How to Screen Record on HP Laptop [3 Easy Ways]

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As streaming video now proves itself to be a mainstream tendency in cybercitizens’ lives, all kinds of corresponding demands of consumers spring out as video streaming gains its popularity.

Under such circumstances, questions like “What screen recorders to turn to if I want to record streaming videos on HP laptop?”, or “Which screen recorder delivers the maximum performance on HP?” have stricken users.

Among these exclamations, HP laptop users’ demands are prominent due to their large user base. In the spirit of dealing with every potential problem in the screen recording area, here we provide 3 reliable methods as answers to “how to screen record on HP laptop”.

How to Screen Record on HP Laptop

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Method 1:  Using RecMaster

Apt for both beginners and advanced users, RecMaster is one of the most standard screen recording tools on laptops. Similar to the most well-known software like Bandicam Screen Recorder, CloudAPP, and Snagit, RecMaster, to some degree serves as an out-of-box solution for any recording purposes.

Consumers of RecMaster are basically offered five recording modes: Game Mode, Full Screen Mode, Custom Area Mode (Mobile Phone Mode), Webcam Mode, and Audio Only Mode.

And what distinguish RecMaster from its competitors are RecMaster’s fascinating merits including its simple and intuitive interface, fresh-hand-friendly operation, etc.

RecMaster has devoted itself to providing a smooth and flawless recording experience for consumers along with a built-in editing tool and annotative tool that make the decoration workflow easy to accomplish.

How to Screen Record on HP Laptops with RecMaster?

It is no exaggeration to say that RecMaster helps its consumers get the hang of screen recording most quickly.

1. Download RecMaster and set it up.

free download RecMaster for Windows

2. Double-click the icon and run the application

3. Choose a mode before recording

Choose recording mode

For your information, Mobile Phone Mode from Custom Area Mode suits Tik Tok or similar users pretty well. If you have any demand for recording smartphone-friendly screen video like 16:9 clip, Mobile Phone Mode is what you seek.

4. Do settings before recording It’s essential to do settings before recording.

You can choose whether to record the system sound, microphone, and webcam during the screen recording.

Full screen

And you can also set the audio and video parameters in Menu>> Settings. This step is optional since RecMaster provides the settings for the highest quality with the smallest file size.

Set for HP Laptop Screencast

And on the Settings window, you can define the video format, recording quality, and frame rate.

5. Start recording

a. Once the pre-settings are accomplished, Press the red button to start recording.

b. Wait for the countdown and then capture the desired portion on the screen.

c. Use annotation to highlight what you are recording.

Annotation tool of RecMaster

d. Press the red button on the floating bar to stop recording.

Stop Button of RecMaster's Floating Bar

e. Check out the Recording List to find out materials and playback if necessary

Recording List of RecMaster

Method 2 – Using HPSR

Although serving as an add-on for Mercury (or HP) Quality Center to report issues, HP Screen Recorder is also a brilliant screen capture tool with great features.

In addition to its most commonly used function – detecting bugs, many other tasks can be accomplished by HPSR too, like setting the size of the recording file, adding subtitles and audio files to video, and exporting files in designated formats. But one thing HP users should be aware of is that connecting with HP Quality Center is the premise of everything. Cialis

How to screen record on HP laptops with HPSR?

1. Download and Install ‘HP Screen Recorder’.

2. After installation, click the option Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP Screen Recorder > MSR Recorder to activate the software.

3. Click the Recorder tray icon and gain access to the main menu.

4. Select Quick Record to start recording.

5. Click Stop to get raw footage. It is up to you whether to save it, discard it, edit it, or not.

6. Save the file and export it in appropriate formats. HPSR supports formats including Flash, AVI, WMV(Window Media Video), MS PowerPoint, etc.

However, HPSR falls short if any video length stretches more than 15 minutes. Huge files tend to corrupt is the main reason to cite.

Besides, HPSR is designed to deliver feedback on bugs, so it is not equipped with enough features.

Software Requirements of HPSR: Need Windows 2000 or Windows XP to run HPSR. Need DirectX 7.0 or newer version in support playback function. Need MS Office 2000 or newer version pre-installed for HPSR exporting footage to MS PowerPoint format. Need Windows Media Player 9 or newer version pre-installed to support the function-exporting as WMV format.

Hardware Requirements of HPSR: Recommend 300 Mhz and 600 Mhz processor speed. Recommend 128 RAM for Memory. Recommend Super VGA or higher resolution for Display. As for the Graphics card, 4Mb video memory will suffice and 8Mb or above will be better.

Method 3: Using Snagit

Snagit’s image and video capture features are just flawless. Its versatility enables users to take control of everything that happened on their laptop, be the videos, a particular region, the entire desktop, or any web pages. Snagit is a multi-functioned software program making every recording demand properly meet. Its edit tools are abundant, a practical virtue for power users.

How to Screen Record on HP Laptops with Snagit?

1. Double-click the Snagit icon.

2. Select the Video button.

Video Capture of Snagit

3. Click Capture, and start recording on a custom area.

Select Recording Region with Snagit

4. Once the recording section gets finished, an instantly popping-up window will lead you to edit your video.

The circled area above exhibits part of the available edit tools. Users could add text boxes and Graphics to their immature videos. Animation tools are available too.

For HP users’ information, the trial version of Snagit provides a full set of edit tools, but it lasts only for a few days and then expires. What’s more, the cost for the paid version is up to 50 dollars, so if you are quite fresh here, give it a second thought before making a decision.

Final Words

In conclusion, HPSR is easy to come by but its screen record features are smack of weak. Snagit is versatile, but whether its price is affordable is up to personal inclinations.

Contrasted with the mentioned recorders, RecMaster comes with both reasonable price and adequate built-in tools. Hope this article could solve HP users’ screen recording problems.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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