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With YouTube and other online video streaming sites becoming more and more popular, the need for downloading video or audio content from those sites is increasing. There are tons of solutions to reach this goal in the market among which directly downloading with its URL is one workable method. But what if you want to convert URL to MP3 and is there any way to make it possible? Let’s check whether there are any nice URL to MP3 converter for help.

URL to MP3 Converter

Converting URL to MP3 can easily be done by using any appropriate YouTube converter or handy YouTube recorder that can be found on the internet. The only trick is to look for a program that can perform this URL to MP3 conversion efficiently within a limited period. Here in this article we will summarize the features of common URL to MP3 converters and recommend the best one for you.

Popular URL to MP3 Converter as Reference

URL is the address (in the form of a textual string) that shows where on the net, a particular file is present. This means the URL of a song would enable a person to locate that specific music file on the Internet. Every time you visit a web page, what you type in is a URL. It’s just a synonym for an Internet address and a URL is necessary for your Internet movements.

url to mp3 converter

iTube HD Video Downloader: It’s able to optimize video downloads for more than 1000 devices, smartphones, gaming systems, and tablets included; allows users to convert URL to more than 150 formats such as MOV, WMV, MP3, M4A, WAV, etc. The trial version only allows you to download MP3 up to 2 files.

OnlineVideoConverter: This web app allows converting any URL to MP3, converting local files, and recording a video; It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Facebook, and other site URL converting; It’s freeware without registration required. However, it contains ads that you can’t block.

Save to MP3: Save to MP3 offers a soft and modern design; Its service is very fluid and pleasant on mobile or desktop; No software is required to download music from YouTube; It can only convert URL as MP4 or MP3 format.

Aiseesift Video Downloader: It can convert any video URL to MP3 and simultaneously it supports converting URL in any format including FLV, MKV, MP4, WebM, MP3, etc so that you can play videos on any device you want; Remember Aiseesift Video Downloader is not a freeware so you need to pay for the URL to MP3 conversion service.

Pros of URL to MP3 Converter

  1. They usually come with convenient conversion process. You just need to copy and paste the URL to get a MP3 file.
  2. They are generally capable of converting URLs from bountiful online video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook…
  3. You can find different types of converters that are compatible with your device either on Windows, Mac, or tablets.

Cons of URL to MP3 Converter

  1. The workflow of the common converter is to download URL as video format like MP4 at first and then convert the file to MP3 format. Some converters empower you to directly download URL as MP3 format with a relatively longer conversion duration. To sum up, the process is a little complicated or time-consuming.
  2. They fail to let users transform a designated clip from the whole file.
  3. Note that some converters contain dangerous ads or malware that may make your device break down. Before directly using a converter to perform the conversion, always ask yourself that is the converter safe to use.

Use RecMaster as a URL to MP3 Converter

RecMaster, as a YouTube converter for Windows and Mac, permits you to convert video in MP3 format in a different yet effective way. It makes the URL to MP3 conversion realizable in a few clicks by screen recording. Besides, it’s your freedom to extract any part from an audio file in a guaranteed-safe way.

To get to know the workflow of RecMaster, you need to download and launch RecMaster on your computer in advance.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

How to convert URL to MP3 with RecMaster

1. Copy the URL and paste it into your browser tab. Generally, it will take you to the desired content page.

2. Switch to the RecMaster software and set Audio Only as your mode for the conversion process.

recmaster pro ui

3. Go to the settings panel where you can choose the input audio source as system sound. If you don’t want any noise absorbing into your MP3 file, you need to turn off the microphone option.

recmaster audio only settings interface4. Begin your MP3 saving with the REC button and after a few seconds you will get the wanted file.


URL to MP3 converters is the first choice for many users who want to accomplish the URL to MP3 conversion process. Allowing for security and high-ratio performance aspects, we still recommend RecMaster to you for a wonderful conversion.

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