How to Record osu Gameplay with the Best osu Recorder[Ultimate Guide]

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The captivating rhythms of osu! have drawn players from all corners of the world, seeking to conquer the game’s challenges and show off their skills. And the desire to capture these thrilling moments and share them with fellow enthusiasts has fueled the demand for a reliable osu! recorder. In this guide, we unveil the optimal solution: record osu gameplay with the best osu recorder. That is RecMaster, the ultimate tool for seamless and high-quality captures.

How to Record osu Gameplay with the Best osu Recorder[Ultimate Guide]

Why Record osu! Gameplay?

The osu! community is a vibrant tapestry of players who share a passion for rhythm and precision. And recording osu! gameplay offers a chance to preserve those exhilarating achievements, exhibit one’s prowess, and connect with fellow players on a deeper level. But what if the capturing process disrupts the flow? And that’s where RecMaster steps in.

Why RecMaster is the Best osu! Recorder?

Meet RecMaster, a versatile screen recording software that excels in capturing osu! gameplay without missing a beat. Offering unparalleled features like pristine recording quality, customizable settings, and compatibility with osu!, RecMaster is designed to heighten your osu! experience by ensuring smooth, high-resolution captures.

Step-by-Step Guide: Record osu Gameplay with the Best osu Recorder

1. Download and Install RecMaster

First of all, download RecMaster and install it on your PC.

Free Download RecMaster Windows Trial       Free Download RecMaster Mac Trial

2. Configure Recording Settings

Secondly, launch RecMaster, choose Full-Screen mode, and configure the recording settings to match osu! gameplay requirements and your own need.

RecMaster Fullscreen with Webcam - How to Record osu Gameplay with the Best osu Recorder[Ultimate Guide]

In this step, if you hope to record osu! gameplay with the game music, you can enable the System Sound.

And if you hope to record your own voice, you can enable the Microphone. Otherwise, you can disable the microphone to avoid environmental noises.

And besides, you can also record your own face from the webcam while you are recording osu! gameplay.

Here are the simple two steps to record osu! gameplay with a webcam.

a. Firstly, disable the fullscreen mode in osu! game.

First, you can go to Options>>LAYOUT, and uncheck the Fullscreen mode.

Disable fullscreen mode for webcam recording - How to Record osu Gameplay with the Best osu Recorder[Ultimate Guide]

b. Secondly, turn on the Webcam in RecMaster.

And next, you can choose a valid webcam device from the webcam list. And on the webcam window, you can flip, or switch the webcam shape from circular and square.

3. Open osu! and Navigate to Gameplay

Thirdly, launch osu! and head to the gameplay session you’re eager to record.

4. Start to Record osu Gameplay with the Best osu Recorder

And next, go back to RecMaster and press REC or Alt + 1 to start capturing the osu! rhythm. There will be a 3 secs countdown before the recording.

5. Play osu! with Finesse

And now, let your skills shine as you navigate the game, hitting every note with precision.

6. Stop and Save

At last, conclude your osu! session and halt the recording in RecMaster. And the recorded video will be saved and listed in the recording list where you can play, rename, edit, locate, upload, merge, and more.


In conclusion, the osu! universe thrives on the pulse of every beat, every challenge conquered, and every skill showcased. And with RecMaster as your ally, recording these moments becomes a breeze. Elevate your osu! gameplay capture experience by downloading RecMaster, following our outlined steps, and embracing the journey of sharing your rhythmic achievements with clarity and precision. Don’t just play osu!, record osu Gameplay with the Best osu Recorder, RecMaster, for an experience that resonates far beyond the screen.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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