt key + h. You can utilize it to do real-time annotation by selecting content, adding lines/texts/number arrows, or drawing some marks by yourself.

Note: If you want to use the annotation tool and webcam during the screen recording, don’t forget to turn off the full-screen mode of Star Stable Online. (Main Menu>> Settings>> Graphics>> disable the full screen mode)


Using RecMaster to record Star Stable Online, you are allowed to record picture-in-picture. It means that you can turn on the webcam and record the camera screen while you playing the game. You can enable the webcam before or during recording. Click the small triangle next to the Webcam icon and select Integrated camera or press the Alt key + 5.

screen record star stable webcam


Many game video lovers have worried that their creative videos will be stolen by others. Using RecMaster to record screen videos can help you solve this problem. You can choose to set text watermark or image watermark as you like. If you don’t want your video to have a watermark, you can click on the None button.

screen record star stable watermarks


As you can see, how to screen record Star Stable Online on Windows11 is not complicated, and it will only take a few minutes to record your windows screen. RecMaster provides many useful features for you. Even if you are using this software for the first time, you can also record a wonderful video.

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