Best Indie Games of 2023 (Ultimate List & Learn to Record Gameplays)

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Are you looking for the best indie games of 2023 on PC? In this article, we’ll show you the ultimate list and a step-by-step guide on how to screen record indie games without lag.

Best Indie Games of 2023 (Ultimate List & Learn to Record Gameplays)

The Ultimate List of the Best Indie Games of 2023

These 10 best indie games to play in 2023 will give you a taste of the creativity and innovation you can find in the low-budget gaming space. This list includes amazing games in different styles and genres.

So, no matter your preferred genre, you can find something in this list of the best indie games that stand out.


Compared to other co-op survival games, Valheim stands out for its stunning visual style and fantastic Nordic setting. This game is perfect for recording gameplay. When you look back at the gameplay video, it’s as if you’re watching a movie directed by yourself.

Best Indie Games of 2022 Valheim

You are free to explore the world. Collect stones from the ground, patch the ruins of the house, and make them your home. In addition, you can also learn cooking, brewing, gardening, rafting, sailing, taming, fighting, and more.

Sailing around in search of the next adventure is very sweet. The randomly generated worlds add a sense of mystery to the game.


If you’re looking for game characters with distinct and dynamic personalities, then Wildermyth is the perfect solution.

Best Indie Games of 2022 Wildermyth

As your unique cohort of heroes enters this papercraft-inspired world, they encounter a variety of adventures that shape their identities and personal narratives. One of the reasons this game is so fascinating is that each person’s story is unique.

Their stories have endless twists and turns. Some fall in love. And some will age and retire. Some are left scarred by tragedy, and others die early.

If you record this one of the best indie games, then you will end up with not only the legacy of your hero squad but also the lifetime deeds of each character.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door was one of last year’s top indie hits, allowing players to become a raven engaging in soul harvesting in a beautiful world. Until 2023, it remains distinctive and irreplaceable.

Best Indie Games of 2022 Death's Door

In short, you serve your boss to reap the souls of monsters. These monsters aren’t ready to give up their lives, and they’re ready to fight to keep them alive.

Your journey takes you through dungeons, graveyards, and overgrown ruins as you solve puzzles and defeat smaller enemies. At the same time, you slowly uncover a conspiracy about your boss.

Souls series and fans of the action-adventure genre will find a lot to love here.

Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a strategy game. In this retro pixel-style game, you must prepare your brain, sword, and shield to venture into the loop.

Loop Hero

It’s an endless loop of vampires, slimes, and dagger-wielding goblins. Each loop is more dangerous than the last. Therefore, you need to learn from your mistakes and improve to progress.

If you destroy the monsters and survive, you can gain valuable materials to build new areas or upgrade buildings to unlock new cards and perks. However, you will return empty-handed if you are knocked out before completing the cycle.


Unpacking is a charming and relaxing puzzle game. This game wordlessly follows one person’s life journey through each move.


As you progress through the game’s narrative, you explore the larger, more complex spaces that the unseen character inhabits. What do you need to do? Unpack and put everything in its rightful place.

The game expects certain items to be placed in designated locations to complete a level. But this can also be disabled in the options, so you can put everything where you think it fits best.

There is no time limit in Unpacking, just a piece of warm background music and the sound of opening boxes and placing items. So it’s a perfect game for when you want to relax and chill out a bit.


Tunic is an action-adventure game. Its most prominent and innovative feature is the in-game instruction manual. It provides the player with hints and directions, but it contains information that you don’t understand in most cases because the text is incomprehensible. You will also find various maps, sometimes with exciting markers, to help you achieve specific goals.

Best Indie Games of 2022 Tunic

A cute little fox dressed in green wearing a weapon takes his first steps in a new world full of secrets, surprises, and dangers. It’s also great to capture with a gameplay recorder, as it’s drawn in a wonderful and nostalgic style.

The world is quite large, but it is not entirely open. You must follow routes to reach other areas, and you must also often find ways to clear obstacles along your path. The combat also changes as you upgrade your weapons.


Wobbledogs is a 3D pet simulation game where you can breed, feed, cuddle and maintain dog aliens of all shapes and sizes. It has a creepy and cute aesthetic and theme.


The unique style and bold color scheme make it stand out from the crowd of indie games.

However, as you dive deeper, you can explore the fully simulated genetics of selective breeding practices. You can only be limited by the gene pool itself with enough time and effort. Unlimited storage of wagging dogs can be taken out or put away at any time.

Cruelty Squad

In Cruelty Squad, an oppressive conglomerate controls every aspect of life in a cyberpunk dystopian world. You’ve been assigned a murder mission by an evil-looking corporate overlord.

Cruelty Squad

It’s a multi-layered, dizzying game. Everything about the experience has been designed to keep you away, from the grotesque, eclectic, and disjointed visuals to the clunky gameplay and general difficulty.

The world of Cruelty Squad is filthy. Most people here live for mediocrity, and in a sense, so do you. Your job is to kill people, and of course, you will do it because the world has told you that’s the only way to pay the bills.

Nobody Saves the World

It brings a whole new twist to the old-school genre, making Nobody Saves the World one of the best indie games of 2023.

Best Indie Games of 2022 Nobody Saves the World

Gamers will play a colorless and nameless character who can transform into unique characters such as mice, rangers, horses, eggs, zombies, and more, complete puzzles, unlock upgrades, and finally try to defeat the disaster that occurred to the earth.

It is a fun and quirky local co-op game. You can transform as you want and defeat all evil creatures with your friends.


As one of the most recently released games on this ultimate list, Sifu is a challenging, action-packed beat-em-up game. To avenge your father’s death, you will engage in intense martial arts battles across multiple levels.

Best Indie Games of 2022 Sifu

In this game, there is a crucial mechanic that affects the difficulty. Whenever you die, you will come back to life and grow older. This will give you more powerful attacks but with less health.

There are over 100 special attacks to learn in Sifu. Of course, these attacks can also be connected to create combos. You will need to know and continue to progress to become an endlessly satisfying brawler eventually.

Learn to Record the Best Indie Games

In the above article, we have introduced you to the ultimate list of the best indie games of 2022. You can select the indie games that appeal to you the most according to your preferences.

Most of these games have a stunning painting style, some are beautiful, some are grotesque, and some are retro. If you can record the gameplay to make a video, it must be the perfect work. Not only that, but you can also record some fighting-type games to keep your highlights forever. Watching these videos can also help you learn and improve your gaming skills.

Now, we’ll show you how to use the best gameplay recorder to record the best indie games on your computer smoothly and easily.

Gameplay Recorder to Record the Best Indie Games

RecMaster is a super-simple gameplay recorder for Windows & Mac.

This game-capturing tool enables you to record your gameplay without lag. Whether you are a novice or an expert. You can capture high-quality gameplay videos without any effort.

Key features of RecMaster:

  • Record the entire screen or a specified section
  • Add annotations while recording
  • Show real-time keystrokes when you are recording games
  • A built-in video editing tool
  • Support for auto-recording and scheduled-recording

Step 1: Launch RecMaster and choose a recording mode

Firstly, launch this reliable screen recording software. You will see 7 different recording modes on the main interface. You can pick one according to your needs. The Full-Screen mode and Custom Area mode enable you to record your webcam at the same time.

You can also choose the Game mode to record your gameplay video without interference. However, it should be noted that not all games can be captured successfully by the game mode. Because a small number of games have settings to prevent cheating. But you can use the two modes we just mentioned for recording.

Here we choose the Full-Screen mode as an example. →Jump to know more about other modes in RecMaster.

Step 2: Confirm the recording settings for the best indie games

Secondly, you can select the recording sources. RecMaster allows you to record the system sound, microphone sound, and your webcam.

Record the Best Indie Games step2

Step 3: Start to record the best indie games

When you are ready for the gameplay capturing, you can press the hotkeys (the Alt key + 1) to start the recording. Or you can just hit the big red REC button. Shortcuts are popular among gamers because they are really convenient.

Step 4: Pause & stop the capturing

During the recording, you can pause it if you hope to have a rest by pressing the Alt key + 1. When you are satisfied with the video, you can type the Alt key + 2 to end it. The recorded video will be saved in the recording list automatically.

Conclusion: The Ultimate List and How to Record the Best Indie Games

In this article, we have shown you the 10 best indie games of 2023 on PC and how to record the best indie games easily. Recording gameplay helps you to save game highlights permanently, make game tutorials, and improve game skills.

This can be made easy with a reliable screen recording tool. Download RecMaster now and try it out! More advanced features are waiting for you to explore.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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