How to Remove or Reduce Background Noise While Screen Recording?

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In the realm of screen recordings, the clarity of audio is paramount for an engaging viewer experience. However, the intrusion of background noise often mars this audio clarity, impacting the overall quality of the recording. This comprehensive guide aims to address this challenge by presenting techniques that can reduce background noise while screen recording, both in general scenarios and specifically using RecMaster’s advanced functionalities.

How to Remove or Reduce Background Noise While Screen Recording?

Techniques for Reducing Background Noise in General Screen Recording

A. Optimal Recording Environment

Crafting an optimal recording environment is pivotal in the pursuit of impeccable audio quality in screen recordings. A noise-free setting ensures that the captured audio remains clear and devoid of unwanted distractions, fostering a more engaging viewer experience. Achieving this ideal environment involves a sequence of essential steps that collectively contribute to superior audio clarity. These steps encompass various aspects, from selecting a quiet, isolated room to employing proper microphone positioning and accessories. By implementing these measures, creators can effectively minimize background noise, paving the way for more professional and immersive screen recordings.

Here are some special steps you can follow:

  1. Get close to the mic. Placing yourself at an optimal distance from the microphone ensures clearer audio by reducing background noise.
  2. Find a sturdy mic stand. A stable mic stand eliminates vibrations and unwanted noise during recording sessions.
  3. Use pop filters to block out plosives. Pop filters are effective in reducing plosive sounds caused by breathing or speech, thus improving audio quality.
  4. Opt for dynamic mics in noisy environments. Dynamic microphones are preferable in noisy settings due to their directional pickup and noise-rejection capabilities.
  5. Use clean electrical sources. Ensuring a stable power source prevents electrical interference, minimizing background noise during recording.
  6. Record in the quietest room in your house. Choose a quiet, isolated room to minimize external noise sources and disturbances.
  7. Check your plugs. Regularly inspect and maintain connections to prevent additional noise caused by loose plugs or connections.

B. Microphone Techniques and Equipment

  1. Watch your gain levels. Monitor and adjust microphone gain levels to prevent distortion or amplification of background noise.
  2. Enable the noise-reduction feature if there’s any. There are noise reduction features for some microphones. You can enable that feature while recording your voice. You can go to Windows Sound Settings>> Recording, double-click on your Microphone, go to Enhancements, and tick “Noise Suppression”.

Noice Supression

How to Reduce Background Noise Specifically with RecMaster

C. Utilizing RecMaster’s Noise Reduction Features

If you are recording your screen with RecMaster, you can follow the following ways to reduce the microphone noises.

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  1. Disable the Microphone. If it’s not necessary to record your voice, or you hope to narrate after the screen recording, you can disable the Microphone.
  2. Enable the Mic-Noice-reduction feature. RecMaster offers advanced noise reduction tools during screen recording. Utilize these features to further enhance audio quality and reduce background noise. You can choose Advanced on the dropdown list beside System Sound and Microphone. Then,  you can tick the option “Mic Noise Reduction”.

Reduce Background Noise with RecMaster


In the complex symphony of screen recordings, achieving pristine audio quality is a nuanced art. By implementing these techniques, both general and specific to RecMaster, creators can elevate their recordings by reducing or eliminating unwanted background noise. Embrace these methods, curate an optimal recording environment, and leverage RecMaster’s capabilities to create captivating, noise-free screen recordings that resonate with clarity.

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