How to Learn Your Favorite Songs on the Guitar?

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How to learn your favorite songs on the guitar without sheet music? This tutorial will show you the easiest way to solve this problem.

Do you remember what made you learn to play the guitar? Maybe it’s because of its nice sound? Or is it because it is friendly to novices? Or for someone you like? for your favorite songs? Most people may wish to play their favorite music on the guitar. But this is not an easy task, because many songs you cannot download, even if you download the music, it may not be easy for you to judge the pitch of the guitar. Don’t worry about that. In this guide, I will introduce the easiest way to learn your favorite songs on guitar. Let us start learning now!

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How to get your favorite songs without downloading them?

First, we need to solve the biggest problem. How to get the music you want to learn on guitar? There is a lot of music software in the software store now. But there is very little software that allows you to download music on your computer. You can use an audio recorder to help you. The most important thing about using this method is that the music you record cannot be used for commercial purposes, only for you to learn guitar by yourself. RecMaster is a user-friendly recording tool that enables you to record video and audio. Before watching the detailed steps, you can download and install the free version to have a try. This audio recorder has the Windows version and the Mac version, so you can choose the one you need.

Free download RecMasterfree download RecMaster for Mac

Step 1: Choose the Audio-Only recording mode

Step 2: Confirm the recording settings before start

Step 3: Press the REC button to start recording your favorite song

Step 4: Pause & Stop the audio capturing

Step 5: Target and rename your recorded audio

Step 1: Choose the Audio-Only recording mode

After you download and install RecMaster successfully, you can launch this software. In RecMaster, there are seven different recording modes including the Full-Screen mode, Custom-Area mode, Game mode, Program-Window mode, Follow-Cursor mode, Webcam mode, and Audio-Only mode. Here we can choose the Audio-Only mode to get your favorite songs.

Learn Your Favourite Songs step1

Step 2: Confirm the recording settings before start

The next step is to check the recording settings. With the Audio-Only mode, you can record the system sound, microphone sound, or both of them. To record the music on your computer, we recommend you disable your microphone.

Learn Your Favourite Songs step2

Step 3: Press the REC button to start recording your favorite song

Then, you can choose the song you want to record and press the big REC button to start the recording in RecMaster. In the initial setting state, the recording will start after a three-second countdown. If you don’t need a countdown reminder, you can go to Menu>> Settings, choose “Advanced” on the Settings window and disable “Show countdown before recording”.

get your favourite songs step3

Step 4: Pause & Stop the audio capturing

During the music recording, you can pause it if you want to have a rest. Just click on the blue icon and the recording will be paused. Don’t forget to pause your music player too. If you are satisfied with the recording, you can click on the red icon or press the hotkey the Alt +2 to stop. The recorded audio will be saved in the recording list automatically.

Learn Your Favourite Songs step4

Step 5: Target and rename your recorded audio

After that, you can easily find your recordings in the recording list. You are allowed to replay/ rename/locate/delete the song. And If you like to rename your recorded audio, it’s will be better. To target your audio, you can just click on the folder icon, then the saving folder of RecMaster will pop up.

Learn Your Favourite Songs step5

How to use Riffstation to learn your favorite songs on guitar?

Riffstation is the ultimate practice app for guitarists and musicians for mac os and PC. It displays the chords of your favorite songs and it lets you make various adjustments, so you can listen and play at your own pace. This great tool can help you catch and analyze each individual chord. You can go to File>> Open Audio File, then you can start to learn your favorite songs on the guitar!

songs Riffstation

Final Words

Now you should know how to get your favorite songs without downloading and how to use Riffstation to learn songs on guitar. Practice is the best teacher, especially when it comes to learning how to play a song on the guitar or another instrument. With the help of RecMaster and Riffstation, we believe your learning will be easier. RecMaster is a full-featured recording tool. It not only enables you to record the songs but also your computer screen, webcam, and so on. This great recording software has many advanced features waiting for you to explore such as schedule recording, adding a webcam window, adding a watermark or caption, etc. Download it now and start your guitar learning!

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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