How to Record Amazon Prime Movies, Videos and Music on PC/Mac

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Summary: This article includes three parts. The first part is a brief description of Amazon Prime. And the rest two parts will talk about how to record Amazon Prime videos and music respectively.

1.  What is Amazon Prime and Why We Need to Record Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular video and music platforms like Netflix, which is instantly providing high quality videos, music and TV episodes services. It has five sections with different services including Prime Video/Amazon Channels/Prime Music/Amazon Music Unlimited/Twitch Prime. However, as many as the sources it provides, Amazon Prime has a set of strict rules to protect copyright.

Record Amazon Prime on Computer

For streaming or downloading videos, you have to rent, purchase or register as a Prime member. If you have paid to rent, you need to finish watching them in limited 48 hours once you start streaming or downloading. Moreover, the video will expire after 30 days from the day you paid the rental fees. You will get infinite viewing period once you purchase videos. But as for download videos it’s still restricted to compatible devices. The Amazon Prime only supports four types of devices including Fire tablets (Other than Kindle Fire 1st Generation), Fire Phone, Android and iOS devices. Moreover, once you successfully download the wanted digital content, you are only accessible to stream these digital contents on the downloaded device. Under this situation, it’s impossible to directly download Amazon movies on your computer or transfer the downloaded contents from the compatible devices to your computer.

But sometimes you may want to enjoy Amazon music or videos on your laptop for offline watching. Is there any way to save or record Amazon Prime Videos, Music and Channels on PC/Mac? Surely, you can rely on a screen recorder called RecMaster to record these sources for offline watching. So this post will give you a wizard on how to record Amazon Prime.

2. How to Record Amazon Prime Movies and Videos

RecMaster is a screen capture program which can be used to record Amazon videos. By using RecMaster, you can easily convert Prime videos into MP4, AVI or other video formats. Moreover, it owns many features for video capture with audio and many presets. It supports simultaneous videos as well as the internal sound recording with original quality. It also allows you to select the video formats and quality according to your demands. If you don’t have enough time to sit in front of the screen, you just need to launch a scheduled recording in the task schedule function. No matter what videos you want to save, you can finish in a few steps with this tool.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 1 Download and install RecMaster
Launch RecMaster on your computer and then open the program. Choose Full Screen mode in the home interface to record Amazon Prime videos. If you want to customize the recording region, you can use Custom Area mode to do that.

RecMaster's Multiple Recording Modes

Step 2 Make presets before recording
For Prime videos capture, MP4 format is mostly recommend considering its popularity. To get a video with audio you need to toggle the system sound on. If you want to reduce the noise bothering, don’t forget to turn off the Microphone.

Full Screen Mode of RecMaster

Step 3 Change settings and set up scheduled task (optional)
RecMaster enables you to change file resolution in the settings button.

Settings of RecMaster

To set up a scheduled task, you just need to preset the start and end time then it will automatically begin.

Task schedule of RecMaster

Step 4 Open Amazon Prime and Start recording
Open this video that you want to record from Amazon Prime and then shift to RecMaster. Click the REC button and after a three-second countdown it will start recording. During the recording, you can observe the time with a panel appearing on the top of the window. With everything captured, click the Stop button to end.

Step 5 Edit and Save the video
Once you stop recording, the Recording list will show up. Here you can use the bundled editor to cut unnecessary clips at the beginning and ending part. Then the video is stored at the preset file.

Now you can freely watch these recorded Amazon Prime videos at anywhere and anytime.

3. How to Record Amazon Prime Music

Prime music and Amazon Music Unlimited title are also not accessible for download to computers. Although you can use a web browser to achieve this goal, it’s still troublesome and dangerous. Moreover, you may want to extract audios from prime videos and save them as MP3 format. In this way, you can do nothing but to use the RecMester- the screen recorder with audio capture function to help you.

Step 1 Choose the Audio Only mode
RecMaster supports audio recording function. Enter the home page and select the last mode. Remember to turn on the system sound and toggle the Microphone button off. RecMaster allows you to save audio as MP3 or AVI formats and here we recommend the former one. You can also use the task schedule function to set an automatic task to capture audio.

Record Amazon Prime Audio with RecMaster

Step 2 Turn on the Page You Want to Record and start recording
Turn on the target video or music page. Then press REC button and you can play the video or music after the countdown. Finally choose Stop icon to end the task.

Step 3 Review and Save the audio file
The Recording list will instantly pop up where you can rename and preview the audio. Unfortunately, it temporarily lacks the feature to cut and merge audio. So to avoid some unneeded clips you’d better use the task function to record Amazon music.

Final Words
Now you can record and save Amazon Prime videos and music at will. Using RecMaster to record the desired digital contents without breaking the copyright policy and then just enjoy them!

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

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