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Capture Screen Image on Mac

Screenshots (also named screen capture) is essential to grab screen images from web pages, capture desktop applications and create program how-to tutorials. Believe it or not, the total search volume of key word Screenshot on Mac reaches 1,830,000 results in Google Ads. Just as the statistic estimated, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of screen image capture.

Compared with traditional words method, pictures demonstrate content in a more vivid way. For Mac user, there is a built-in program to capture screen with diverse hotkeys. But if you need to take a series of screenshots and want an easier yet robust tool, you need to look around. Today, this post will show you how to capture screen image with a flexible screen grabber RecMaster and also with the Mac traditional way.


1. Capture Screen Image on Mac by Using RecMaster

Key features: Capture image in one-click, JPG format picture, competent for whole/ region/ window screenshot capture

RecMaster, as a computer screen grabber, is competent for onscreen activities capture. It can not only produce screen video but also take screenshots on your Mac. Whether it is the full screen, an application window or any particular region of your computer, with the screenshot function of RecMaster you can get the image in an easy yet efficient way in one-click operation instead of complex hotkeys combinations. In this way RecMaster is superior to quick-screenshot capture than other methods. Now in the following part, we’re going to talk about how to grab screen images on Mac with RecMaster.

● How to capture full screen image picture with RecMaster

Step 1: Download RecMaster on your Mac and complete the installation with the official guidance.

free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Open this software and then find out the Screenshots icon which looks like a scissor. Then you get the screenshot of your whole computer screen. You can also use the Hotkeys Command +P to take screenshots.

Screenshots icon in Full screen

● How to capture a screenshot of a selected portion of your screen with RecMaster

Step 1: Install RecMaster on your computer and keep it running.

free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Enter the main interface and choose Custom Area.

Note that RecMaster temporarily only supports selected-area screenshots in a video recording process, so that you need to launch a screen recording activities at first.

Step 3: Circle the desired area on your computer.

Capture selected portion of your screen

When a crosshair appears, you can drag or move this circle to select the highlighted area. Click REC button to launch a recording task and then press the Screenshots menu to capture regional screen image.

The process to capture a screenshot of window or menu works in the same way as mentioned earlier. Additionally, the screenshot is saved on your Mac computer Picture file as JPG format.

2. Capture Screen Image on Mac by Using the Built-in Method

Key features: Built-in screenshot tool, PNG format picture, able to capture desktop/ region/ window/ menu screenshot.

Like the bundled screen recorder QuickTime player, Apple also embeds the screenshots function to Mac. Different from Windows system which makes a screen grab of everything on display on a monitor with one single press of a button, Apple gives a way with a combination of buttons to make a screenshot on a Mac. There are diverse buttons depending on which area of a macOS or OS X you wish to capture a screen image. Although the steps are a little complicated, it offers robust screenshots feature with editing functions to polish your screenshots. Now let’s go on to learn.

● How to take a screenshot of the full screen on your Mac

Step 1: Press the keyboard combination of Shift + Command + 3 to take a full screen picture. You need to hold these three keys simultaneously to get a screenshot successfully.
Take a screenshot of the full screen on Mac

Step 2: Once you grab a screen picture, it will appear in the corner of your screen.

● How to take a screenshot of a portion on your Mac

Step 1: Press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command and 4.

Take screenshot of a portion on Mac

Step 2: A crosshair will appear and you need to drag this icon to select the capture area. If you want to move the selection, press and hold Space bar while dragging. Once you release your mouse, it automatically takes screenshots.

● How to take a screenshot of a window or menu on your Mac

Step 1: Open the window or menu that you want to capture.

Step 2: Press Shift+ Command+ 4+ Space bar at the same time. Then the pointer will change to a camera icon.

Take screenshots of a window or menu on mac

Step 3: Click the window or menu to capture it. To exclude the window’s shadow from the screenshot, press and hold the Option key while you click.

● Picture editing function of Mac

You can find screenshots on desktop which are stored as PNG format. In the thumbnail, you can edit these screenshots by drawing, adding shapes, and write text.

There are two workable steps to capture screen images on your Mac. If memorizing keyboard combinations is difficult to you or you prefer a JPG picture, you’re suggested to take screenshots with RecMaster.

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