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Speak of hidden screen recorders, two scarcely known recorders now enter users’ eyesight with their excellent ability to record in secret. These two hidden screen recorder apps help users to record Windows Teams remote meeting without notifying every participator, they help users to record Mixer live streaming without the allowance of the channel owner, the secret screen recorders also enable users to record Udemy courses without instructors’ permissions.

Hidden Screen Recorder

Let’s see the mechanisms of their operation mode and how could they help us in secret recording.

● How to Secretly Record Your Screen with Microsoft Hidden Screen Recorder?

Xbox Game Bar is built-in software in Windows 10 and also was seen as a sub-cultural community availing users to share game screenshots and highlight videos to each other. The most underestimated feature is the hidden screen recorder within it. What’s more, Game Bar provides optimal recording conditions for users to secretly record their screen.

While recording, Game Bar is hard to be noticed since it’s a real background screen recorder who’s running in the background without a system tray icon or any interfaces on the desktop. But the program is not completely invisible. You could always find it in Task Manager and your installed programs list.

1. Press Windows and Gto call Xbox Game Bar’s control bar.

Windows 10 hidden screen recorder - Game bar

2. Game bar, as its name suggests, is created for game-recording. So there could be a moment when you can’t use it unless you activate a certain game on the background.

This problem could be solved easily by clicking “Yes, this is a game – an interface for you to decide whether you want to record anything other than games.

3. Click the Record icon to start recording. At this moment, Game Bar will running on background and be invisible temporarily.
Now you can feel its secrecy in recording – No bothering interfaces, no system tray icon, no control bar unless you call it out. Literally no one would catch you recording.

Game bar recording panel

4. Press Windows and Gto call up Game bar again. Click the Stopicon to finish recording.
5. Click gallery to check your footages. Xbox game bar wasn’t embedded with edit feature so there is no further workflow here.

However, some fatal deficiencies of Game Bar could be unacceptable for advanced users.

  • – Game Bar doesn’t support recording in the entire desktop or custom area
  • – Game Bar is not embedded with a editor
  • – Game Bar lacks annotation tools
  • – Game Bar doesn’t have scheduled recording feature

As a hidden screen recorder, Game Bar remains functional with users sitting in front of their PC screen operating. Once users are far away from PC, it is not active at all. So at this moment, another secret screen recorder – RecMaster surpasses Game Bar by providing stable performance even when users are absent from home.

● How to Secretly Record Screen with RecMaster?

RecMaster is another hidden screen recorder with underestimated capacity. Unlike Game Bar records latently in background, RecMaster can’t record with any interfaces. Basically it achieves secrecy in another way mainly by its special feature – scheduled recording.

Scheduled recording is a function mainly about “delayed recording”. Users set timer and RecMaster automatically captures their screen once the timing is right.

This feature makes RecMaster a secret recorder to monitor users’ PC screen when they are absent from home or work. Other approaches to spy on PC could be energy-wasting, say, if users attempt to fumble traces out of browsers, applications, documents, recycle dustbin etc. The process could be annoying.

Let’s jump out to see the procedures to make a monitor of your PC by the feature Scheduled recording.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

1. Choose a Recording Mode
Recording is a good way to keep once-only content alive locally for further watching. RecMaster built several recording options in to meet different recording needs – Game ModeFull ScreenCustom AreaWebcamand Audio only. Now for the purpose of secret recording, we suggest you to leverage Full-Screen Mode to capture as much information in your desktop as possible.

Main UI of RecMaster

2. Set Task Schedule 
Click “Task schedule” to create tasks.

Now it’s time to define tasks’ name, set a start and end, choose your audio source. Do make sure to turn on the Microphone Sound and System Sound to capture all the possible sounds around your PC when you are absent from home.

Set task schedule of RecMaster

In terms of the format and quality of recordings, users are suggested to output MP4 video at high or original quality for better compatibility. Frame rate value doesn’t matter too much unless you are going to capturing some high-paced moments like game.

3. Enable the task
You can enable or remove any recording task from the list. Once your task is enabled, and RecMaster is latent background before recording, you can leave it alone to work or go to school etc.


Xbox Game Bar and RecMaster are two desirable hidden screen recorders, they secretly record anything happens on users’ desktop. Game bar leaves no traces in recording, it operates in the background and no interfaces or system tray icon left in the process of recording. But as a hidden screen recorder, it lacks important features.

RecMaster’s secrecy lies in another aspect. Through the feature “Task Schedule”, RecMaster captures your desktop automatically when the time is preset. It works as if it were a monitor without being noticed. It captures system sound and microphone sound when you are absent from home. Compared with Xbox Game Bar, RecMaster delivers more stable performance on secret recording.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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