5 Online Job Interview Tips to Help You Succeed

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As COVID-19 has affected our commute and face-to-face interactions, online interviewing is one of the most popular forms of interviewing. It can be efficient and effective for both the candidate and the company. Every interview is a great opportunity for you to succeed. While online interviews are similar to traditional face-to-face meetings, they have some significant differences. To increase your chances of getting the job of your choice, below we will share 5 online job interview tips to help you succeed.

5 Online Job Interview Tips to Help You Succeed

Prepare yourself for the online interview

The first online job interview tip is to prepare yourself. It is often said that success is reserved for those who are prepared for it. Before the video interview, you should thoroughly research the company and the position you are applying for. And its products and achievements are also very important. With what you have learned, you can discuss this in the interview. In addition to learning about the company, you should prepare in advance for your self-introduction. And you should also prepare some of the questions the interviewer may ask, such as career plans, work experience, etc.
If you want your performance to be perfect, you need to pick formal interview clothes. If you have enough time, you can try to practice your facial expressions and body movements in front of a camera or mirror.

Test your computer and microphone

When you have prepared yourself for the interview, you need to test and check some external factors in advance. And you should ensure that your computer, network, microphone, lighting, etc all work normally. If your microphone or camera suddenly stops working during the interview, it will seriously affect your performance. Below are several online job interview tips about testing the technology.

Speakers and microphone: Do some sound tests to make sure your voice is loud and clear and that you can hear the interviewer clearly.

Camera: Adjust the angle and light of the camera. It is recommended that you choose a solid-colored backdrop and ensure adequate lighting. This will help the interviewer to focus and listen to your self-presentation.

Video interview platforms: Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting are some of the common platforms you can use to get familiar with video interviewing software.

Record the online job interview process for review

This is one of the most important online job interview tips. Usually, the company’s interviewers record the online interview process to discuss the candidate’s performance with their supervisors. As an interviewer, you can also record the online interview process for review. Every interview is a valuable experience. You can study the interviewer’s questions as well as your answers and performance by watching the video. It may also be evidence to protect your personal interests, if necessary. Some online meeting platforms offer recording capabilities, but it is recommended that you use third-party screen recording software.

RecMaster is an easy and user-friendly online interview recorder. You can use it to record your interview process smoothly and conveniently. This screen recorder enables you to record your computer screen, system sound, and microphone sound easily. If you don’t want to be distracted from operating this software during the interview, you can use the auto-recording feature or schedule a recording task.

Be attentive and look your interviewer in the eye

The few online job interview tips we just described are all you need to prepare before the video interview. And then, we will provide you with two tips during and after the online interview. When communicating with the interviewer, you want to maintain as smooth a pace of speech and clear pronunciation as possible. Online interviews are not just a platform for you to present. It is also very important to pay more attention to listening to the interviewer’s questions and feedback.

In a web environment, eye contact is important. You can choose to look directly at the webcam or at the person on the screen. But it depends on your webcam position and angle, and you can test it with friends or family to find the right angle before the formal interview.

Summarize experiences and correct deficiencies

To improve your online job interview skills, don’t forget to summarize your interview experiences and correct deficiencies. You can summarize the questions interviewers often ask and learn communication skills by watching back the previously recorded online interview videos. Observe the shortcomings of your own words and actions to make your next interview more successful. If you only interview without correcting your mistakes, every interview will end similarly. Improving your abilities as well as learning interview skills is what will make you successful.

Conclusion of online job interview tips to help you succeed

In this tutorial, we have shown you 5 online job interview tips to help you get hired. These tips include preparation for the interview, recording the online interview process, and summarizing the interview experience. One of the most important tips that should be emphasized is the use of recording software to record the interview process. This is because you can evaluate your performance by watching back the video, correcting shortcomings, and summarizing your experience. I believe that you can get your ideal job as well as achieve success after learning these video interviewing skills.

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