Record YouTube TV on PC: How to Save TV Show, Live Sports form It?

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Is it possible to record YouTube TV on PC? If yes, how to record TV shows, any new episodes only, live sports events and so forth from this streaming television service successfully?

By switching to TV streaming service, people can save much money by cutting the cable TV cord and getting away from expensive cable box. YouTube TV, as one of such services, gains its popularity thanks to more channels support (85+ top channels) than competitors and the unlimited DVR space to save any favorite live TV shows/sports/movies/game/news or video-on-demand content at will. Then when you watch YouTube TV on the web from computer, how do you record YouTube TV on PC? Is there any handy YouTube recorder for PC? Now keep on reading to find the answers in following instruction.

Record YouTube TV on PC

How to Record on YouTube TV with Its Own DVR Service?

YouTube TV is an American streaming TV service available on computer, Android, iPhone & iPad, smart TV, streaming players, and gaming consoles. To enjoy it on desktop, laptop and notebook machines without error, you are suggested to have the newest version of Chrome or Firefox browser. Now let’s say you are ready to open YouTube TV on the web and make any free recording happen or in the schedule.

1. To watch (live) content on YouTube TV from PC, you must have a valid login with the right US zip code to access to the trial or paid service plan of YouTube TV. Once you access to the homepage of YouTube TV successfully on the web, move on to the next step.

YouTube TV Login

Note: If you are not living in United States or you are a local American but happen to travel internationally, you are unable to use it for location restriction. Even when you are travelling domestically, the specific available programs may vary from places.

2. To record a program on YouTube TV, the only thing you should do is to add it to your library. Specifically, you should click the “Add/Plus” button that’s right near the program title. After that, this icon will become a “Remove/Pause” one and all current and future airing videos will be captured and saved in your library by default. To stop any further recording of a program, simply press the button again.

Add program to recording list

YouTube TV offers no time limit on the recording because their cloud-based DVR storage is open to all users now definitely. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about “the recording library space was used up”, you don’t need to pay for extra fees on more cloud space like many other services require you, and most importantly the recording won’t take up your local space because of the totally on-the-air recording process.

3. Check and view the recorded episodes, sports, movies, games and news in your video library whenever you are free. Do remember the pre-condition of watching those recordings is you must have your internet connected always.

Recordings in Library

Is It Possible to Record YouTube TV on PC Locally or Watch the Recording Offline?

To begin with, as YouTube TV has already made the first move to attract all YouTube TV users with one of its biggest selling point – the unlimited cloud-DVR functionality, many loyal YouTube TV users will surely get used to this free and convenient way unless they want to change something that’s fixed by default, such as:

– One can’t manually choose certain new TV show episode(s), game or so to record alone;
– There are unexpected and unskippable ads in some recorded programs;
– Certain programs are unable to record on PC;
– The recorded video is a bad one with no reason;
– All the recordings in library are only watchable with the unplayable offline;
– All the live recordings are available to watch within 9 months while on-demand videos vary;
– Only cloud recording is available and there’s no local recording option…

If you want to get rid of either of the mentioned or not mentioned yet problem and obtain a more flexible recording, you have only one way to go – quit YouTube TV service or its cloud-DVR and rely on someone else.

Unfortunately, there’s no clue showing that which streaming video recorder or similar products support recording YouTube TV on PC. For example, PLAYON SVR officially features recording Netflix, HOB NOW, HULU, Amazon video and so on for offline playback, but doesn’t conclude YouTube TV in the list.

At this time, you can play the target (live or recorded) video on PC in full screen and record it with a third-party screen recorder like RecMaster.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

If the final video output is normal as it should be, then conduct a full screen capture to transform your favored TV shows, games, movies, sports etc. to computer’s hard drive as MP4.

Free trial

RecMaster is a credible and all-around screen recorder for PC, which is not only able to record normal streaming media online (e.g. from YouTube/Vevo/Facebook/Zoom/Skype) to local space in high-quality, but also a great tool for educators, gamers, vloggers, and marketers to create online course, gameplay vlogging material, video presentation and such with narration and webcam overlay easily.

Record game with RecMaster

If the recording ends up with a black screen, then it must be the copy protection that blocks your capture behavior. Under such circumstances, you will have no choice but recording it with external camera or switching to another app (for instance Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Sling TV) with your frequently-visiting channels and offline playback capability.

Final Words

All in all, despite there’re some disadvantages of YouTube TV’s DVR, gaining the benefit from it is the top choice to record YouTube TV on PC browser. For more related TV capture information and tips, you can click to check out how to record TV shows on computer.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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