7 Essential Tips for Recording Your Screen Like a Pro

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Nowadays, screen recording is becoming more and more commonplace. Whether you’re creating tutorials for your customers, sharing footage with friends and family, or simply recording yourself playing video games for fun, screen recording software has become an essential tool for many users. But if you want to ensure that your recordings are of the highest quality possible, there are a few tips for you. Read on to discover the essential tips for recording your screen like a pro!

7 Essential Tips for Recording Your Screen Like a Pro

Tip 1: Invest in Professional Software

The first essential tips for recording your screen is to invest in professional screen recording software. There are plenty of free options out there but they often come with limited features and don’t always guarantee the best results.

Investing in professional software can help ensure that your recordings look and sound flawless no matter what device you’re using. Plus, some of these programs even include advanced features like picture-in-picture mode or tools for editing videos after recording.


Tip 2: Find the Best Settings for Your Needs

Once you’ve chosen a piece of software to record with, it’s time to find the best screen recording settings for your needs. This means adjusting things like resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and audio settings. As a result of that, they match up with what you need from your recordings. For example, if you plan on streaming your recordings online then you may want to use a higher resolution. But you may not do it if you just share them with friends and family over email or messaging apps.

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Tip 3: Use External Recording Devices When Necessary

Another important tip is to use external recording devices when necessary. If you plan on capturing audio as well as video then it can be beneficial to connect an external microphone or headset so that the sound quality is clear and consistent throughout your recordings. You can also use external webcams if needed; this allows viewers to get a better view of what’s happening onscreen while also freeing up valuable processing power on your computer or device that would otherwise be used by the internal camera or microphone built into it.

Use Mobile Phone as Webcam - Essential Tips for Recording your Screen

Tip 4: Clean Up Your Desktop Before Recording

A clean desktop will make it easy for the viewers to focus on your focus. And you can either delete or organize them manually, or disable “Show desktop icons”. Just right-click on the desktop, choose View, and uncheck Show desktop icons.

Clean up desktop - Essential tips for recording your screen

Tip 5: Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys When Possible

Using the shortcuts & hotkeys will help you manage the recording without showing up the recording software. With the Boss key of some screen recording software, you can even hide the whole recording process. It makes the recording totally in the background.

hotkeys - Essential Tips for Recording Your Screen

Tip 6: Preview Your Recordings Before Sharing Them

A preview is always essential before you publish or share the video. It will help you check whether there are flaws or mistakes in the recording.

Preview - Essential Tips for Recording Your Screen

Tip 7: Reduce Background Noise & Distractions Whenever Possible

If you don’t need to record your own voice, you can disable the Microphone. And then you will get a pure clear audio only from the system audio. And if it’s neccesarry to record your own voice, you can use a nice microphone, or enable the Microphone Noise Reduction.

Sound settings - Essential Tips for Recording Your Screen


These seven tips should help any user record their screen like a pro! From investing in professional software and finding the best settings for their needs all the way through to reducing background noise and distractions whenever possible—these steps will help ensure that all of your recordings turn out great no matter where you decide to share them! So take some time today and start experimenting with these tips—you won’t regret it!

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