How to Record Low-end PC for Gameplay or Other Activities

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Recording low end PC is easy. But you may come across some unexpected recording issues like laggy and stuttering recording or wonder what’s the best low-spec friendly screen recorder…

How to Record Low End PC

Making screencasts is a great way to share skills, ideas, and connect with the viewers. Also, it helps people maintain some crucial moments displaying on the rectangle monitor. But when it comes to screen recording low-end PC, many user may have questions like:

– Is my years-old home computer competent for taking screen video capture
– My laptop, with limited 2GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4XXX, has pretty poor performance but I want to shoot screen actions for work, is there any easy and lightweight screen recording software for low-end PC?
– Using OBS to record my slow computer, it lags from time to time, how to get rig of this problem?

To make things clear to all users in doubt, let’s get to the bottom of these kinds of matters one by one in the following part.

Part 1: Record Low-end PC – It’s Viable!

High-end PC or low-end PC, you, the owner of it, can start up recording with the help of a screen capture tool. And among the wide variety of screen recorders for PC, lightweight and low-PC friendly ones like RecMaster, Dxtory, Bandicam work better than other general pieces. Hence, we will set using the easiest RecMaster to record my bargain or outdated Lenovo PC as a demonstration. You’re suggested to download it free here and finish the setup to get things prepared.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 1 – Launch and Select a Recording Mode
RecMaster has a super intuitive interface, which makes the screencasting a snap even you don’t have any knowledge or training in how to use such software.

On the main UI, multiple capture modes are sitting in a row. From left to right, they are Game Mode (available for Windows only), Full Screen, Custom Area, Webcam, and Audio Only, simply choose the one according to your need.

Free RecMaster to record low-end PC

Step 2 – Check and Do Settings
By default, RecMaster gives parameter settings for all common machines. You can test whether the recording runs normally on your poor PC by starting and ending the capture. If it’s OK, let it be. If the recording process is not smooth, properly lower the frame rate or quality level to guarantee a lag-free capture.

Settings for recording low-end PC

Other options that RecMaster gives for customized recording include file format, monitor source (for multi-screen condition), VFR/CFR frame rate type, webcam overlay (for picture-in-picture video), system sound and microphone, recording time (for scheduled task), watermark, and mouse cursor effect. You can achieve many visual effects and enable automatic capture by adjusting these settings.

If you are a frequent hotkey user, it’s also possible to take advantage of the existing hotkeys or alter them to what you get used to.

Step 3 – Record the On-screen Movement
Click the red REC button or type Alt + 1 to get the recording commenced. For the first time, you will be informed with the hotkeys and enjoy a 3-second countdown so that you have enough time to open the target app or streaming video you will grab and save. And during the process, if you are making a tutorial, online course or training material, the annotation tool located on floating bar can be evoked to make highlights, explanations and similar to have your content more easily to understand.

floating bar

Once you have finished the video capture, click stop button or press Alt+2 to give it to an end. Then the video will be saved and listed in Recording list immediately. This list window also enables you to check, rename, edit and share video recording online right away.

Instruction of how to record low-end PC with RecMaster is over. Since have no idea on how low end your computer is, below some tips and tricks are given in case you still have any capture problem.

Part 2: Record Low-end PC, FAQs You May Want to Know

☛ What’s the best screen recording software for low-end PC?
Since recording screen video is actually source-intensive due to video processing, and the real computer configurations and recording contents vary from people, it’s hard to conclude which one or ones are “best” for all. Maybe your PC is not so bad and you are only willing to capture easy videos like PPT presentation with audio, then most common recorders could be the best to complete the mission without pressure. However, if you’d like to record hardware-intensive thing on the so-so machine like (high-paced) PC game and multiple-app-centered operation, they themselves may have running issues, for instance lag performance, not mention to do further screen capture.

Anyway, we still have some nominations, like previously-mentioned RecMaster, Dxtory, Bandicam, plus new names like Nvidia Share, Fraps, Game Bar (for Windows 10 only), OBS, FBX (for game capture), MSI. (See also: 2020 Best Game Recording Software for Windows)

☛ Why there’re still lag, fps drop, audio drift alike problems when using these best tools?
No one program could guarantee a 100% high-quality and fluent screen recording on low-end PC. That’s because low end is the root cause. As long as you don’t upgrade the hardware, you can only improve your situation by means of some knacks.

See Also: How to Screen Record with No Lag, How to Record Gameplay Without FPS Drop

☛ Tips & Tricks on recording low-end PC
For game or other, it’s all the slowdown of graphic cards that leads to periodic lack of responsiveness. To boost the efficiency, you can improve PC performance with proper system settings or dedicated system booster tools, such as enabling Game Mode under Windows 10 during game capture, changing the battery power settings to maximum performance, and utilizing third-party PC optimizer.

Reducing capture data or say file size is also an alternative way. You can decrease video quality related parameters like resolution/fps/bitrate, and make the most of the GPU encoding if your PC and capture software are qualified to do so. For example, Bandicam, one of the best screen recorders for Windows, does offer presets for low-end PC, which works in the same way by defining video size to half, fps to 15, codec to Motion JPEG and quality to 80…

Final Words

At some point, you must realize that nothing can really help if your low-end PC is not competent for the capture task. Therefore, if this post doesn’t help you record low-end PC smoothly at all, please level up your hardware or switch to another higher-end PC to finish your capture.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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