How to Record An App Video on Windows or Mac Computer

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You can choose the way you like most to record an APP video on Windows or macOS based computer with ease.

How to record an app video

Under some circumstances, you need to make a video of an app to show something to the viewers or just save it as a memorial. At this time, nothing special but a screen recorder is just enough, because this kind of tool is born with ability to recognize and screencast desktop application in high quality.

Without doubt, every PC user has at least a dozen of desktop applications installed on the machine for entertaining, working, learning or other purposes. Be it media player app like VLC, online chatting/meeting app like Skype and Zoom, office suite like Word and PowerPoint, productivity app like Adobe series, system related one like anti-virus and PC optimizer, or any other similar program, when you plan to capture a video of it, you can pick either of the following methods to achieve the goal.

Now walk all of the possible ways through before making the final decision.


Way 1. Take Advantage of the In-app of Your System

Available for: Certain systems

With more requirements on screen capture and the system improvements, both newer Windows and Mac systems have offered their customers such system-bundled screen recording feature to create video out of app activities. Specifically, they are Game Bar from Windows 10and QuickTime (or Screencast app) from all recent Macs. It perfectly meets the need of those who want to do quick recording without downloading anything beforehand.

● For Windows 10 PC running v17763 or higher, Game Bar is attached into the system by default. You can press shortcuts “Win + Alt + R” to start up the APP recording straightforwardly as long as you’ve opened it and run it currently.

Game bar to record browser

>>See full guide on how to use Game Bar

● All Mac computers have QuickTime media player, the New Screen Recording feature of which is what you can rely on to record any desktop app’s movements. Just manually select the window of app to ignore other portions.

QuickTime records app on Mac

Note that QuickTime only supports grabbing screen actions with microphone audio. If you need to include the internal sound from system, please refer to QuickTime record App with audio guide.

Way 2. Get A Desktop Screen Recorder to Record An App Video

Available for: All of the mainstream systems

Using standalone App recording software is the most stable and flexible way that we are highly suggested to you, especially when you’d like to have a totally control on the recording size, format, quality, and do more edits with it. The best part is that these recorders usually feature recording app’s internal sound, unlike above mentioned QuickTime which can’t access and process such sound alone unless employing extra audio driver extension.

Here RecMaster is the recommended tool thank to its intuitive interface and multifunctional performance for recording, editing and sharing. Now let’s get together to see how it lets you record App video in your preferred manner. You can free download it here and follow the easy steps below after the installation.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

1. Open the application you are ready to record. Here Zoom for Windows app is taken as the target.
2. Launch RecMaster and click “Custom Area” on the main UI. Then move the mouse into the app to have RecMaster automatically identify it with the right section selected. After that left click it to confirm the selection. Alternatively, you can also manually decide the region of APP by dragging with mouse.

Main UI of RecMaster

When the recording area is fixed, you will jump into the main windows of Custom Area, where you are free to determine video format, quality, frame rate, webcam overlay and sound source.


These settings are enough for all basic recording, however, if you are going to make software demo video, how-to instruction and so forth with helpful annotation, you’d better enable the mouse cursor effect and floating toolbar under Settings -> General section for further annotation during the capture process. RecMaster for Mac still has a Whiteboard tool for note taking when recording online courses.

Annotation & whiteboard

3. Start the App recording with REC button or “Alt + 1” hotkeys.
4. Once the app’s content goes to an end, stop it with the same button or “Alt + 2” combination. The recorded file will be added into a list, from which you are also endowed with ability to pray, rename, edit and share to YouTube/Google Drive.

In case you want to record some (live) streams while you are not sitting in front of the monitor, RecMaster gives “Scheduled Recording” as the workaround. Better still, automatic full screen recording is also available one you tick it under Settings -> Auto-start.

Way 3. Utilize Online Tool to Record App Video from Browser

Available for: Theoretically all systems

Online service is the last way you can depend on for app capture. That’s because quite many web recorders do enable users to share screen of application window and save its activities into video clip online. In other words, you could directly acquire an URL of your recording so that you can send it to your maybe customer, coworker, friends, tech support or other viewers with only a copy & paste. So this is the most convenient way for quick capture and instant sharing, with which you don’t need to download any “heavy” recorder software, nor worry about the recording is too large to exceed the maximum file sharing size of email, app, or so.

Loom record app window

The tool displayed in the screenshot above is called Loom, a FREE online screen recorder that can empower you to record any single APP windows under Screen Only -> Full Screen recording.


No matter your goal is to produce video footage of an APP for further usage or just roughly document what happens on the program, you can always select the most suitable method from the three choices. If you still have any problem on how to record an App video on computer, feel free to contact our support team for more help.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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