How to Record Screen with Camtasia and Best Alternative

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Here is the article about how to record screen with Camtasia and the best alternative to it.

Camtasia is a powerful and professional screen recording and video editing software. It is often seen as the best choice by professionals who need to use advanced editing features and produce perfect videos. However, if you are a novice, then using the latest version of Camtasia 2021 may be difficult for you. Before you start recording videos and editing them, you need to spend some time to learn and understand the basic features and steps to use the screen recorder. In this guide, we will show you how to record screens with Camtasia including how to record video, edit the recordings, and the best Camtasia cheap alternative. Follow our guide now to start learning how to use this best video recording software.

How to Record Screen with Camtasia and Best Alternative

How to Record Screen with Camtasia?

How to use the screen recorder for PC to make an attractive short video, how-to guide video, or your great gameplay video? Below are the key features of Camtasia and detailed steps to record your screen with the screen video recorder.

Key features of Camtasia

  • Record full screen, custom-area, microphone, system sound, and camera.
  • Audio, video, and cursor tracks can be edited separately.
  • Powerful video and audio editor.
  • Library of royalty-free music and sound effects.
  • Easy to share on different platforms.

Step 1: Download and install Camtasia 2021

First of all, you need to get this reliable video recorder and editor from its official website. Once installed, click on the New Recording button and the main interface of Camtasia Recorder will pop up.

Step 2: Confirm the settings in the screen recording software

After that, choose what you want to record. Camtasia 2021 allows you to record your entire desktop or any part of your computer screen. You can also capture the camera, microphone sound, and system audio at the same time. The size and position of the camera can be adjusted after the video recording is completed.

How to Record Screen with Camtasia step2

Step 3: Start to screen record with Camtasia

After confirming all the settings, you can click on the red rec button to start the video capturing. The recording will start automatically after a three-second countdown.

Step 4: Pause/stop/restart the recording

After you start recording, a mini toolbar will appear on your screen, which will not be captured under the default settings. You can see the recording time and several buttons on the mini toolbar. Camtasia screen recorder enables you to pause, stop, and restart the recording easily.

How to Record Screen with Camtasia step4

How to Edit the Recorded Video in Camtasia?

Now, you should know how to record screen and audio with Camtasia. The best feature about the Camtasia screen is not screen recording, but editing the recorded video. You don’t need to download additional video editing software and after you finish recording, the editing window will automatically appear and you can make the video you just created even more perfect and professional. The editing features of this software are a bit complicated for newbies, so next, we will discuss how to edit the recorded video in Camtasia.

How to Record Screen with Camtasia

Basic editing in the video recorder

In the video editing window, you can click the Play button to watch back the video you recorded. And in the Camtasia editor, the screen and audio are located in two separate tracks, so you can edit audio and video separately. Before you start doing advanced editing, you can try to do some basic editing, such as cropping the beginning, end, or middle unsatisfactory clips and adjusting the time of music appearance. You can also adjust the size, position, and rotation angle of the screen video and camera video.

Advanced editing features in Camtasia 2021

Using Camtasia to record screen and do some basic editing is easy, but the rich advanced editing features of this software are confusing. Don’t worry, we’ll introduce you to these advanced editing features.

  1. Library. In the Camtasia library, you will find various types of material including icons, intros, lower thirds, motion backgrounds, music tracks, and outros.
  2. Favorites. You can click the star icon to save callouts, effects, or other video enhancements to Favorites.
  3. Annotations. You can add some annotations to your recorded videos such as callouts, arrows, lines, shapes, blur, highlight, sketch motion, and keystroke callouts.
  4. Transitions. Camtasia allows you to add transitions in the middle of a video clip including 3D, blurs, divisions, fades, and so on.
  5. Behaviors. In this panel, you can set the animation effect of the text.
  6. Animations. You can quickly create a zoom or pan animation in Camtasia. You can also enhance the video with motion, rotation,  tilt, and more.
  7. Cursor Effects. To make your cursor more visible, you can add cursor effects and click effects.

In addition to these features, Camtasia has other less commonly used features, such as voice narration, audio effects, visual effects, interactivity, and captions. When you are satisfied with your video, you can save the video on your computer. You can also export and share videos in Camtasia. Just click on the Export button and choose a social media platform.

export and share videos in Camtasia

Best Alternative of Camtasia: RecMaster Screen Recorder

Seeing this, you should have a first idea of how to record screen with Camtasia studio. If you are not a professional video creator and editor, this may be a complicated thing for you to do. For most people, spending a lot of money on this professional video editing software is not cost-effective if you only need to record online meetings, record your work process, etc. There are many cheap and user-friendly video recording tools on the market for you to choose from. Now we will show you the best Camtasia alternative: RecMaster screen recorder.

Key features of RecMaster

Free download RecMasterfree download RecMaster for Mac

Compared to using Camtasia to record screen, RecMaster has a more user-friendly main interface and also supports interference-free recording and cursor-following recording. You can set your special watermark before recording, as well as show live keystrokes and add real-time annotations while recording. For users who are looking for a low price and can meet their basic screen recording needs. RecMaster is more cost-effective, with Camtasia 2021 costing $224.99 a year. In contrast, lifetime RecMaster costs only $29.95. Click here to know how to use RecMaster to record your screen.


In this guide, we have shown you how to record screens with Camtasia including how to record your screen, edit the recordings, and the best Camtasia alternative RecMaster screen recorder. In general, Camtasia is more suitable for professional video creators and editors. And its best cheap alternative RecMaster is suitable for novices and users who don’t have too many requirements for video editing. You can choose a suitable screen recorder for PC  according to your needs and budget.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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