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Find all the possible guides, solutions, tips and tricks for screen recording on Windows or maOS. Thus, capturing on-screen activities and sound will be a breeze.

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RecMaster – Record Any Action & Audio on Computer

With this decent and versatile screen recording software, you are free to capture high-quality screen videos and sounds for sharing to others, further viewing etc.

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Easy to use and many useful functions This screen recorder is very easy to use. And it has many functions that can definitely provide me with all the recording stuff I need. And more importantly, your customer support is very fast to response.

Robert Stoddard

Good software This recorder works well. RecMaster dose have a bunch of features for recording. I can even edit my recording videos. Thanks for this good software.

John Spradling

This video recorder is awesome. I am a YouTuber. I have been looking for a screen recorder for a while. I tried some free ones. But it turns out that this one is just what I need. Different modes of recording can make my videos diverse. I really love it.

Kathleen Payne

Easy to use and many useful functions I love to record all of my game videos and share with my friends. And this screen video recorder is really awesome. It offers me all the functions I probably would use during my recording. I have recommended it to all of my friends.

Paul Hower

Very happy with RecMaster I am teaching online and often make video tutorials for my students. And this screen recorder is just what I need. Its mouse effects are really helpful and made my videos instructive. I am very happy with RecMaster.

brian carpenter

Great app for my work I use this screen recorder to make videos for my clients. It is really easy to use. And it made my work efficient. I am very pleased with this app as my clients are satisfied with my videos. Thank you.

Cheryl J. Klein