How to Fix The Blurriness in Webcam While Using OBS?

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OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is widely used by content creators, gamers, and professionals for a variety of purposes. However, it’s not always friendly to beginners. Some users may have problems using this open-source screen recorder. In this article, we will provide ways to fix the blurriness in Webcam while using OBS.

We will cover the common causes of webcam blurriness, and provide tips and tricks for optimizing your webcam output in OBS. And we’ll also offer tips and alternative tools for those who continue to experience issues with webcam blurriness, so you can get back to creating high-quality content with confidence.

How to Fix The Blurriness in Webcam While Using OBS?

Common Causes of Webcam Blurriness in OBS

There are several possible reasons to cause blurriness on webcams while you are live streaming or video recording with OBS. Here are some of the most common reasons why a webcam might appear blurry while using OBS:

  1. Low light: One of the most common causes of webcam blurriness is insufficient lighting. If the lighting in your environment is too dim, your webcam may struggle to capture enough detail, leading to a blurry output. And that’s why there are ring lights and LED lights for live streaming.
  2. Incorrect focus: Another reason why your webcam may appear blurry is probably it’s not properly focused. If the camera is far away or the focus settings are incorrect, you will get blurry videos.
  3. Low-resolution settings: The resolution settings of your webcam will also impact its output quality. If the resolution or quality is set too low, the resulting image may appear blurry.

Steps to Fix Webcam Blurriness in OBS

Once we know the causes of blur on a webcam in OBS, we can work on solving them. Please find the best practices as follows.

  1. Check the lighting:  Firstly, you must ensure that the webcam is well-lit. If you are in a dim environment, please use some ring lights or led lights. And you must avoid backlighting or other lighting situations that may cause shadows or glare. And next, adjust the lighting as needed to ensure that your subject is well-lit and in focus.
  2. Adjust the focus: Once checking the lighting, you can adjust the focus settings of your webcam as well. Some webcams have a manual focus ring that can be adjusted to ensure that the image is clear and sharp. And you can turn the focus ring until the subject appears in sharp focus.
  3. Check the resolution settings: If the image is still blurry, you can also check the webcam resolution settings. You can set a high resolution with the proper aspect ratio and frame rate.
  4. Adjust other settings: In addition to the above factors, OBS has several other settings. And they impact webcam output quality. For example, adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation settings to fine-tune the color balance and overall image quality, or experimenting with different filters and effects to enhance the output and add visual interest.
  5. Use other tools: Find some alternative screen recording software with no blurriness issues in the webcam. The best among them is RecMaster.and you will find the detailed steps in the following part of this article.
  6. Optimize your hardware: If you’re still experiencing webcam blurriness despite adjusting the settings in OBS and RecMaster, it may be time to upgrade your hardware. Consider investing in a high-quality webcam with advanced features such as autofocus and noise reduction.

The Best Tool to Fix the Blurriness in Webcam While Using OBS?

RecMaster is a well-designed screen recorder to fix the blurriness in webcam while using OBS. All you need to do is just a few clicks. Here are the steps.

1. Download and install RecMaster.

Free Download RecMaster Windows Trial

2. Choose a mode and turn on the webcam.

full screen with webcam - How to Fix the Blurriness in Webcam While Using OBS?

3. Start recording and stop recording with REC and Stop buttons or hotkeys.

Hotkeys - How to Fix the Blurriness in Webcam While Using OBS?

Following these steps above, you can fix webcam blurriness in OBS and ensure that your webcam output is clear, sharp, and professional-looking.


As a result of webcam blurriness, using OBS can be difficult. However, you can take several steps to improve the quality of your output. By knowing the causes, best practices, and steps provided in this article, you can easily fix the blurriness in webcam while using OBS. And you can ensure clear, sharp, and professional-looking webcam output.

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