How to Take Screenshots of PC Games? [4 Methods]

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Most game lovers like to capture interesting or exciting moments while playing a PC game. This guide will show you 4 methods about how to take screenshots of PC games.

It’s interesting to capture funny or exciting moments while playing a popular game on your PC and share them with your friends. With the development and advancement of technology, using some handy software or tools, you can instantly take screenshots of PC games by pressing a few keys on your keyboard. Many games have a screenshot feature, but if not, there are also many other tools to help you get a screenshot of the game. Screenshots are one of the best ways to show your achievements and victories in the game. It’s nice to learn the tips for taking screenshots of PC games. In this guide, we will show you 4 methods of it. This article will make your task easier!

Take Screenshots of PC Games

  • Take Screenshots with Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10
  • Take Screenshots By Using the In-Game Shortcuts
  • Take Screenshots with Shortcut keys in Steam
  • Take Screenshots with Gameplay Recorder RecMaster

Take Screenshots with Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, You can use the built-in Xbox Game Bar to record your gameplay and take screenshots of computer games. While playing an interesting game, first you need to open the Game Bar by hitting the Windows + G. Once the game bar appears on your screen, click the camera-shaped button on the game bar and it will help you take screenshots to record the game’s achievements. When you take a screenshot of a game using the Game Bar, an instant notification “Screenshot Saved” will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen. All the PC game screenshots will be automatically saved in the “Capture/Video” section, which also includes all other gameplay videos you’ve recorded by using the Windows 10 Game Bar.

If you don’t want to interfere with gameplay by opening the game bar during games, Windows 10 also thoughtfully allows players to customize these shortcut combinations as you need. When you change the shortcut keys, remember to check the shortcut settings of the game or other programs you have opened first to prevent key conflicts. 

Take Screenshots By Using the In-Game Shortcuts

Some attentive gamers may have noticed that in most games it is possible to instantly capture screenshots using the “Print Screen” key, however, a few games may follow other settings to capture screens. As soon as you know and click on a shortcut key that has been pre-set in the game, the game will immediately save the screenshots in a specific folder on the disk. You can find out the shortcuts and corresponding functions of the game by looking at the game’s settings menu, or you can search the web to find out the shortcuts for each game. For example, If you’re playing Minecraft Java Edition on your PC, you only need to press the F2 key to take a screenshot and the screenshot will be saved to a particular Minecraft folder. If you are playing LOL, all you need to do is press the F12 key on your keyboard while in a live match. When you are playing Overwatch, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key.

Take Screenshots with Shortcut keys in Steam

Steam is one of the most popular video game digital distribution services. You can find many games in Steam’s store, free or paid. If you often play your favorite games on Steam, you can use Steam’s built-in screen capture feature to instantly capture PC game screenshots. All you need to do is press the “F12” key on your keyboard. When you press this key, the Steam system will make a shutter sound and you can find a “Screenshot Saved” notification in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.

Steam is very sweet, and this is one of the reasons why gamers like to play games on Steam. It allows you to customize this screenshot button. You can go to Settings>> In-Game>> adjust the “Screenshot Shortcut Keys” option as you like. If you want to view captured screenshots, you can open them by hitting Shift + Tab keys at the same time on Steam. 

Take Screenshots with Gameplay Recorder RecMaster

In addition to the above methods of taking screenshots, you can also use third-party software to take screenshots of your PC games. RecMaster is an easy-to-use and powerful gameplay recorder. It enables you to record your gameplay smoothly and conveniently. To its credit, it also offers a screenshot feature for users. While you are recording your gameplay, you can use RecMaster’s hotkey “The Alt key + f1” to take a screenshot. Screenshots will be automatically saved in a specific folder with RecMaster along with the finished recorded video. When the recording is finished, you can find a folder icon in the list of recorded screens, and then you can open this storage folder.

If you find that RecMaster’s hotkeys conflict with your game’s shortcuts, you can go to Menu>> Settings>> Hotkeys, and change the hotkeys combination. You can download and install RecMaster by clicking on the buttons below.

Free download RecMasterfree download RecMaster for Mac


If you are keen to discuss your gaming experience and gaming tips with your friends or other game lovers online. Now you can take screenshots of the PC games and share them with them by using simple keyboard shortcuts. In this guide, we have shown you 4 easy methods to take screenshots of PC games. You can choose any of these methods to save your gaming experience. If you want to record your gameplay video, that’s a great idea too! Here are some articles about game recording you might be interested in.

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